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Tower of Saviors “Jersey Devil” Joint Operation! New Character “Advanced Bravotron – Doro”!


Into the first week of v19.0 of Tower of Saviors, “Earthlings” have intensified the warfare in the realm, while “Unexplored Evilness – Jersey Devil” is setting up the Joint Operation “To the Cursed Land”! Besides, “Advanced Bravotron – Doro” will be rewarded for those who beat the 10th Sealed Lord.

  •  New Joint Operation ── To the Cursed Land


Unexplored Evilness – Jersey Devil” will set up the new Joint Operation “To the Cursed Land” next mon with layers of challenge!

  •   Demonic Violence” ── Beast, Elf & Dragon Hunt; Turn into Water Demon Runestones


Water Demon “Unexplored Evilness – Jersey Devil” can activate “Demonic Violence” upon 6 CD:

For 1 Round:

I. Damage dealt on Beast, Elf and Dragon enemies by the Monster x 4 additionally.

II. Turn Fire Runestones into Water Demon Runestones at the end of the Round.

III. If an enemy is defeated, the number of Rounds with the Skill staying in play will not reduce.

  •  Complete Joint Operation in Specific Times to Get Rare Outfit!



  • New Character “Advanced Bravotron – Doro”!


It’s rumored that the 10th Sealed Lord is preparing an ultimate stage that will be coming in months! The new character “Advanced Bravotron – Doro” can be your good force to beat the 10th Sealed Lord. Once you complete the 10th seal, Advanced Bravotron – Doro” (Max Skill Lv) will be rewarded.

  • Extermination of Beam & Gloom” ── Explode Light & Dark Runestones; Generate Water, Fire, Earth & Heart Runestones; Disregard Combo Shield; Extra Attacks


Earth Machina “Advanced Bravotron – Doro” can activate “Extermination of Beam & Gloom” upon 6 CD:

I. Explode Light and Dark Runestones to generate Water, Fire, Earth and Heart Runestones.

For 1 Round:

II. By dissolving the same number of groups of Water, Fire and Earth Runestones, Damage will be dealt regardless of Combo Shield.

III. When all Machinas in the Team have 100% Fuel, each Member launches an extra attack.

  •  New Bi-Weekly Series ── “Life of Brats”


New Bi-weekly series “Life of Brats” will be coming out next mon. The first leading character will be Water Elf “Spraypaint of Dream – Chloe”. Team Skill of the “Life of Brats”:

For every Monster of “Life of Brats” present in the Team, Active Skill CDs of 5* Elves and 5* Demons -1 after entering a Stage, to the max -4. Condition: There is a Monster of “Life of Brats” in the Team.


“Spraypaint of Dream – Chloe” can activate “Spray Painting” upon 6 CD:

For 1 Round:

I.  Turn the first 6 Runestones touched while moving into Water Elf Runestones.

II. Turn Water Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Water Runestones.



  •  Labor Day Login Rewards


Labor Day is coming. From 1 May – 3 May, login to get Stamina Potion x1 and Spirit Potion x2.


  •  Skill Demo of “Unexplored Evilness – Jersey Devil”!

“Unexplored Evilness – Jersey Devil” in this demo teams up with water members to hunt beasts with its skill “Demonic Violence”!


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