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6.3 Craft Core/Essence Forging

Craft Core


Craft core is basically the base of a craft.

**Before forging, do remember to add those crafts you like to favorite to avoid mis-putting them into forging!**

Go to Craft Forging in the main map.


Click “Craft Core or Craft Essence”


Choose and forge the crafts or essences you DON’T want from 1* to 2* and from 2* to 3* , regardless of craft stars and modes. You can select either crafts/essences as materials to forge your craft core.


* Crafts and essences can’t be mixed together during forging 

The result is random.

craft 11.jpg


3* Crafts x 3 or 3* Essences to Forge = 3* Craft Core

How to define a GOOD craft?

Concept: Always aim for 3* core!

A+: 3* non-restrictive (no race or attribute limitation)

A: 3* attribute-restrictive  only

B: 3* race-restrictive only

C: 3* race+attribute restrictive


3* Race-Restrictive as shown in the image



Essence is basically the SKILL of a craft.

Switch to “Forge Craft Essence”


Unlike forging Craft Core, You can decide the Rarity (1* – 3*) of Essence you would like to forge.


Craft_RawMaterial_Fevergem01_icon.png Forge 1* Essence (use any 3 crafts/essences) = 1* Skill

Craft_RawMaterial_Fevergem02_icon.png Forge 2* Essence (use any 3 crafts/essences) = 2* Skill

Craft_RawMaterial_Fevergem03_icon.png Forge 3* Essence (use 2* or above crafts/essences) = 3* Skill


When forging Essence, the Skill Type of the Material on the FAR LEFT determines the Skill Type of the Craft Essence (the Compulsion Skill triggered by the highest Score ranks first in priority).


[ATK boost essence] + 2 another random essences => This will guarantee offensive result essence (but maybe not ATK boost)

[Craft core with reduce def essence embedded] + 2 another craft cores => This will guarantee special result essence (but maybe not reduce def)

There are 4 types of skills in terms of Essence:

  1. Offensive
  2. Defensive
  3. Special
  4. Convert

General Flowchart

Craft 0.1.jpg

Source: towerofsaviorsforum


Advance and Extra level of weekly stages may drop Craft Core at boss level. That means you can farm 1* or 2* cores.

Here are some ways to use all these core drops to control the rarity of core/essence you forge.

  1. For 1* core, use them to craft 1* /2* essences, depending on your need.
  2. For 2* core, use them to craft 3* essences only. 
  3. Once you get 3* essences x3 that are NOT useful, use 3 of them to forge a 3* core with 100% chance.
  4. When you have useless 3* cores x3 from previous steps, use them to reforge another core which is 100% 3* as well.

Embed Essence into Core

Click the craft. Select “Embed”.

File (2).jpg

Choose the rarity of essence. You can only equip essence that is same rarity as that slot.




The embedded essence cannot be retrieved once confirmed.

For more details about craft forging:


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