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Tower of Saviors & HUNTER x HUNTER  2nd Crossover Begins! Exclusive Dragonware for “HUNTER×HUNTER” Series!

Tower of Saviors & HUNTER x HUNTER 

2nd Crossover Begins!

Exclusive Dragonware for “HUNTER×HUNTER” Series!

Ultimate Stage of “Royal Carat – Auralite 23″!


Version 18.2 will be released in early December. By then “Phantom Troupe” of HUNTER x HUNTER, famous japanese anime, will step into the realm! Before the big hit comes, “Gon”, “Killua”, “Meruem” and other iconic crossover characters will also be back! Furthermore, “HUNTER×HUNTER” can be equipped with exclusive Dragonware to greatly boost their power. And don’t forget the new ultimate stage “Burden of the King” featuring “Royal Carat – Auralite 23” is coming soon!

  •  Ultimate Stage ── Burden of the King2.jpg

As the King of Kingdom Raimonia, “Royal Carat – Auralite 23” is heavily burdened with national affairs and will soon be ready for handing over to the heir to the throne – his grandson “Diamond”. However, Diamond’s adventurous spirit drives himself to go on a journey to get rid of the restraint of the power and authority. Then, he and the King has made a deal…

  • Enemy Skill of “Auralite 23″

During the 1st phase, upon receiving Damage from Summoner’s attacks (excluding Active Skills and Compulsion Skills), the enemy will reflect 50% of its Attack twice.

The enemy receives Damage only when Runestones are dissolved according to the shape of the frame (Runestones adjacent to the frame cannot be dissolved together).

Damage received by the enemy will be lowered to 10% unless it is electrified.


During the 2nd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 3.

In the first Round, the enemy explodes all Light Runestones; row(s) of Runestones will be shot according to the number of Runestones exploded, to the max 5 rows.

*By touching any of the shot positions, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately.

When the enemy attacks, Summoner will be defeated.

⇒ 100% of the enemy’s HP will be depleted (regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills).

The enemy receives Damage only when 23 Runestones are dissolved (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).

  • Pact of Twenty-Three” ── Team Attack x23


Royal Carat – Auralite 23″ has the leader skill “Pact of Twenty-Three”:

When 23 Combos are made, Team Attack x 23.

  • Team Skill ── CD Reduction


When There are “Royal Carat – Auralite 23” and other Elves in the Team, 

For every Elf present in the Team (except “Royal Carat – Auralite 23”), Skill CD of “Royal Carat – Auralite 23” -3.

  • Miracles of 23 ── Turning into Enchanted Runestones and Elf Runestones


Light Elf “Royal Carat – Auralite 23” can activate “Miracles of 23” upon 23 CD:

I. Turn Light Runestones into Enchanted Runestones.

For 1 Round:
II. The Combo count will be 23 (dissolving Runestones is necessary).
III. Turn all Runestones into Elf Runestones at the end of the Round.

  •   New Chapter in Void of the Realm ── Era of Magic


Zeus was pierced through into the abdomen with a spear; blood came out with a gush. Besieged by the Greek Gods, they tried to kill Zeus. What had happened between them? At the same time, New character “Theogony Ruler – Hera” will be revealed! Does she have something done with “Zeus”? Summoner, will you save “Zeus”, or simply let the killing happen? 


New Chapter “Era of Magic” will be available in Void of the Realm at 4pm (GMT+8) next tue! Summoner can battle with “Hera” to investigate what’s going on!

  •  God Dragonware!


The First God Dragonware “Sacred Bell Spell” debut! Complete the stage “History of Greek Gods – Dead End” in the Era of Magic to get one!


  •   Exclusive Dragonware for “The Witches”!

Dragonware for “The Witches” will be available for forging at 4pm, 18 Nov (Mon)! 7-star characters of “The Witches” equipped with Dragonware will have certain boost in Attack and Recovery!



  •  HUNTER x HUNTER Crossover Characters Return! Diamond Seal “Mizumishiki” Available Again!


During the period between 18 Nov (Mon) and 1 Dec (Sun), characters of HUNTER x HUNTER will return, including those from ultimate stage, bi-weekly stage, horror stage, etc. At the same time, “10-draw) option will be added!



  •  Exclusive Dragonware for “HUNTER×HUNTER” Series!

In this return, characters of “HUNTER×HUNTER” series can equip their own exclusive dragonware to greatly increase their battle power! We’ll first introduce the dragonware abilities of “Gon”, “Killua” and “Kurapika”!




  •  Get Exclusive Dragonware Easily in Black Hole


During the period from 18 Nov (Mon) and 1 Dec (Sun), 7 exclusive Dragonware which has 7 modes each (total 49) will be placed in “Black Hole”! Complete them to get the Dragonware! There are also some stages where you can get all the modes of a particular dragonware for your convenience!

  •  HUNTER×HUNTER” Dragonware Gift Pack


During the return of crossover, “HUNTER×HUNTER” Dragonware Gift Pack will be put on sale, including a whole set of dragonware (total 49) for HUNTER×HUNTER” series and Craft Inventory Slot x50. Besides, the gift pack also gives you “Alluka” x1 and drawing chance of specific seal x1!


  • “Gon”, “Killua” Dragonware Demo VS Behemoth

In the demo, “Gon”, “Killua” and “Kurapika” are equipped with Dragonware to battle with “Behemoth”!

**All relevant events & rewards of “HUNTER × HUNTER” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only. Other regions will not be able to join the event.