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UI Intro: Community

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1.5 Community

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You can find the Community button at the right-most of the task bar. You can find many frequently-used functions inside, including:
– Rewards
– Accumulated Sign In Counts
– My Gift Packs
– Tower of Seminars
– Slot Machine
– Friend
– Inbox
– TOS Facebook Page
– TOS Checkup Center

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There are 3 sections in Rewards, namely “Target”, “Time-limited” and “Normal”.

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In “Target”, you’ll find the rewards of accomplishing specific achievements. For example:
– Arena Level rewards
– Infinite Extreme clearance rewards
– Summoner Level rewards

In “Time-limited”, you’ll find the normal rewards that expire in a certain time period. For Example:
– Source of Victory Stamina Refill
– Bonus Stamina/Spirit
– Tower of Seminars Reward

In “Normal”, you’ll find the unclaimed rewards obtained before version 17.0, which will not expire.

Accumulated Sign In Counts

Your sign-in count will be recorded upon your first login of the day. By achieving specific sign-in days, you will receive accumulated login rewards.
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By tapping the “Rewards” icon at the bottom right corner, you can find the reward details of the current cycle.

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You’ll receive a random monster from designated series for your 28-Day Reward. Be persistent and log in everyday!

My Gift Packs

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You can find your purchased Gift Packs and claim the items on this page.

Tower of Seminars

On this page, you can find the weekly mini quiz. By answering the correct option, you’ll receive a reward. A Joining Reward will be given for the wrong answer as well.

Slot Machine
Please refer to “1.3 Slot Machine”.

Please refer to “1.9 UI of Other Events”.

Please refer to “1.2 Arena”.

Please refer to “1.9 UI of Other Events”.

Joint Operation
Please refer to “1.9 UI of Other Events”.


There are 4 functions on this page, including:

table 18table 19

Leader Board

table 19

You can find the leaderboards of all stages here, including biweekly, transmigration and ultimate stages. Your passing record with ranking of stages can be found here.


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In here, you can send and receive messages to other players. System messages including Arena notifications and Verification Code renewal can be found here as well.

TOS Facebook Page


This button will redirect you to the TOS official Facebook page, where you can find game news and other entertaining content.

TOS Checkup Center


Like the previous button, this button will redirect you to a website named “TOS Checkup Center”. On this page, you can share your inventory and seek advice from other players, which is a very useful feature for both newbies and returning players.


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