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Tower of Saviors “Creeds of Earthlings” Release! Switching Dragonware for “Cang Bi”! Ultimate Stage “Rhapsody of Creation – Kingu”!

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New version 19.0 will be coming to 20 Apr (Mon) featuring the “Creeds of Earthlings” series as a new force! The exclusive dragonware for “Cang Bi” will be available in the story mode “History of Earthlings”, which grants the “Switching” ability for Cang Bi to become “Billows of Freedom – Cang Bi”! Also, “Rhapsody of Creation – Kingu” is waiting at the ultimate stage “A Playful Life”!


  • Active Skills of “Creeds of Earthlings”

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New characters of “Creeds of Earthlings” will come out on 20 Apr (Mon)! Now we will introduce the other 5 characters in terms of active skills.


  •  No. 5722 – Ralph”

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Fire Human “No. 5722 – Ralph” can activate “Fists on Fire” upon 6 CD:

  1. Explode the Runestones around Fire Runestones to generate Enchanted Runestones.

For 1 Round:

  1. The Monster’s Attack x 5 (no sharing to other Team Members).

III. If ≥8 Runestones are exploded, the Monster’s Damage will be dealt regardless of Initial Shield.


  •   No. 0008 – Aurora”

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Earth Human “No. 0008 – Aurora” is a good member in the “No. 6666 – Elpis” or “No. 8299 – Leonard” team. “Aurora” can activate “Morale Booster” upon 6 CD:

  1. Fully recover HP.

For 1 Round:

  1. Human Attack x 1.6.

III. Combo count +3.

  1. For every extra Monster of “Creeds of Earthlings” present in the Team,

⇒ the number of Rounds the Skill stays in play +1, to the max 5 Rounds.


  •  No. 0017 – Astrid”


Light Human “No. 0017 – Astrid” can activate “Cross of Hunting” upon CD 5:

Tap a Runestone to turn the row and the column into Runestones of the type.

After Skill activation, there is a 40% chance that CD will become 0 again.


  •  No. 1125 – Zack” 


Dark human “No. 1125 – Zack” can activate “Dizzy Darkness” upon CD 6:

  1. Team HP will be depleted to 1 (this Skill cannot be activated when Team HP is 1).
  2. Reset the Skill of “No. 1125 – Zack” in the Team.
  3. Stun all enemies to inactivate them for 3 Rounds.
    • The effect stays in play until they are attacked by Monsters not of “Creeds of Earthlings”.


  •  No. 3578 – Radha”

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No. 3578 – Radha” can activate “Fatal Thoughts” upon 6 CD:

  1. Turn the top Runestones in the columns below 3 Humans into Enchanted Runestones of the Attribute of the Monster in that column.
  2. Turn the top Runestones in the columns below 3 Machinas into Enchanted Heart Runestones.
  3. If Team HP is 1 upon Skill activation, all Runestones in the columns will be turned.


  • New Story Mode “History of Earthlings”

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Complete specific stages of “History of Earthlings” for the 1st time to receive draw chance of “Creeds of Earthlings” x1, Shedu x1 and Diamond x5.


New story mode ““History of Earthlings” will be available in version 19.0. Into the new chapter between “Eldus” and “Earthlings”, “Cang Bi” will lead “Leonard” to fight against “Eldus”! Also you can acquire the switching ability of Cang Bi after you completed the specific stages.

Click “The Traveler’s Memories” on the upper right corner of the main map to enter “History of Earthlings”! You can collect a specific number of “clay dolls” to challenge the Extra stage! Complete the specific Extra stage of “History of Earthlings” for the 1st time to get “Cang Bi” dragonware  ── “Rune Feather”, 2 in total for 2 Extra stages. Equip the dragonware to switch “Cang Bi” into human form to enhance his power!


  • Switching of “Cang Bi”

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The rare character “Auspice of Protection – Cang Bi” can be switched into “Billows of Freedom – Cang Bi” with the exclusive dragonware, lowering the Dragon Point to boost team attack. Upon switching, apart from the explosion and attack booster effects, “Cang Bi” as dual leaders can make “Dragon Point” drop to 0 and trigger the effect of “team attack x5 additionally”.


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Team Skill remains the same before and after switching


  • Dual EP Skills of “Billows of Freedom – Cang Bi”

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After switching, the EP Skill 1 of Cang Bi keeps the advantage of its signature skill; the EP Skill 2 can boost the monster’s attack, turn Runestones into Enchanted Water and reduce Dragon Points.


  •  Ultimate Stage “A Playful Life” 


Earthling creator “Rhapsody of Creation – Kingu” will set up the ultimate stage “A Playful Life” at 10pm, 24 Apr (Fri). 


  •   Tricks of Runes ── Turn into Enchanted Runestones; Runestones in Order; Runestone Effects Possession


Earth God “Rhapsody of Creation – Kingu” can activate “Tricks of Runes” upon 7 CD:


  1. Turn all Runestones into Enchanted Runestones.
  2. Arrange 6 types of Runestones in different columns.
    • Random arrangement for the 6th Runestone onwards.
  3. For 1 Round, all Attributive Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Attributive Runestones.



【Tricks of Runes】


  •  Skill Buffs in Version 19.0

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In version 19.0, many characters will have skill buffs, including specific sealed lords, Yuanshi Tianzun, Tongtian Jiaozhu, Primal Deities, Imperiality of Egypt, Twelve Zodiacs, etc.


  • “Tower of Saviors x Sprite” Crossover Characters! 


The crossover characters of “Tower of Saviors x Sprite”, “Swaggy Breaker – Pupuro” & “Dope B-boy – Haza” will be released in 2 crossover stages in the Lost Relic from 20 Apr (Mon) – 3 May (Sun). When you complete the stage each time, you can get a relevant character. 


  • New Recovery Items!


Upon 19.0 version, a series of new recovery items will be available: Stamina Potion, Spirit Potion and Vigor Potion, which can bring you full recovery. These potions can be put into “items” without expiry date! Also, “Tower of Saviors x Sprite” crossover will also introduce “Sprite” as a recovery item, which replenishes 50 Stamina each.


How to Get Recovery Items
04-20 – 04-26 Login Reward Sprite x2
04-20 – 05-03 1st clearance of “Sprite” crossover stages (2 stages) Sprite x2
04-20 – 05-03 Trade Fortress Sprite x3
04-21 Login Reward Stamina Potion
04-22 Login Reward Spirit Potion
04-23 Login Reward Vigor Potion
04-27 – 05-03 Login Reward Sprite x2
v19.0 Soul Exchange Stamina Potion x2
v19.0 Soul Exchange Vigor Potion x5

**All relevant events & rewards of “Sprite” are Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan exclusive only.


  •  Skill Demo of “No. 8299 – Leonard”!

In this demo, “No. 8299 – Leonard” leads water members to battle with his signature skill!



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