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Tower of Saviors Ancient Demon Arrives! “Boundless Darkness” Ultimate Stage! “Crimson Grace” Exclusive Dragonware!

Tower of Saviors

Ancient Demon Arrives!

Boundless Darkness” Ultimate Stage!

“Crimson Grace” Exclusive Dragonware!


Into the 4th week of version 18.3, a demon in space will set up the ultimate stage “Boundless Darkness” at 10pm next Fri! Besides, Dragonware of “Crimson Grace” will be available for forging soon!

  •  Ultimate Stage “Boundless Darkness”


Mind Corrupter – Xada” will set up the ultimate stageBoundless Darkness” at 10 pm, 14 Feb (Fri) to bring chaotic darkness to Summoners.

  • Xada’s Enemy Skill

During the 1st phase, damage can be dealt to the enemy only by making the same or ±2 number of Combos (dissolving Runestones is necessary) in the first batch.  

If the same number of Combos are made, the enemy will not attack in the Round; if not, the enemy launches a number of attacks.  The number equals the difference between the assigned number and the number of Combos made.

Runestone-moving time becomes 4 seconds (time-related Skills other than “Boundary Breaking” and “unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving” will be nullified)

Damage dealt to the enemy each Round will not exceed 20% of its total HP (Active Skill is excepted from this limitation).

The 3rd row will be shrouded in mist.


During the 2nd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 1.

The enemy receives Damage only when Enchanted Dragon Runestones are dissolved according to the shape of the frame (Runestones adjacent to the frame cannot be dissolved together).

Attack and Recovery can only be triggered when Summoner starts moving Runestones from the specific position (green vortex) (positions of Dark Runestones rank first in priority) and ends at the specific position (red vortex). (No Recovery can be triggered before fulfilling the condition).

The enemy poisons all Monsters, causing a Damage of 90% of Summoner’s HP every Round until its defeat.

  •   Faith of Obstinacy – Light” ── Attack Up; Drop Enchanted Light Runestones


Mind Corrupter – Xada” has the leader skill “Faith of Obstinacy – Light”:

I. By dissolving ≥5 types of Runestones, Team Attack x 5.
II. For each Combo made in the first batch, 1 Enchanted Light Runestone will be generated in the column below the Monster.

  •   Jet-Black Gloominess” ── Turn Enemy Attribute into Dark; Attack Up


“Xada” can activate “Jet-Black Gloominess” upon 8 CD:

For 1 Round:

  1. Turn all enemies’ Attributes into Dark.
  2. The more the Race Runestones dissolved, the higher the Team Attack, to the max x 3 for 10 Runestones dissolved.

  •  Complete 3-star Achievement; Get New Craft


  •  Dragonware of Crimson Grace


Dragonware of “Crimson Grace” will be available for forging at 4pm, 10 Feb (Mon)! Those VR “Crimson Grace” characters will obtain 1.15x attack boost, and further conditional attack increase!



  • Valentine’s Day Character “Romance Delivery – Angela”


Valentine’s Day is coming! “Romance Delivery – Angela” will be with all Summoners on 14 Feb (Fri) in the stage “The Careless Postwoman”! During the period between 14 Feb (Fri) and 23 Feb (Sun), login to get Romance Delivery – Angela” (Skill Lv.8)!


Accumulate the completion of “The Careless Postwoman” 10 times to get “Sweety Maid – Tiffany” (Skill Lv.10) x1!

Fire Human “Romance Delivery – Angela” can activate “Love in Horizon” upon 5 CD:

For 1 Round, extend Runestone-moving time to 15 seconds; 

by dissolving a group of 6 or more Fire Runestones, Fire Attack x 2.


  •  100 COMBO Extreme Challenge!


From 10 Feb (Mon) – 23 Feb (Sun), “New Year Blesser – Jabir” will organize an extreme challenge in the Lost Relic. Bring “Ghroth”, “Ghostie” & “Xiang Yu” if you want to increase your combos! However, can you reach the ultimate goal of 100 Combos? Complete specific combos to get “Silver Madhead”, “Harpy”, etc.


  •  Spring of Demons” ── Login to Get Rare All Max Demon Draw!


Stepping into the last week of “7-Race All Max”, finally it’s demon’s turn! From 10 Feb (Mon) – 16 Feb (Sun), login to get a draw chance of the demon card pool, including “Origin of All Sins – Eve”, “Illuminated Savant”, etc.

  •  Circus Wonder “Hilarious Comedian – Leed”!


Hilarious Comedian – Leed” from “Circus Wonder” series will be released next week!

Light Demon “Leed” can activate “Gales of Laughter” upon 5 CD:

Explore Dark and Heart Runestones to generate non-Dark and non-Heart Enchanted Demon Runestones.


  • Xada Skill Demo

In the demo, Xada will join the Sanzang team with her signature active skill!