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Ultimate Stage “Helix of Contradictory – Vorvadoss” Debuts! Demonized “Resentment Awakening – Enlil”!

Ultimate Stage “Helix of Contradictory – Vorvadoss” Debuts!

Demonized “Resentment Awakening – Enlil”!

As the version 19.3 is ongoing, get prepared for the coming new story mode “Demons’ Territory” next week! Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with “Resentment Awakening – Enlil”. Besides, “Helix of Contradictory – Vorvadoss” will join the ultimate stage at 10pm next Fri!

●  Ultimate Stage: Kiss Goodbye

“Helix of Contradictory – Vorvadoss” will be coming to the realm at 10 pm, 11 Sep (Fri) to have a face-off with Summoners.

 Active Skill of “Vorvadoss” —— Burst of Despair

“Helix of Contradictory – Vorvadoss” can activate “Burst of Despair” upon 8 CD:

I. Explode all Runestones

⓵ to generate Earth Runestones in odd columns.

⓶ to generate Fire Runestones in even columns.

II. When the Team has only Demons,

⇒ turn all Runestones into Demon Runestones.

●  Challenge Stage “World Class Butler”

“Swallow-tailed Butler – Berkeley” will be here in the challenge stage “World Class Butler” on 7 Sep (Mon). Each time you complete “24/7 On Call – Lv 1”, you’ll be rewarded with “Swallow-tailed Butler – Berkeley” x1. When you complete Lv1, Lv2 & Lv3 for the first time, you can get “Madhead”, “Aqua Essence Soulstone” and “Harpy”.

  Active Skill of Berkeley —— Neat and Tidy

Water Human “Swallow-tailed Butler – Berkeley” can activate “Neat and Tidy” upon 7 CD:

For 1 Round,

I. Human Attack x 1.8.

II. Water Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Attributive Runestones.

III. If ≥10 Runestones of one type are dissolved, the Monster’s current Skill CD -6.

 “Resentment Awakening – Enlil” Debuts in New Story Mode “Demons’ Territory”!

New story mode “Demons’ Territory” will be available at 12 noon next mon. When you tap “The Traveler’s Memories” on the upper right corner of the main map, you can enter “Demons’ Territory” to collect “Alien Embryo” in the stages. When you complete the specific stage “Mother’s Power – Extra” each time, you can get “Resentment Awakening – Enlil” (Skill Lv. 1)  x1!

 Leader Skill of “Resentment Awakening – Enlil” —— Demonized Core

Fire Demon “Resentment Awakening – Enlil” has the leader skill “Demonized Core”:

When the Team has only Demons or Gods, and ≥4 Demons:

I. Team Attack x 6 & HP x 1.2.

II. Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 1 second.

III. The more the Runestones dissolved, 

⇒ the higher the Attack increases additionally, 

⇒ to the max x 2.6 for 20 Runestones.

●  Team Skill of “Resentment Awakening – Enlil”

When there are “Resentment Awakening – Enlil” and “Fire of Sagacity – Enlil” in the Team, damage dealt by “Resentment Awakening – Enlil” on Gods x 3 additionally.

●  Active Skill “Enchanted Overflow”

Fire Demon “Resentment Awakening – Enlil” can activate “Enchanted Overflow” upon 7 CD:

I. Randomly turn all Runestones into Enchanted Runestones of 5 Attributes.

For 1 Round,

II. The more Attributes of Runestones dissolved,

⇒ the higher the Attack of the Monster & “Fire of Sagacity – Enlil”,

⇒ to the max x 6.

III. If an enemy is defeated, 

⇒ turn the column below the Monster & “Fire of Sagacity – Enlil” into Enchanted Runestones of the Monster’s Attribute next Round.