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Nightmare Stage “Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler”! New Series “Gods & Demons” Coming Soon!

Nightmare Stage “Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler”!

New Series “Gods & Demons” Coming Soon!


“Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler” will create the Nightmare Stage “The Pacifier Demon” next Thurs! Besides, new version 19.3 “Universe-flipping Clash” will be released on 31 Aug (Mon) with the guild mission “Bouncy Water Carnival” coming next day.

● Nightmare Stage “The Pacifier Demon”


At 10 p.m, 27 Aug (Thurs), the realm will be shrouded in darkness, which marks the dawn of the powerful “Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler”. The Nightmare Stage “The Pacifier Demon” is ready to put Summoners into a great danger.


In the Nightmare Stage “The Pacifier Demon”, when you move, Runestones on the screen will be shrouded in darkness. Summoners need to fight the enemies with limited sight. During the darkness, “Switching” or “Combination” cannot be performed.

●  Leader Skill of “Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler”: “Darkness”


Dark Demon “Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler” has the leader skill “Darkness” to lead Demon team with boosted attack, HP and Recovery; Dark and Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Runestones.

  Team Skill of “Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler”


When using “Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler” as a member, if the enemy skill “Confinement” is in play, the power of “Chandler” will be triggered to extend Runestone-moving time to 20 seconds; and “Chandler” Attack x3.

● Active Skill “Crimson Requiem”


“Highest Ranking Demon – Chandler” can activate “Crimson Requiem” upon 8 CD to ignite all enemies to change their Attribute into Fire; Deal Fire Damage as much as 200x the Character’s Attack to all enemies each Round until defeated. When the effect is in play,

Defense of affected enemies becomes 0;

The Character’s Damage will be dealt regardless of enemies’ specific damage-reducing resistance.

Eg: In the first Round, the enemy explodes all X Runestones to increase its Attack onwards, and clear the power gathered in the Craft Apparatus to decrease its Damage received onwards.
The enemy starts with a Damage-reducing effect of -100%. The more the enemy attacks, the lower its Damage-reducing effect.

【Examples of damage-reducing resistance】

●  New Dawn of “Gods & Demons” Series! 


Evolutions make Eldus the supreme species with unlimited wisdom among all creatures. They possess lofty ideals to protect the universe at all costs. Demons, however, are the aliens born from the fused power of destruction and creation. In the form of embryos, they traverse the universe and evolve by extracting superior life sequences from living creatures.

When these two species encounter each other, how will fate continue?


In version 19.3, “Universe-flipping Clash” will be coming into TOS on 31 Aug (Mon). Characters of “Gods & Demons” are ascending to the realm and about to declare a racial war between them. Summoners can draw the characters in the Diamond Seal “Judgement Table”!

First we will introduce the new characters “Life Decoding – Manungal” and “Burrower of Violence – Shudde M’ell” for you all. As for rare characters of “Gods & Demons” series, stay tuned for next week!

● ”Life Decoding – Manungal” ── Monument of Life


Water God “Manungal” can activate “Monument of Life” upon 5 CD:

I. Explode all Weakened, Frozen Runestones and the column below the Monster to generate Water Runestones.

For 1 Round,

II. Combo & Ex. Combo +3.

“Burrower of Violence – Shudde M’ell” ── Venom Corrosion


Dark Demon “Burrower of Violence – Shudde M’ell” can activate upon 6 CD:

For 1 Round,

I. Boss Skill “Sticky Runestones” will be nullified.

II. Dark Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Attributive Runestones.

●  “The Olden Stele” Part III  ── Story Mode “Marks of Newborn”


New Story Mode “Marks of Newborn” will be released at noon on next Mon. After the stories of “History of Earthlings”, this time “Marks of Newborn” will be led by “Cang Bi”, “Enkidu” and “Elpis”. Summoners are required to collect “Runes of Life” to proceed further.

● Arena “Brock” into Fire Attribute


Arena Trial coming back soon! When Summoner has reached a specific rank, “Birth of Magnificence – Brock” (Skill Lv. 10) will be rewarded. From 12 noon, 24 Aug (Mon), “Birth of Magnificence – Brock” can be evolved into Fire-Attribute “Scale of Combustion – Brock”.

● “Scale of Combustion – Brock” ── Dragonic Enchantment – Compliance


“Scale of Combustion – Brock” can activate upon 7 CD:

I. Turn Runestones as many as the accumulated Rounds +2 into Enchanted Dragon Runestones, 

to the max 20 Runestones (dissolving Runestones is necessary).

For 1 Round,

II. For every non-Leader Attribute of Runestones dissolved,

⇒ generate 5 Runestones of Leader’s Attribute,

⇒ to the max 20 Runestones for 4 Attributes dissolved.

● Guild Mission:Bouncy Water Carnival


“Summer Paradise – Eve” will bring Summoners a new guild mission “Bouncy Water Carnival” on 1 Sep (Tue). If you can collect enough “Drinks”, “Summer Paradise – Eve” and other rewards will be granted!

● Silhouette in the Sea ── 100% Drop Raiding Monsters


In the stage “Fair Lady on the Beach”, Summoner will have a chance to encounter raiding monsters “Hovering Wings – Phoenix”, “Silky Smooth – Soy Pudding”, “Celia the Rookie Chef” or “Melting Delight – Ice cream”. When you see them in the stage, it’ll be a guaranteed drop!

●   “Summer Paradise – Eve” ── Carnival of Light


Light Demon “Summer Paradise – Eve” can activate “Carnival of Light” upon 6 CD:

I. When both the Leader and Ally are “Origin of All Sins – Eve”, all “Origin of All Sins – Eve” gets 2 Forbidden Fruits. For 2 Rounds, II. Turn the bottom row into Enchanted Runestones. III. Light & Demon Attack x 2.

●   Collect “Drinks” to Get Scores


Each “Drink” can be exchanged into a specific guild score. With rare “Rink” you can even get 200 scores. Collect specific “Drink”, reach certain personal and guild scores, and you’ll be granted with wonderful rewards! Summoners who collected a set of 10 “Drinks” will receive a rare title!


Team up with Guild Members to Gather Scores!


● Bi-weekly Series “Oh My Youkai” Debuts!


Upon 19.3 version update, the new series “Oh My Youkai” will come to the bi-weekly stages! The first character is “Flattering Komainu – Furry”.

Water Beast “Flattering Komainu – Furry” can activate “Defrosting Fountain” upon 8 CD:

For 3 Rounds,

I. Frozen Runestones can be dissolved.

II. Beast & God Attack & Recovery x 2.

III. For every Beast or God Runestone dissolved,

⇒ Recover 3000 HP.

For Team Skill, when there are ≥2 “Oh My Youkai” in the Team, 

After entering a Stage,

Active Skill CD of “Oh My Youkai” Monsters – 8.



**All relevant events & rewards of “The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.

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 ©Nakaba Suzuki, KODANSHA/The Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath of the Gods Production Committee,TX

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