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“EVANGELION:Ex In the (OTHER) World” Officially Released!

EVANGELION:Ex In the (OTHER) World” Officially Released!

EVA Test Type-01, Proto Type-00, Production Model-02 into the Realm!

New “Ancient Wars” Mode Featuring “The 6th Angel”!

The crossover between Tower of Saviors and Neon Genesis Evangelion, the famous japanese anime, will begin next monday. Version 19.4 “EVANGELION:Ex In the (OTHER) World” will be released upon the update. Characters of “Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal” will jump into the world of Tower of Saviors with EVAs. Also, “The 6th Angel” will be invading the realm soon. Summoners, brace yourselves!

● New Abilities: “EVA Sync Rate” & “A.T. Field”

“Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal” series will be available for Amelioration from the first day of the crossover.

The crossover will bring players a whole new experience by introducing “EVA Sync Rate” and “A.T. Field” into the game. The characters of “Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal” are all “EVA Pilots”, who’ll possess the special abilities of “EVA Sync Rate” and “A.T. Field” .

When Summoners use “EVA Pilots” to battle, all “EVA Pilots” will have 50% “Sync Rate” after entering the stage. You can increase the Sync Rate by dissolving Runestones of the characters’ attributes in their columns in the first batch. Each time when Team HP is deducted, the Sync Rate decreases. When the Sync Rate reaches 100%, it won’t be decreased even if the Team HP is deducted. “EVA Sync Rate” depends on “EVA Pilots”: If the Sync Rate is low, the Attack of “EVA Pilots” decreases. If the Sync Rate reaches a specific level, the Attack of “EVA Pilots” increases. If Sync Rate reaches 100%, not only will the Attack of the “EVA Pilots” increase significantly, but the damage of the characters will also be dealt regardless of enemies’ defense.

Besides, when specific “EVA Pilots” are used as Leader & Ally and there are more than 3 “EVA Pilots” in the team, “A.T. Field” will be granted to withstand a specific amount of enemies’ attacks. When specific “EVA Pilots” are used as Leader & Ally and your “A.T. Field” is in play, the Attack of “EVA Pilots” will be dealt regardless of enemies’ “A.T. Field”.

● New “Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal” Series Debut!

Secret Intelligence: Some “Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal” characters can be evolved into another form using the new rare material “Eidolon of Gods” later in the crossover period.

Apart from some characters’ skills introduced last week, we’ll tell you more about the skills of the rare characters “Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01”, “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02″ and “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00”. Rare characters can be equipped with their exclusive dragonware “Positron Cannon”, “Progressive Knife” and “Spear of Longinus”, which can be obtained by participating in several crossover events.

● Switching of “Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01”

“Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01” is the rarest character in “Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal” series. He might seem weak and shy, but he actually possesses an impressive potential of changing the world. When“Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01” is filled with urgent desires, it can be switched into “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken”.

● Leader Skill of “Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01” ── The Third Children

As the “Third Children”, “Shinji Ikari” has the following leader skill:

When the Team has only Gods and “EVA Pilots”, team attack, HP and Recovery will be boosted. Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of Attributive Runestones. For each Attribute of Runestones dissolved in the first batch, the Character launches an extra attack of that Attribute. When 3 or more groups of Runestones are dissolved, team Attack receives an extra boost. Damage dealt on God enemies will also increase.

●  Team Skill of “Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01”

The team skill of “Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01” grants the team an A.T. Field which can withstand 50,000 Damage. “A.T. Field” can tackle enemies’ damage,and combo attacks etc., providing the team with extra protection. After withstanding 50,000 Damage, the “A.T. Field” will disappear. Moreover, runestones also possess team skills, which allows the team to launch stronger attacks.Besides, “Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01” can solve the Petrified Runestones easily. Extending runestone-moving time by 2.5 seconds also makes the battles easier for the team.

When “Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01” is Leader and equipped with “Positron Cannon”, you can activate its ability by tapping on the fully charged Craft Apparatus (consumption: 1 activation of the Craft Apparatus) at the beginning of the battle: 

Restore all Runestones in black and white; For 1 Round, Runestone movement will not be stopped when an Electrified Runestone is touched; and the Attack of Leader will greatly increase regardless of the enemies’ defense.

● Active Skill “Can’t Escape!”

“Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01” can activate his active skill “Can’t Escape!”, increasing the Character’s Attack for 1 Round; Runestone-moving time will be extended to 25 seconds; His strong determination can restore the Frozen Runestones touched while moving to normal state; If there are ≥3 “EVA Pilots” in the Team, “A.T. Field” will be refreshed.

Refreshing “A.T. Field” means:

1. When your “A.T. Field” is deducted to 0 and disappears, “A.T. Field” can be refreshed to withstand max damage.

2. When your “A.T. Field” still remains, it will be refreshed to withstand max damage.

●  Switching into “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken”

“Shinji Ikari & EVA Test Type-01” can be changed into “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” through “Switching” to boost his Sync Rate limit to 400% and his current Sync Rate by 100%; Exploding the columns of “EVA Pilots” will generate Enchanted God Runestones of that Character’s Attribute. At the end of the Round, columns of “EVA Pilots” can be turned into Enchanted God Runestones of that Character’s Attribute.

●  Leader Skill of “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken”  ── “The Third Children – EX”

After switching, the leader skill of “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” will be changed into “The Third Children – EX” with even more powerful attacks. When the Craft Apparatus is disabled or its remaining times is 0, Team Attack x 2 additionally.

●  Dual EP Skills of “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken”  ── “A.T. Field Open” & “Firm Resolution” 

“Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” may activate the EP Skills of “A.T. Field Open” and “Firm Resolution” in the battles. For the skill “A.T. Field! Open!”, all Runestones and Petrified Runestones can be exploded to generate Enchanted Runestones of 5 Attributes. For 2 Rounds, the Character’s Attack x 3. By dissolving Attributive Runestones, the Character launches an extra Attack of that Attribute. By dissolving ≥3 Attributes of Runestones, the Character’s Damage will be dealt regardless of Puzzle Shield. If there are ≥3 “EVA Pilots” in the Team, “A.T. Field” will be refreshed.

For “Firm Resolution”, all Runestones can be restored to normal state. For 1 Round, 

Runestones can be moved around freely without dissolving. Enemies will be inactivated after attacking based on the Character’s “Sync Rate”.

●  Team Skill of “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken”

When the Sync Rate of “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” reaches 400%, there will be a 50% chance of activating one of the Character’s skills automatically each Round (EP will be consumed). Even if your EP is insufficient, the skill may still be activated at the expense of all EP. Show your enemies how powerful your character can be!

●  Leader Skill of “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” ── “The First Children”

As the “First Children”, when using “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” as Leader, Attack of Gods and “EVA Pilots” will be boosted with increased HP. “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” can also protect the team by reducing 35% Damage received and 60% for Damage received from Gods. The more the types of Runestones dissolved, the higher the Team Attack increases additionally.

●  Team Skill of “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00”

The Team Skill of “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” will grant you “A.T. Field”, “Runetone effect possession”, “Enchanted Runestones transformation” and “HP recovery” effects.

When you bring “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” and “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” to battle, “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” will be granted another skill “Please Give Me Wings”.

●  Active Skills of “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” ── “N2 Missile” & “Please Give Me Wings”

The taciturn “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” can activate her powerful active skill “N2 Missile” to restore all Runestones to normal state, explode all Runestones to generate Enchanted God Runestones, and deal 50 million Light Damage to all enemies regardless of Defense, Enchanted Runestone Shield and Fixed Combo Shield. For 1 round, God members launch an extra Light attack. However, due to the large amount of energy consumption,the Character’s Skill and attacks will be locked for 3 rounds. All Unlocking Skills will be nullified.

When “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” and “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” are in the team, bonus skill “Please Give Me Wings” will be given to “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00”. However, the power is so strong that it causes effects to both the player and the enemies (The skills can only be activated when the current EP of one of the “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” in the team ≥8): The skills of all “Rei Ayanami & EVA Proto Type-00” will be reset; the EP of the “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” with the lowest current EP in the team will be reduced to 0. At the same time, enemies’ Attack will be weakened and their defense becomes 0. Upon skill activation, all Runestones, Frozen Runestones and Petrified Runestones will be exploded to generate Enchanted Runestones of 5 Attributes in the rows. For 1 Round, Attacks could be launched only by “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken”; The Damage of “Shinji Ikari & Test Type-01 Awaken” will be dealt regardless of enemies’ Defense and Puzzle Shield. All Attributive Runestones also possess 200% effect of other Attributive Runestones.The distribution of Runestones upon the completion of moving Runestones will be recorded. The first batch of Runestones will drop as recorded, allowing more combos.

●  Leader Skill of “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02”  ── “The Second Children”

When using the brave “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02” as Leader, the Attack, HP & Recovery of Gods and “EVA Pilots” will be boosted. By dissolving Runestones of the Character’s Attribute in its column, the Character’s Attack increases additionally. The more the Fire Runestones dissolved, the higher the Fire Attack increases.

●  Team Skill of “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02″

As the “Second Children”, “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02″ also has the team skill “A.T. Field”. When using “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02″ as dual leaders, the effects of “Enchanted Fire Runestones transformation”, “Runestone-moving time extension”, “extra attacks” and “Burning damage reduction” will be granted. When “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02″ is put on the left of “The 9th Angel”, she will be changed into Dark Attribute.

● Active Skill  ── “Combat Mode”

“Asuka & EVA Production Model-02” can activate “Combat Mode” in the battles to turn all enemies into Earth attributes for 2 Rounds. Runestones of each type will be turned into Enchanted God Runestones. For 1 Round, the 10 Runestones to be dropped in the first batch will be Enchanted Fire Runestones. If there are ≥3 “EVA Pilots” in the Team, refresh “A.T. Field”.

●  “Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal” Skill Lv-up Material

When using “Pen Pen” as a skill level-up material for characters in the “Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal” series. Each “Pen Pen” increases 600 accumluated skill rounds of the character of “Neon Genesis Evangelion Diamond Seal”. Upon version 19.4 update, 60 “Pen Pen” will be put on sale in Trade Fortress to help Summoners boost their character skills!

●  New “Ancient Wars” Event  ── Battle! The 6th Angel Annihilation

The “Tower of Saviors” x “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (new theatrical ver.) crossover is also bringing a new mode, “Ancient Wars”, to the game. In “The 6th Angel Battle! The Annihilation Operation”, “The 6th Angel” will approach the realm to start a ferocious storm. “Ancient Wars” will be launched on 13 Oct at noon.

●  Prepare Actively for the War

The “Ancient Wars” can be divided into two phases, namely the Preparation Phase and the Battle Phase. The former allows summoners to get ready for the coming battles, such as enlisting, upgrading the settings and collecting spirits. The latter enables summoners to participate in “Defense” and “Attack” battles to win Merits for rewards redemption. 

Preparation Phase10/13 12:00 ~ 10/15 11:59
Battle Phase10/15 12:00 ~ 10/19 23:59
Settlement Phase10/20 00:00 ~ 10/22 23:59

●  Preparation Phase

A blue, gigantic octahedron is floating in the air and approaching the realmIt’s believed that the octahedron is “The 6th Angel”. Summoners must be well prepared for its destructive beams.

The first two days are for preparation, during which Presidents and Vice-presidents of guilds may consume golds to enlist their guild and upgrade various settings, including the Spirit Supply, Defense Boost and Strike Boost.  

●  Battle Phase

When “The 6th Angel” attacks the realm, you’ll enter the Battle Phase. All Summoners have to work together to “Attack” in order to diminish the HP of “The 6th Angel” and defeat it eventually. “The 6th Angel” will change its form and adjust its tactics during the battle according to its current HP. While starting an “Attack” battle,  guild members who have set up Guild Fortresses should beware of the pawns sent by “The 6th Angel”. You must enter the “Defense” battle to eliminate the pawns before your guild durability losses. When the durability becomes 0, you cannot join the “Defense” battle anymore and all upgrades of the Guild will be lost. By then you can only earn basic “Merits” by joining the “Attack” battle.

 How to Get “The 6th Angel”

When the total HP of “The 6th Angel” becomes 0, each time you complete the “Attack” battle, you can get “The 6th Angel” x1. Also you can redeem the character with “Merits” earned in the “Defense” battle.

When the battle phase ends, corresponding rewards will be given to all summoners according to the progress of the “Ancient Wars”. For those who can successfully protect their guilds, Black Key x 150 will be granted.

●  Virtual Rebirth of “The 6th Angel”

“The 6th Angel” has multiple forms for attack and defense. “The 6th Angel” is initially in its defense form, but through the power of the new rare material, it can be changed into “The 6th Angel – Counter Mode” or “The 6th Angel – Assault Mode” through “Virtual Rebirth”.

● Team Skill of “The 6th Angel”

No matter the forms, the Attack of “The 6th Angel” x3 additionally on “electrified” or “ignited” enemies.

● “The 6th Angel” ── Particle Beam

The defensive “The 6th Angel” can activate “Particle Beam” to randomly change Attributes of all Runestones and turn all non-Enchanted Runestones into Enchanted Runestones. For 1 Round, for each Enchanted Runestone turned, Damage received -5%, to the max -100%.

●  “The 6th Angel – Counter Mode” ──  Blazing Particle Beam

After Virtual Rebirth, “The 6th Angel – Counter Mode” can activate “Blazing Particle Beam”. Just like “Particle Beam”, it can turn non-Enchanted Runestones into Enchanted Runestones and cause severe damage to all enemies according to the number of Enchanted Runestones.  It can also ignite all enemies for 3 Rounds to collaborate with the team skill and launch stronger attacks.

● “The 6th Angel – Assault Mode” ── Charged Particle Beam

The skill “Charged Particle Beam” of “The 6th Angel – Assault Mode” is similar to “Blazing Particle Beam”, butthe effect “Ignited” will be changed to “electrified” instead. Players can decide to use either “The 6th Angel – Counter Mode” or “The 6th Angel – Assault Mode”  depending on battles.

**All relevant events & rewards of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”(new theatrical ver.) are exclusive to players in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Players in other regions will not be able to view and participate in the event above.