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Tower of Saviors New Year’s Day Trial “Brand New Voyage”! Ultimate Stage “Wen Qu & Wu Qu”!

Tower of Saviors

New Year’s Day Trial “Brand New Voyage”!

Ultimate Stage “Wen Qu & Wu Qu”!


New Year 2020, “Brand New Voyage” trial will be rolled out in the Lost Relic! “Duo of Mischief – Wen Qu & Wu Qu” will set up the ultimate stage to have a fierce battle with Summoners!

  • “Brand New Voyage” ── 10th Floor Trial


To welcome the new year, “Tower Voyager – Molin” will descend into realm to lead you to the “Brand New Voyage”. “Molin” is gonna create a 10-floor maze in the Lost Relic on 1 Jan (Wed) to give Summoners a new beginning trial in the year.

  •  Go to the 10th Floor; “Molin” 100% Get


The maze is wonderful yet mysterious! Those who pass specific stages will be rewarded with amazing rewards, including the gold title “Maze Buster”! Every time you pass the 10th floor, “Tower Voyager – Molin” (Skill Lv.1) x1 will be given! When you get through the 5th floor for the 1st time, “Tower Voyager – Molin” (Skill Lv.5) will be given!

  •   “Molin” Leader Skill ── Beginning of New Year


Light God “Tower Voyager – Molin” has the leader skill “Beginning of New Year”:

I. Team Attack x 4.5.
II. Randomly change Attributes of all Runestones at the beginning of each Round.

  •   Back to Beginning ── Restore B&W Runestones; Restore Runestones to Normal; Extra Attacks


“Tower Voyager – Molin” can activate the active skill “Back to Beginning” upon 9CD:

I. Restore all Runestones in black and white to original colors.
II. Restore all Runestones to normal.
III. Randomly change Attributes of all Runestones.
IV. When the Team consists of only Gods,each Member launches 2 extra attacks as much as 20% of its Attack for 1 Round.

So her skill can solve B&W Runestones, Frozen Runestones, Lock-for-Recovery Runestones, Petrified Runestones, etc easily! Also with 6 members in the team, you can launch 12 extra attacks in total!


Complete the specific floor of “Brand New Voyage” to receive PR material, “Harpy” and other rare materials!

  •   Ultimate Stage ── Mischievous Twin


Duo of Mischief – Wen Qu & Wu Qu” will set up the ultimate stage “Mischievous Twin” with various traps to test your strength at 10pm, 3 Jan (Fri)!

  •  Wen Qu & Wu Qu Enemy Skills

During the 1st phase, The enemy raids once at the beginning of the first Round. The middle row of Runestones will be burned.  The burned positions will be burned into Fire Runestones every Round.

Every time when a burned position is touched, 25% of Summoner’s HP will be deducted.

The enemy receives Damage only when Enchanted Runestones of the enemy’s Attribute are dissolved according to the shape of the frame (Runestones adjacent to the frame cannot be dissolved together).

When a Fire Combo is made and an attack is launched, the enemy reflects 200% of its Attack and recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).


During the 2nd phase, change the enemy’s Attribute into Dark. CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 1. Skill CDs, EPs and accumulated Rounds of all Monsters will be reset at the beginning of the first Round. If Demon(s) is present, the enemy’s Attack increases. When moving Runestones, recently touched positions would be burned.  Every time when a burned position is touched, Summoner will receive a Damage of 5000. Dark Runestones cannot be dissolved.

  •  Duo Skills ── “Stars Down to the Earth” & “Cleansing Aura of Gods”


Fire “Duo of Mischief – Wen Qu & Wu Qu” has dual skills! “Stars Down to the Earth” can be activated upon CD 7:

Turn all Runestones into Enchanted God Runestones.


Cleansing Aura of Gods” can be activated upon CD 7:

I. Clear all additional effect(s) in play.
II. Fully recover HP.
III. When the Team consists of only Gods, Team Attack x 2.5 for 1 Round.

  •  Complete 3-star Achievement to Get Rare Pattern


  •   Pure White Vow” – Sean & Molly!


The new “Pure White Vow” series feature “Ring of Oath – Sean” & “Bouquet of Love – Molly” the lovely couple, who will be available on 30 Dec (Mon)! When you bring “Ring of Oath – Sean” to challenge the stage of  “Ring of Oath – Sean”, you can access to extra stage to battle against “Bouquet of Love – Molly”!


  •  Leader Skill “Two Hearts in One”


Light Human “Ring of Oath – Sean” and “Bouquet of Love – Molly” have the same leader skill “Two Hearts in One”:

I. Human Attack x 4.
II. By dissolving Heart Runestones, Human Attack x 1.5 additionally.
III. Attack bonus +100% for each Combo made.

  • Team Skill of Sean & Molly


When “Bouquet of Love – Molly” and “Ring of Oath – Sean” are neighboring Members in the team, Attack & Recovery of the first “Bouquet of Love – Molly” and “Ring of Oath – Sean” from the left x 1.3 additionally.

  •  Beams of Affection ── Runestone Effect Possession; Drop Light Human Runestone


Ring of Oath – Sean” can activate “Beams of Affection” upon 6 CD:

For 1 Round:

I. Light Runestones also possess the effect of Heart Runestones.
II. The first batch of 10 Runestones to be dropped will be Light Human Runestones.

  •  Combos of Affection ── Turn into Enchanted Human Runestones; + Combo


Bouquet of Love – Molly” can activate “Combos of Affection” upon 6 CD:

I. Turn Light Runestones and the column of Runestones below the Monster into Enchanted Human Runestones. For 1 Round:
Combo count +1 for every 2 Light or Heart Runestones dissolved, to the max Combo count +15.

  •   Combine Skill ── Mutual Affection


When there are “Bouquet of Love – Molly” and “Ring of Oath – Sean” in the Team (the Monsters must reach Lv. 50 or above):

For 1 Round:
I. Turn all Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones.
II. Runestones can be dissolved by aligning 2 or more of them, until 70 Runestones are dissolved.

  •   Login to Get All Max “God”


ALL MAX 7-Race Rapture” is happening next mon! During the period from 30 Dec (Mon) and 5 Jan (Sun), login to get a free draw chance of “Miracle of Gods” drawing machine, which includes 7 All Max God characters in the card pool!

  • New Year’s Day Giveaway


When you login on 1 Jan (Wed), a rare draw chance and Diamond x5 will be given! From 1 Jan (Wed) – 5 Jan (Sun), a material stage will be available in Lost Relic with some good stuff! Take a walk to the Trade Fortress and purchase “New Year Joy Gift Pack” with only 2020 Coins! The gift pack includes “Giallar the Hornist”, “Egg Watchman” and other attractive rewards.

  •   Fully Loaded Gift Pack ── All Max PR “Protagonists” x1 Set; All Max SR “Norse God” x1


Fully Loaded Gift Pack” is packed with amazing items and will be released on the 1st day of 2020! Each Summoner can only purchase once! The gift pack includes All Max PR “Protagonists” x1 Set; All Max SR “Norse God” x1 (random), 30 Diamonds and even more valuable goodies!

  • Skill Demo of “Molin”

In this demo, “Tower Voyager – Molin” will join the team of “Surreal Blossom” and defeat the enemies by breaking different enemy shields!

  • Skill Demo of “Wen Qu & Wu Qu”

In this demo, “Wen Qu & Wu Qu” will showcase their signature dual skills to kick the enemies away easily!