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Tower of Saviors “Genthru” Debuts! Ultimate Stage “Touch to Explode”! Guild Mission “Snowy Xmas”!

Tower of Saviors

Genthru” Debuts!

Ultimate Stage “Touch to Explode”!

Guild Mission “Snowy Xmas”!


Into the last week of crossover of “HUNTER x HUNTER”, Genthru will be coming to the Ultimate Stage “Touch to Explode” next Fri! To welcome the Christmas, guild mission “Snowy Xmas” will also be held to have a joyous moment with Summoners!

  •  Ultimate Stage ── “Touch to Explode”


Nen user “Genthru” will be at the Ultimate Stage “Touch to Explode” at 10pm, 27 Dec (Fri)! Summoner only has 6000 step limit before the bomb explodes! Mind your step!


  •  Genthru Enemy Skills

During the 1st phase, the enemy raids once at the beginning of the first Round.  Upon receiving this attack, 8 Fire Runestones will be locked.

After that, 4 Fire Runestones will be locked upon receiving Damage from the enemy’s attacks. If any Locked Runestone remains, it will explode; 50% of Summoner’s HP will be deducted for every Runestone exploded.

When a Fire Combo is made, attacks of the Team will be nullified.  The more Fire Combos made, the more times the enemy attacks in the Round.  Only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted. The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.


In the 2nd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 1.

Each Round before Summoner starts moving Runestones, 2 random Runestones will be locked. If any Locked Runestone is touched, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately; no Damage can be dealt to the enemy that Round and Team Recovery becomes 0.

All Runestone-turning Skills will be nullified (those turning only the Race but not the type of Runestones are not limited). 

The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.

  • Genthru’s Skill ── “Melody of Life”


Fire Human “Genthru” can activate “Melody of Life” upon 7 CD:

Record the Damage dealt on enemies each Round (excluding non-Attributive Damage), to the max 2 billion.  This Skill can be deactivated anytime. Upon deactivation of the Skill, deal non-Attributive Damage as much as 1% of the recorded Damage to all enemies (the effect will be cleared in 3 Rounds).


  • Complete 3-star Achievements to Get Rare Craft


  •  Snowy Xmas with Splendid Outfits!

Into the late Dec, “Kejourou”, “Yuki-onna”, “Hel”, “Eve” will dress up to welcome the Christmas and greet you in the realm! The main map will be garnished with snow to add the festive vibe.

On the day of Christmas, 25 Dec (Wed), login the game to receive “Inventory Slot” x5, “Friend Slot” x5, “Craft Slot” x5 as a warm welcome in the festival.

  •  Let’s Do Some Xmas Shopping


There will be a special stage “Mind-blowing New Look” for “Hyakki” series on 23 Dec (Mon)! Complete the stage and you will be rewarded with new outfits of “Hyakki”!


  • EXTRA Challenge ── “Eve’s Bliss”


If you can defeat the 5 attribute “Hyakki”, extra stage “Eve’s Bliss” will be unlocked. Pass this special stage and you can get the valuable outfit of “Eve”! However, the challenge is not that simple as Summoner needs to do it with the fixed team.


Fixed Team

  •  Guild Mission “Snowy Xmas”


*No top 100 ranking for this guild mission

TOS is holding the christmas guild mission named “Snowy Xmas” ! “Mech Christmas Reindeer” will be coming to the town. Complete specific achievements in the stage “The Long-lost Past” to get “Memorial Photo”! Each photo will grant you bonus scores! 


In the stage of guild mission, “Memorial Photo” will not drop this time.

Summoner can complete specific achievement to get “Memorial Photo”!

(get up to 1 per photo)!

  •  Chance to Drop the Unexpected Guests


Hey don’t forget these guests in Christmas. “Santa Claus”, “Floret”, “The Red Noses” and other characters will randomly show up in different stages! They’ll be dropped when you get to see them! Also, your completion scores will increase to 200!

  •   Rocking around the Christmas Tree” ── Unlimited Movement without Dissolving; Attack & Recovery Up


Fire Machina “Mech Christmas Reindeer” can activate “Rocking around the Christmas Tree” upon 8CD:

I. Unlimited Runestone movement in 12 seconds without dissolving.
When all Machinas in the Team have 100% Fuel upon Skill activation, Machina Attack & Recovery x 1.8 for 1 Round.

  •   Collect All “Memorial Photo”; Accumulate Scores; Get Wonderful Goodies


When you get specific “Memorial Photos” for the 1st time, and reach specific personal scores and guild scores, rare character “Mech Christmas Reindeer” and new outfit “Angel of Christmas – Hel” will be yours! Collect all 10 “Memorial Photo” to get the Rare Title!


  • Extra Rewards in Guild Mission


Since “Snowy Xmas”, there will be bonus rewards for guild missions! When you reach specific personal scores and guide scores, you can get extra Diamonds! Personal ranking reward will also be added to give Harpy or Baby Harpy to the top 10 Summoners in the Guild. 


  •  Xmas Gift for Everyone!


In the one-off stage “Xmas Gift for Everyone!” from 25 Dec (Wed) – 29 Dec (Sun), you can receive “Prime Millennium Soulstone”, random PR material x1, “Baby Harpy Knight – Madhead” and more!

  •  Soul Exchange Christmas Sale


From 23 Dec (Mon) – 5 Jan (Sun), remember to check on the shelf in Soul Exchange for the discounted products “Plump Precious Beasts” x1 set, “Harpy” x1, “Profound Vision of Robot – Android” x1 & “Pyro Essence Soulstone” x1!

  •  Diamond Purchase Bonus


From 23 Dec (Mon) – 29 Dec (Sun), purchase 15 Diamonds or above with a single transaction, you’ll get 15 free.

  •  Skill Demo of “Teamwork – Gon & Killua”

In this demo, “Teamwork – Gon & Killua” will lead the Earth Humans to defeat enemies with their signature skills.

  • New Outfit & Characters into Christmas

On New Year’s Eve, 2 classic characters will dress up pure-white wedding attires to greet the new year with Summoners! More characters will be coming as the new journey begins.

* All relevant events & rewards of “HUNTER x HUNTER” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.