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Tower of Saviors “Opalescent Deluxe – Moonstone” Awaits in Coliseum Challenge! “Principal of Erudition – Super Seven” Debuts in Ultimate Stage!

Tower of Saviors “Opalescent Deluxe – Moonstone” Awaits in Coliseum Challenge!
“Principal of Erudition – Super Seven” Debuts in Ultimate Stage!


Summoners, happy Halloween! Into the middle of v18.1, “Opalescent Deluxe – Moonstone” will be bringing you “Lonely Blossom” the Coliseum challenge! “Principal of Erudition – Super Seven” will also debut in “Savior of Academia” the Ultimate Stage next Friday!

● Coliseum Event: “Lonely Blossom”


“Moonstone” the lonely boy without family love was mesmerized by the dazzling charm of a gorgeous “girl”. Since then, he had determined to find the “girl” lingering in his heart, chasing the “Lonely Blossom”!


Coliseum Stage “Beautiful Accident” will be available on 5 Nov (Tue). In “Advance” floor, “Moonstone will raid the battle randomly to find his crush! For every Elf present in the Team (excluding ally), 20% of “Moonstone”’s HP will be deducted. The enemy will lock the Active Skills of all non-Elves from the first Round onwards, and the column(s) of Runestones below non-Elves will be frozen! If any Frozen Runestone remains, they cannot be dissolved in the next 3 Rounds. The enemy receives Damage only when 8 or more Combos are made. If not, the enemy will launch a number of attacks to the Summoner. The number equals the difference between 8 and the number of Combos made.

● Bring “Elfish Perennials” or “Minerelves” Monsters into Battle for Treasure Ticket Bonus!


With “Elfish Perennials” or “Minerelves” monsters in team, Summoners will receive extra Treasure Ticket bonus on result page. Each monster of the above (repeated monsters/Ally don’t count) can bring 20% bonus points to you!

● Redeem “Moonstone” with Treasure Ticket! “Minerelves” Skill Lv-up Material on Sale!


30 points of Stamina will be consumed for entering the Advanced Stage in Coliseum once (the Basic one costs 15). Defeat the enemies to earn coupons for redeeming rare materials, including “Harpy”, “Gleaming Cyan Carp”, “Opalescent Deluxe – Moonstone” and etc! During the event period, challenge the coliseum event 15 times or more and you’ll be rewarded with the animated outfit for “Pride of Regalia – Jade”! Nevertheless, Daily Discounted Treasure is added into this Coliseum event.
Your redemption coupon can redeem different daily limited items!


*This picture is for your reference only, not the animated outfit

● Moonstone’s “Schiller of Love”──Attack & Recovery Booster


The Active Skill “Schiller of Love” of “Opalescent Deluxe – Moonstone” can be activated in 6 CD: For 1 Round, Elf Attack & Recovery x 2.2; By dissolving all present Heart Runestones, the number of Rounds with the Skill staying in play will not reduce (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).

● Ultimate Stage──“Savior of Academia”

Some students were terrified by the raiding gigantic wolf! In the nick of time, “Principal of Erudition – Super Seven” calmly utilized the elemental power and defeat the threat! His brilliant strategic mind and sophisticated battle skills eventually earned him the headmaster position of Minerelf Girls’ School!


“Super Seven” the newly appointed headmaster of Minerelf Girls’ School will be making his first appearance in Ultimate Stage “Savior of Academia” on 8 Nov (Fri), training your adaptability and crisis management skills!

● Super Seven’s Enemy Skill

For the first phrase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 2;The enemy receives Damage only when there is a Controlling Skill on it; The enemy only receives Damage dealt by Enchanted Runestones; 100% of Summoner‘s HP will be deducted when the enemy attacks (regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills).


For 2nd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 1; Team Attack becomes 0 for 5 Rounds; At the beginning of the first Round, the enemy explodes all Fire Runestones to increase its Attack onwards; The enemy attacks regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills.

● Active Skill of “Principal of Erudition – Super Seven”── “Divinity of Seven”


The Leader Skill of the Fire Elf “Super Seven” is described as below: When 7 Combos are made, Team Attack x 7 (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).

● “Mine of Wisdom”── 7 Combo of Elf Runestones


The Active Skill of “Super Seven” can be activated in 7 CD: This Skill can be activated only when there are 2 or more Elves in the Team; Turn all Runestones into fixed numbers and fixed positions of Heart Elf Runestones and Elf Runestones of 5 Attributes.


● Complete 3-star Achievement to Get Rare Craft


● Potential of Mech Western Beasts Unleashed ── Combo Challenge


Starting from next Monday at 4PM on 4 Nov, 5 new challenging stages will be added into “Infinite Extremes”──challenges led by Mech Western Beasts! All five floors have team restriction, and Summoners must challenge with specific team! Passing specific stages will grant you fabulous rewards including “Surpassing Fear – Azathoth” the dope new outfit, Silver Madhead, silver title “Precision Makes Perfect” and etc!

02.PNG 04.PNG

Pass “Mortar of Cerberus” to obtain new outfit for “Azathoth”

● New Bi-weekly Character “Aquamarine” of “Aging Gems”


The admiration from a crazy student stalker had eventually turned into a huge threat, causing the missing of “Aquamarine”’s fiancee “Rhodochrosite”! To rescue his wife-to-be, “Aquamarine” severely wounded the hostile giant centipede with his double blades…Later on, his fiancee managed to put down the monster! As the danger was settled, “Aquamarine” seriously warned the stalker to leave his fiancee alone, winning the heart of “Rhodochrosite”!


“Wisdom of Minerelf – Aquamarine” will be debuted next Monday in biweekly mission “The Cost in the Limelight”. His Active Skill “Crown of Blues” can be activated in 6 CD: Turn all Enchanted Runestones into Elf Runestones; Turn all non-Enchanted Runestones into Enchanted Runestones; For 1 Round, by dissolving 10 or more Elf Runestones, the Monster’s Attack x 4.

● Skill Demo of “Super Seven” & “Moonstone” in Team Diamond

In the demo, “Super Seven” & “Moonstone” will be tackling various enemy skills with their power Active Skills!