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Power Release “Ed the Innocent Necrophilia” Terror Stage!

Power Release “Ed the Innocent Necrophilia” Terror Stage!

Challenge Mission “Pucci the Heinous Criminal” Debuts! 

Tower of Saviors Version 19.4 has made its grand debut. Next week, “Ed the Malevolent Slaughterer” and “Pucci the Heinous Criminal” will shower summoners with crimes and sins. “Ed the Innocent Necrophilia” will be available for Power Release and challenge summoners with the Terror Stage “Blazing Ferocity”, and “Pucci the Heinous Criminal” will bring the Challenge Mission “The Raid of the Gentleman”.

  • Enhancing Ed’s Ability through Power Release!  

Dissecting brains and piercing through hearts have always excited “Ed the Innocent Necrophilia”. After countless nights of slaughtering, he can finally release his power with “Toothsome Pumpkin” and become “Ed the Malevolent Slaughterer” to enjoy the delight of torturing and killing, as well as the pleasure of being hunted down. After Power Release, “Ed the Malevolent Slaughterer” will set up the Terror Stage “Blazing Ferocity” at 10:00pm, Oct 22 (Thur) and play a brutal game with summoners.

  • “Ed the Malevolent Slaughterer” Leader Skill “Bloodlust Killing” – Pleasure of Killing Intensifies by 20 Times

“Ed the Malevolent Slaughterer” has been an avid fan of hunting and killing. Possessing the Leader Skill of “Bloodlust Killing”, his enemies will be spared when Combos of odd numbers are made in the first batch. But if Combos of even numbers are made, Team Attack x10. The more the enemies are defeated cumulatively, the higher the Attack (to the max x20). The enemies of Ed will have to endure the terror and the torture. 

  • Team Skill – HP, Attack, Recovery Up & “Abyss Assault”  

“Ed” has an intimate friend, “Sweet Bloodlust – Noah”. Sharing her interest in killing,  Ed decides to bring her along to his battles after his Power Release. As the two work closely together to perfect the art of torturing and killing, their HP, Attack and Recovery x1.8. For their convenience, “Noah” will change into Dark Attribute during battles. Her new active skill will boost the Attack of Dark members, making them a complementary duo.

  • Active Skill “Rages Unleash”

The ferocity of “Ed the Malevolent Slaughterer” reaches another level after Power Release. The bloodthirsty “Ed” can activate the skill of “Rages Unleash” to release his locked skills. For 1 Round, Ed’s Attack x 20 regardless of enemies’ Defense and Fixed Combo Shield. When “Ed” is unleashing his rages, no attacks could be launched by other Members.

  • Challenge Mission “The Raid of the Gentleman”

Another villain, “Pucci the Heinous Criminal”, will enter the realm of Tower of Saviors starting from Oct 24 (Sat) along with the Challenge Mission “The Raid of the Gentleman” (Vol.1, Vol.2, Finale). Every time summoners clear the floor “A Dexterous Theft” (Vol. 1/Vol.2), they will be rewarded with “Pucci the Heinous Criminal” x1. Summoners who complete “A Dexterous Theft” (both Vol. 1 and Vol.2) cumulatively for 5 times will obtain “Pucci the Heinous Criminal” (Skill Lv 8) x1. “Madhead”x1, “Delicate Desserts” and “Shadow Essence Soulstone” x1 will also be rewarded upon the first completion of Vol.1 and Vol.2 of the stage.

  • “Pucci the Heinous Criminal” Active Skill – Sinful Monologue

The Dark Machina “Pucci the Heinous Criminal” can activate the Active Skill of “Sinful Monologue”, during which “Pucci” will lock the Skill of other Member(s) whose Skill is currently activable to boost his own Attack & Recovery by 5 times. The Skill stays in play within the Wave.

  • New Bi-weekly Series – The 5th Angel Defense

“The 5th Angel” from the bi-weekly “Angel” series of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” (new theatrical ver.) will bring the stage “The 5th Angel Defense” into Tower of Saviors next Monday. “The 5th Angel”, with its crimson body, can activate the skill “Energy Whips” to turn the far left and far right columns into Enchanted Fire Runestones. For 1 Round, the Character launches 6 extra attacks as much as 50% of its own Attack.