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Tower of Saviors “Descendants of the North” Awakening Recall! “Lion-Dragon Hybrid – Ushumgallu” Tournament of Duels!




The 4th Tournament of Duels is coming to the version 19.0 of Tower of Saviors! Very soon, you will be battling “Lion-Dragon Hybrid – Ushumgallu” on the tournament stage! In addition, “Descendants of the North” characters will be receiving “Awakening Recall” power!


  •  4th Tournament of Duels: Offspring of the Primordial Deity




The 4th Tournament of Duels will be held on 13 May! During the 9-day event, Summoners will battle with other teams starting from Round of 16! “Points” will be given based on the battle level and your performance. Earn more “Points” to get more rewards!


  •  Advance to Obtain “Points”!


Summoners can participate in a battle by consuming Spirit! Use the shortest rounds and battle time to defeat the enemy! “Points” will be given based on your performance. Successful completion of “Quarter Final”, “Semi Final” & “Final” can get extra “Points” for recognition!


Completion Extra “Points”
“Quarter Final” +2000
“Semi Final” +4000
“Final”  +6000



  • Redeem New Character “Lion-Dragon Hybrid – Ushumgallu” with “Points”!




Summoner can redeem various valuables with their “Points”, including “Harpy”, “Silver Madhead” & the new character “Lion-Dragon Hybrid – Ushumgallu”. “Sun Chaser – Kuafu” will be returning as well, with 11 redemption quotas! Besides, you can redeem “Gift of Valiancy” with 4000 Points once, which may grant you “Shedu”!


  • Ushumgallu “Billows of the Giant Dragon”




The Active Skill “Billows of the Giant Dragon” of Ushumgallu the Water Dragon can be activated in 6 CD: 

  1. If the Monster is in the 3 columns on the left, turn the 3 columns into Water Dragon, Heart Dragon and Water Dragon Runestones respectively.
  2. If the Monster is in the 3 columns on the right, turn the 3 columns into Enchanted Water, Enchanted Fire and Enchanted Earth Runestones respectively.


  •  “Descendants of the North” Awakening Recall Coming Soon!




At 4 p.m. on 11 May (Mon), “Awakening Recall” option will be opened for “Descendants of the North” characters! Fulfill the following conditions to activate “Awakening Recall” power: Level up the Power Released “Descendants of the North” characters to All Max, clear the Extra floor of the relevant Story Mode and collect all the required pieces. The AR Monsters will have a stat increase and a new Passive Skill!


  • Swedge: HP Recovery




  • Heimdallr: Active Skill CD Reduction




  • Vali: Turn God Runestones; Recovery Boost




  • Modi & Magni: Monster Attack Boost




  • Norvi: Turn Enchanted Dark & Enchanted Dark God Runestones




  • “Life of Brats” —— Art in Destroy – Perrie




“Art in Destroy – Perrie” from “Life of Brats” series will be bringing the new Biweekly stage into the realm next Monday! “Perrie” has the same CD-reducing Team Skill like the other “Life of Brats” characters.




The Active Skill “Aim at the Target” of “Art in Destroy – Perrie” the Earth Demon can be activated in 5 CD: Tap a Runestone as the centre of “3×3” explosion; After Skill activation, there is a 80% chance that the Skill may be ready for reactivation immediately. (at most three times of activation each Round)


  •  Skill Demo of “Lion-Dragon Hybrid – Ushumgallu”


In the video, “Ushumgallu” will be teaming up with “Cang Bi” and tackle “Water Element Shield” and “Enchanted Trio Shield” with its Active Skill!


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