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Letter to Summoners Sep 2020

Previous Letter to Summoners (Jun 2020)

Dear Summoners, 

Thank you for your support. 

The highlight of the changes this time is Summoner’s System. “Enoch” is a very special character that the team hopes to give players freedom to nurture Enoch’s stats and skills and invest more time into “Enoch”. As the first Summoner character for players, “Enoch” will be accompanying you throughout the journey.

Enoch plays an important role in the 11th Seal. We have spent the whole year preparing for the 11th Seal. Although we have yet disclosed the system of the Seal, we still hope that everyone will look forward to future updates.

From Jun 2020 to now, we’ve made the following adjustments:

Completed Tasks

1. Summoner’s System

– Players can select the active skills, stats and AME skills of Summoner freely

2. New Chatroom System

– New chatroom system has been launched

– System messages, Arena messages and private messages between players will be integrated into the chatroom system

– More stickers will be added

3. Rebuild the Existing Website System

– Boost network speed with CDN

– Rebuild MyCard payment system, serial-code website, TOS index, TOS check-up center

4. Reduce RAM Usage

– In average, RAM usage of boss stages in v19.1 reduced by 9% as compared to that of v18.4

Ongoing Tasks

1. New Game Mode

– New guild event mode

– New mini game in loading screen

Completed Tasks

(1.1) Summoner’s System

Summoner’s System was released to let players select Active Skills, stats and AME Skills for the 1st time. The production of the Summoner’s System involves many changes to the underlying code. We hope to bring you a refreshing experience in this new system.

Players can grow your own Summoner through specialization stages. Therefore, each Summoner is unique for every player.

(1.2) New Chatroom System

We have completed a new chatroom system. The chatroom with the new user interface not only retains all the functions of the original chatroom, but also adds a sticker function. Summoners can share walkthroughs, discuss, and communicate with other summoners on different chat channels.

In the future, system messages, Arena messages and private messages between players will be integrated into the chatroom system with many more stickers.

(1.3) Rebuild the Existing Website System

In order to make the system of TOS more secure, we have refactored several websites. The new system uses CDN to speed up the network. Players can connect to the TOS servers faster through backbone networks in different regions.

Rebuilt system includes:

The new MyCard payment system can detect errors automatically to prevent various errors that may be caused by network problems.

(1.4) Reduce RAM Usage

In order to cater to the various large-scale updates of the TOS in the future, we have been monitoring and optimizing the memory usage, and the following matters have greatly reduced the overall memory usage of the game.

After the game has been running for many years, old systems and resources are hoarded, causing the TOS to load data that is not needed in real time and consume memory. In response to this problem, we have developed a system to control loading and unloading procedures; we also processed some old data (such as game images and card data) by removing, uninstalling, and improving to avoid insufficient memory caused by playing for too long, thereby resulting in game crash. 

In addition, we have reduced the burden of game graphics on memory without affecting the quality of the game. First, we replaced part of the images with a system that is loaded on demand. At the same time, by changing the method of compressing images, the number of images loaded and the overall memory usage of the game are reduced.

According to the test, the average memory usage of the optimized 19.1 version of the last boss level is 615 MB, which is 57 MB (about 9%) lower than the 19.0 version; and in the main map of the TOS, even with the addition of new functions, the average memory usage remained at approximately 570 MB, which did not increase significantly.

2. Ongoing Tasks

(2.1) New Game Mode

We are developing new game modes, including a new guild mode and mini game during the loading screen.

In terms of the new guild mode, it is expected that the mode will allow guilds to cooperate with each other in the event. Guilds can participate freely. They need to use Golds to register and upgrade the guild positions, attack and defend against invading enemies and powerful World Boss.

Besides, we’re making a new mini game to replace the old one. It’s a simple game that players can enjoy during the loading time.

3. Game Data

(3.1) Hours of Issues

VersionHours of Issues
19.1~ 1 hr & 3 mins *
19.2~ 4 hrs & 10 mins **

v19.1 Issues (23 Jun 2020 – 19 Jul 2020) 

  • 24 Jun 2020,19:57 – 21:00  (~1 hr & 3 mins)

Facebook APP occurred with an error and APK version was unable to login via Facebook.

V19.2 Issues (20 Jul 2020 – 30 Aug 2020)

  • 10 Jul 2020 19:00 – 22:00 (~3 hrs)

Facebook SDK occurred with an error and iOS crashed.

  • 20 Jul 2020 13:00 – 13:20 (~20 mins)

Upon version 19.2, stages were unable to be completed due to server error. We fixed it in 20 mins.

  • 3 Aug 2020 13:00 – 13:50 (~50 mins)

On the day of version 19.22, #6 occurred between 13:00 – 13:50 due to server high load.

(3.2) Number of Known & Fixed Issues


Highlights on Fixed Issues

VersionHighlights on Fixed Issues
19.1Error in detecting position of Tournament of Duels entering from the main map The Light & Dark effect possession is missing in the Leader Skill of “Valorous Legend – Guan Yu” 
19.2The sorting of Coliseum Leaderboard occurs an errorCombined characters will not trigger the stat bonus of all CraftsDuplicated characters are wrongly counted in the CD reduction team skill effect of “Team Dai-Gurren Leader – Simon & GURREN LAGANN”, which shouldn’t be counted
19.3The calculation bonus of Treasure Ticket occurs an error after “Switching” in ColiseumWhen there are Petrified Runestones, using “Secret Treasure” that the Attack dealt regardless of enemy skill will trigger unusual damageThe Active Skill of Gloxinia cannot override Enchanted Shield

Highlights on Known Issues

VersionHighlights on Known Issues
19.1The attributive frames of monsters disappear upon the app update, which will be solved after restarting the gameWhen using Pandora team, the effect of fully charging Craft Apparatus will lose effect when the game is restarted during battle entrance
19.2Spiral power losses the effect to recover HP when exploding Heart RunestonesGame crash when activating the active skill of Cao GuojiuThe bgm of the craft disappears
19.3“Ultraman ORB” Team Skill loses the Calibur effectThe display of “Magic Circle of Elements” occurs an errorSome of the stages of the Void of the Realm crashed