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Tower of Saviors X FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD Crossover Coming Soon! Combination of New “Truth Seekers”!


Version 18.4 “TOS x FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD” will be launched on 9 Mar (Mon). Brand new crossover events will be conducted featuring the famous japanese anime “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD”! The iconic characters of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD” are going to jump into the Realm to fight with all Summoners! 


  • Truth Seekers” Debuts!


Upon version 18.4, Characters of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD” will be added into the Realm. There are 8 leading characters in the Diamond Seal, including “Edward Elric”, “Alphonse Elric”, “Roy Mustang” and more other strong characters! Among them, “Edward” & “Alphonse”; “Roy” & “Riza” can be combined together to boost their strength to the next level!



  •  “Roy Mustang” the Flame Alchemist


With the recognition as “Flame Alchemist”,  “Roy Mustang” is the top-tier State Alchemist. His leader and team skill can make use of Fire Elements at will! The leader skill can benefit Fire Human characters with HP, Attack & Recovery buff to let them tackle various battles easily; When exploding Runestones each time, Fire damage will be dealt to all enemies regardless of “Enchanted Runestones Shield”! 


When using “Roy” as leader and “Roy” or “Roy & Riza” as ally, more Fire Elements can be summoned to increase the droprate of Fire Runestones up to 25%. Fire Runestones also possess 50% effect of Heart Runestones, which enables him to use Fire Runestones to recover HP.


“Roy” is almost immune to the enemy skill “Burning” (including Hellfire). When the enemy costs burning damage to him, it will become his attack increment. Besides, When “Roy” is partnering with “Riza” in battles, his attack basic value will dramatically increase. With the 2 CD reduction, they can activate their own skills even faster!


However, even a powerful one has a weakness, so does “Roy Mustang”, who will be affected by Water Elements. When dissolving Water Elements in the first batch, attack of “Roy Mustang” will be reduced by 80%. The only chance is to count on your team members. Only when Fire Elements are sufficient, the effect of Water Elements can be avoided. In the team skill, when all Fire Runestones are dissolved in the first batch, all Water Runestones will be exploded until there is none in the gameplay.


  •   Fiery Transmutation Circle ──  Explode; Canon; Water Runestones Droprate Transfers to Fire Runestones


“Roy Mustang” can activate “Fiery Transmutation Circle” upon CD 6. The explosion effect can sweep away “Weathered Runestones”, “Weakened Runestones” and so on. 3 explosions can induce 3 canon effects of the leader skill! Dropping non-Water Runestones and the vanishing of Water Runestones for 3 Rounds can get rid of the debuff on “Roy” when you dissolve Water Runestones in the first batch! Droprate of Water Runestones will be transferred to that of Fire Runestones, so that “Roy” can manipulate more Fire Elements to boost the attack! 

【Fiery Transmutation Circle】

  • Partner of “Roy Mustang” ── “Riza Hawkeye”


“Riza Hawkeye”, alias “The Hawk’s Eye”, is the perfect partner of “Roy Mustang” in battles. Her skill “The Hawk’s Eye” can be activated upon CD 6. Exploding non-Fire Runestones twice to generate non-Water Runestones can cater for the requirement of Roy as a leader to bring more fire attacks! For 1 Round, she can launch 6 extra Fire attacks as much as 30% of the attack.


Trigger “The Hawk’s Eye” to gather Fire elements!


  • Combination ── Roy & Riza


The best comrades “Roy Mustang” and “Riza Hawkeye” can be combined into “Roy & Riza” as a stronger form to deal with enemies! Upon combination, they explode all Runestones to generate non-Water Runestones. For 1 Round, other Runestones also possess the effect of Fire Runestones to strengthen Fire attack! After the combination, “Roy & Riza will be launching an extra Fire attack as much as 50% of the attack every round.

“Roy Mustang” and “Riza Hawkeye” combining into “Roy & Riza”!


  • Roy & Riza


Upon combination, Roy will be the leading character with his leader skill, and his Leader Skill “Alchemy of Flames” will be altered into “Alchemy of Flames – EX”. With the strengthened Leader Skill, Fire attack value, Human member boost, Cannon attack and bonus Fire attack value will all be boosted! When using “Roy & Riza” as leader and “Roy” as ally, Fire Runestones possessing the effect of Heart Runestones will be boosted to 100% with the strengthened attack basic value. When the enemy skill “Burning” is in play, Leader’s attack x4.


  • Dual Skills of “Roy & Riza”


Upon combination, “Roy” and “Riza” can activate their dual skills upon 6 CD. Roy’s signature skill will be kept. As for “Riza”, her skill will become “The Hawk’s Eye – EX” to have stronger attack.


  •   Skills Info of “Alex Louis Armstrong”, “Ling Yao” & “Lan Fan”


Apart from “Roy Mustang”, other characters of “Truth Seekers” are also equipped with stunning skills. Now, the character skills of “Alex Louis Armstrong”, “Ling Yao” & “Lan Fan” are introduced!


  •   The Strong Arm Alchemist


Light Human “Alex Louis Armstrong”, the State Alchemist, is famous for his strong arm. When activating his skill, his attack will be boosted, and solve all the petrified and weathered runestones on screen. Also, the enemy’s action will be delayed for 1 Round!


  •   “Ling Yao” & “Lan Fan”


When bringing “Ling Yao” & “Lan Fan” into fight, HP, Attack & Recovery of the first “Ling Yao” and “Lan Fan” from the left x 1.2 additionally.


The skill “The Strongest Shield” of “Ling Yao” can remove the runestone obstacles to generate Enchanted Human Runestones; For every Dark or Heart Runestone exploded, Damage received -10%, to the max -100%.


“Lan Fan” can activate “The Dark Martial Art” upon short 5 CD to generate Enchanted Dark Runestones. Single Attack becomes Full Attack. With even greater character’s attack, the enemies stand no chance of winning.


  •   Skill Level-up Material for “Truth Seekers”


With the help of “Nina”, the accumulated skill rounds of “Truth Seekers” will increase by 600. Upon version 18.4, 60 “Nina” will be on sale in the Trade Fortress, to let you level up the skills of “Truth Seekers” super fast.


  •     Summoner Bingo Limited Missions


Upon version 18.4, new time-limited missions “Go! Journey to Seek Immortality” will be released! There are 3×3 mission slots. When you complete a page of missions, you will be rewarded with “May Chang” (Skill Lv. 1) x1. Finishing all the 18 slots can obtain extra reward – “May Chang” (Dual Max) x1! 


  •  May Chang’s Leader Skill ── “Alkahestry”


Earth Human “May Chang” has the leader skill “Alkahestry”. When there are 3 or more Attributes in the team, Team HP, Attack & Recovery x 2; the more the types of Runestones dissolved, the higher the Team Attack increases additionally, to the max x 2.5 for 6 types.


  •     “Transmutation Pentagram” ── Anti-Lock; Canon; Turn into Enchanted Earth Runestones


“May Chang” can activate “Transmutation Pentagram” upon CD 6 that makes characters’ Active Skills in the team will not be locked for 3 Rounds. Not only “May Chang” can deal a super damage to a single enemy, she can also turn Runestones into Enchanted Earth Runestones.


  •  Arena Redemption for “Maes Hughes”


Upon the crossover on 9 Mar (Mon), you can redeem “Maes Hughes” with prize points in Arena. Fire Human “Maes Hughes” is a good friend of “Roy Mustang”, which enables him to activate “The Flaming Enthusiasm” upon 5 CD to turn Water Runestones into Heart Runestones for Roy. Heart Runestones also possess the effect of Fire Runestones. When joining the team of “Roy” or “Roy or Riza”, “The Flaming Enthusiasm” will be boosted to turn all Runestones into Enchanted Human Runestones.


  •  Skill Demo of “Roy Mustang” the Flame Alchemist

Characters of “Truth Seekers” will come into the Realm on 9 Mar (Mon)! This demo introduces the powerful fire ability of “Roy Mustang” to light up the enemies with the combination.


* All relevant events & rewards of “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.


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