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Tower of Saviors “Sun Ce” & “Zhurong” Power Release! Ultimate Stage “Lust of Arcus – Valanthe”!

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The Imperial Warlords are getting the final batch of Power Release and AME soon, including the jackpot of Blue Army “Sun Ce” and the rebel “Zhurong”! Besides, “Lust of Arcus – Valanthe” will be setting up the ultimate stage “Boundary-crossing Lust”!


● The Last Power Release of Imperial Warlords


The final Power Release and AME of Imperial Warlords will be available at 4pm (GMT+8), 18 May (Mon)! This time the PR characters include Blue Army and Rebel Army ── Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Qiao Sisters, Zhurong and Meng Huo! The PR has boosted their power; Red Army and Green Army also got their extra team skill to make the 4 army balance in terms of strength. Each army has its own characteristics and team skills.


● Extra Team Skill for Red Army: Disregard Stickiness


● Extra Team Skill for Green Army: Extra Attacks


● Team Skills of Blue Army: HP, Recovery & Attack Up; Attack Up


● Team Skills of Rebel Army: Rebel Members CD-2; Disregard Enemy Defense


● Power Release of Blue Army


● Sun Ce’s Leader Skill


After Power Release, the leader skill of “Sun Ce” will be upgraded to “Greatness of the Warlord – Ultimate”:

I. Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 1 second.
II. When the Team consists of only Water Humans:
⓵ Team Attack x 6; HP & Recovery x 1.3.
⓶ Total Combo count +1 for each group of Runestones dissolved
⓷ By dissolving ≥2 groups of ≥4 Runestones in the first batch, Team Attack x 2.25 additionally.
⓸ Attributive Runestones can only be dissolved by grouping 4 or more of them.
⓹ Heart Runestones can be dissolved by aligning 2 or more of them.

●  Sun Ce’s Team Skill


Apart from the team skill of Blue Army, when using Sun Ce as leader and ally, other Runestones also possess 50% effect of Water Runestones to boost his attack!

● Active Skill “Strike of the Warlord – EX”


The active skill CDs will be reduced to 8 CD:

I. Explode all Weathered and Electrified Runestones.
II. Turn Water Runestones into Enchanted Human Runestones.
For 1 Round:
III. Unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving.
IV. The more Combos made, the higher the Monster’s Attack, to the max x 15 for 10 Combos.

● Sun Quan” & “Qiao Sisters” to Form Water & Light Team



“Impenetrable Alliance – Sun Quan” & “Romantic Blossoms – Qiao Sisters” can form Water and Light team to fight. Their leader skills “Billowing Power of Alliance – EX” & “Safeguarding Power of Alliance – EX” can pair up to obtain damage reduction and attack booster effect.

● Team Skills of “Sun Quan” & “Qiao Sisters”


When using “Impenetrable Alliance – Sun Quan” & “Romantic Blossoms – Qiao Sisters” as leader and ally, water and light runestones have the effect of possession of each other; and heart runestones also have the effect of light and water.

● Sun Quan “Shimmer of Watery Moon – EX


After Power Release, Sun Quan can activate “Shimmer of Watery Moon – EX” upon CD 7:

I. Turn the column below the Leader into Enchanted Water Runestones.
II. Turn the column below the Ally into Enchanted Light Runestones.

For 1 Round:
III. Each Water Monster launches an extra Light attack.
IV. Each Light Monster launches an extra Water attack.
V. If the Team consists of only Water and Light Monsters,
⇒ each Monster launches an extra Light attack and an extra Water attack.

● Qiao Sisters “Water & Light Conjuring Spell”


“Qiao Sisters” can activate “Water & Light Conjuring Spell” upon 3 CD:

Upon Skill activation and at the beginning of next Round, turn 10 non-Water and non-Light Runestones into 5 Enchanted Water Human and 5 Enchanted Light Human Runestones.

●  “Zhurong” & “Meng Hup” Power Release!


Leader Skill of Zhurong


“Reaper of Wrath – Zhurong” has the leader skill “Flames of the Heroine – EX”:

I. When there are 3 or more Attributes in the Team:
⓵ Team Attack x 3.5.
⓶ Fire Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Runestones.
II. When there are 3 or more Humans in the Team:
⓵ Human Attack x 3.5; HP & Recovery x 1.3.

● Team Skill of Zhurong


Apart from the team skills of Rebel Army, when using “Reaper of Wrath – Zhurong” as Leader & Ally, Enchanted Fire Human Runestones will be turned into according to the number of human member in the team after dissolving Fire Runestones in the 1st batch. When the team has “Reaper of Wrath – Zhurong” and “Afire Love – Meng Huo” as members, CDs of “Afire Love – Meng Huo” -3.

● Zhurong “Force of the Heroine – EX”


“Reaper of Wrath – Zhurong” can activate “Force of the Heroine – EX” upon CD 5:

I. 1 force point can be obtained for every 3 types of Runestones dissolved, to the max 10 force points in accumulation.

For 1 Round:
II. The more the force points accumulated, the higher the Monster’s Attack, to the max x 10.
III. For each force point, turn 3 Runestones into Enchanted Human Runestones, to the max 30 Runestones.
IV. When the Monster has 10 force points upon Skill activation, the Monster’s Damage will be dealt regardless of Puzzle Shield and enemies’ Defense.

Force points -50% after Skill activation.

● Meng Huo “Aspiration of Flames – EX”


Working with the team skill of “Reaper of Wrath – Zhurong”, “Meng Huo” can activate “Aspiration of Flames – EX” upon 5 CD at his best:

I. Turn all Runestones into Enchanted Fire Human Runestones and Enchanted Human Runestones of 2 other Attributes (Team Members’ Attributes rank first in priority).
II. For 1 Round, other Runestones also possess the effect of Fire Runestones.

● Ultimate Stage “Boundary-crossing Lust”


Water Elf “Lust of Arcus – Valanthe” will set up the ultimate stage “Boundary-crossing Lust” at 10pm, 22 May (Fri)! She will be joining “No. 1125 – Zack” & “Siren Spear – Denise” to battle Summoners!

● Valanthe “Mask of Toughness”


“Lust of Arcus – Valanthe” can activate “Mask of Toughness” upon 6 CD:

For 2 Rounds:
I. The Monster’s Attack x 3.
II. If an enemy is defeated, the number of Rounds with the Skill staying in play will not reduce.
III. When all Members have the same Recovery basic value, Attack of neighboring Elves x 3.

●  “Buzzer of Cacophony – Yvonne” from Life of Brats


The 4th character of “Life of Brats” series “Buzzer of Cacophony – Yvonne” will be released next mon! Light “Buzzer of Cacophony – Yvonne” can activate “Lights of Noise” upon 6 CD:

I. Turn the lower 4 Runestones in the columns below the Leader and Ally into Enchanted Light Runestones.
II. CDs of all enemies will be delayed for 1 Round.


●  “Sun Ce” Skill Demo

The Imperial Warlords are getting the final batch of Power Release and AME at 4pm, 18 May (Mon) (GMT+8). In this demo, “Unbending Aspiration – Sun Ce” will takke “Impenetrable Alliance – Sun Quan” and water human team to defeat the enemies with his skill.



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