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Ultimate Stage “The 10th Angel” Coming Soon!Horror Stage “The 9th Angel”!

Ultimate Stage “The 10th Angel” Coming Soon!

Horror Stage “The 9th Angel”!

During the crossover in the version 19.4, “The 10th Angel” and “The 9th Angel” will be invading next week in the ultimate stage and horror stage respectively. Summoners have to get ready for them at the same time.

●  Ultimate Stage: Penetrable Kill

The deadliest 10th Angel will descend into the realm at 10 p.m next Wed in the ultimate stage “Penetrable Kill” to have a face off with Summoners.

●  Team Skill of “The 10th Angel”

“The 10th Angel” not only has the strong power and A.T. Field as a protection, but also can switch to “The 10th Angel – Predator Mode”. When using “The 10th Angel” or “The 10th Angel – Predator Mode” as Leader and Ally and there are 3 or more “Angels” in the team, the team will acquire “A.T. Field”. After entering a stage, CD of “Angels” -5.

●  Leader Skill of “The 10th Angel” ── Attack of Angels

Light God “The 10th Angel” has the leader skill “Attack of Angels”:

When the Team has only Gods, God Attack x 6 & HP x 2. When Team HP is full, “Angels” Attack x 4 additionally.

● Active Skill ── Overpowered Assault

“The 10th Angel” can activate “Overpowered Assault” that for 1 Round, turn the first 6 Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Light God Runestones. Light Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Runestones. Recover HP for every God Runestone dissolved in the first batch.

“The 10th Angel” can switch to “The 10th Angel – Predator Mode” upon 8 CD. When switching, Skill CD of “Angels” other than “The 10th Angel” -8. Explode 18 fixed positions of Runestones in a cross shape to generate Enchanted God Runestones.

●  Leader Skill of “The 10th Angel – Predator Mode” ── Attack of Angels – EX

After switching, the leader skill of “The 10th Angel – Predator Mode” will be changed to “Attack of Angels – EX” that when “Angels” activate the Active Skill, fully recover HP.

●  Dual EP Skills ── “Overpowered Assault – EX” & “Penetrable Ray”

Upon Switching, full 18 EPs will be acquired. “The 10th Angel – Predator Mode” can activate EP Skills “Overpowered Assault – EX” & “Penetrable Ray” in battle.

For “Overpowered Assault – EX”, more Enchanted Light God Runestones will be turned into and Runestone effect possession will be boosted to 100%.

For “Penetrable Ray”, it increases the attack of “Angels”, launches extra attacks and the Character’s Damage will be dealt regardless of “Quintet Elemental Shield” in mono-god team.

● Horror Stage ── “Invade EVA Unit-03”

“The 9th Angel” will be raiding on 26 Oct (Mon)! This stage has a grading system. You can challenge the highest grade in the Horror Stage “Invade EVA Unit-03”. Complete the “The Valuable Sample” (Beginner) 5 times to get “The 9th Angel” (Skill Lv.5) x1. When you complete “The Valuable Sample” Horror Stage 5 times, “Eidolon of Gods” x1 will be granted.

●  Team Skill ── Change the Attribute of “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02”

When “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02” is on the left of “The 9th Angel”, “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02” will be changed into Dark Attribute.

●  Active Skill ── Infection Spread

Dark God “The 9th Angel” can activate “Infection Spread”to turn all Runestones into God Runestones. For 1 Round, the Attack of God Member on the left becomes 0. Add 3.5x the deducted Attack to the Character’s Attack. The Character’s Damage will be dealt regardless of enemies’ Defense. If the Member on the left is “Asuka & EVA Production Model-02”, the effect stays in play for 5 Rounds.

●  “Amaterasu” Halloween Outfit!


Halloween is coming soon. “Amaterasu” will dress up a new costume to join the Halloween party! When you complete the limited Halloween stage from 31 Oct (Sat) – 8 Nov (Sun), “Caution: Ghost in Area – Amaterasu” will be yours!

● Halloween Goodies ── Jarring Surprise Package


From 31 Oct (Sat) – 8 Nov (Sun), “Jarring Surprise Package” will be put on sale in Trade Fortress with 1031 Coins only!! You can get “Jade Rabbit the Elixir Pounder”, “Prime Millennium Shadow Soulstone”, “The Midnight Joker”, “Arcane Luster” and “Eternal Shadow Spirit” x2 respectively in the Package!

**All relevant events & rewards of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”(new theatrical ver.) are exclusive to players in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Players in other regions will not be able to view and participate in the event above.