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Special Diamond Seal Draw Card Pool

Purchase Reward “Hunter Dragonware Gift Pack”
Time: 18 Nov (Mon) – 1 Dec (Sun)
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Price: HKD $88 / TWD(Google) $360 / TWD(iOS) $390 / USD $11.9
Gift Pack content:
– Summoner can purchase once only
– 49 “HUNTER × HUNTER” Dragonwares (1 set of 7 Crafts for each character; 49 in total)
– Craft Inventory slots x50
– “Alluka” x1
– Special Diamond Seal Draw x1
Special Diamond Seal Draw Card Pool:

Abraham Cao Cao Izanagi Lancelot
Chessia Lü Bu Tsukuyomi Merlin
Satan Guan Yu Amaterasu Arthur
Hideyoshi Andromeda Sakura Ghroth
Honda Lynx Rose Daoloth
Nobunaga Ophiuchus Cornflower Azathoth
Sun Ce Supreme Lotus – He Xian’gu Kurapika Shiva
Xiahou Dun Mischievous Wit – Lü Dongbin Killua Vishnu
Zhurong Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai Gon Brahma
Ghostie Darwin Wu Zetian
Primal Divinity – Fuxi
Mellow Galileo Cleo
Lady of the Supreme – Xiwangmu
Zero Einstein Eve
Ancestral Creation – Nüwa

1. This offer is applicable to all versions, including iOS and Android (Google Play and APK) Version.
2. All relevant events & rewards of “HUNTER × HUNTER” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.
3. For the details of the Special Diamond Seal Draw included in the gift pack, please refer to:
4. The effect of “Alluka”: 6000 Battle Rounds will be granted when it is used as level-up material; When it is used on “HUNTER × HUNTER” character, the target character will become Dual Max.

Last Update: 15/11/2019 18:31 (Duplicated Wu Zetian changes to Cleo)