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“The 11th Seal” Unveils!“Fountain of Wisdom – Atlantis” Power Release!“Giant of Hurricane – Typhon” Coming Soon!

“The 11th Seal” Unveils!

“Fountain of Wisdom – Atlantis” Power Release!

“Giant of Hurricane – Typhon” Coming Soon!

The limited Black-gold Character “Atlantis” will be available for Power Release! Besides, The main storyline of “The 11th Seal” will be unveiled at 12 noon on next Mon! “Enoch” will carry the mission of “Glauox” to continue the journey to save the mankind…

●  Black-Gold Character “Fountain of Wisdom – Atlantis” Power Release

“Fountain of Wisdom – Atlantis” will be available for Power Release at 12 noon, 10 Nov (Tue)! “Atlantis” could not accept the god power granted by “Athena” back then, resulting in a broken relationship. Now “Atlantis” has returned to his homeland and met another mysterious lady that resembles “Athena”. Will fate link “Atlantis” to a brand new relationship? 

● 【The Embrace of Wisdom Fountain】Drawing Machine ── Extra Rewards

To celebrate the PR of “Atlantis”, the Drawing Machine “The Embrace of Wisdom Fountain” will be open from 12 noon, 10 Nov (Tue) – 19 Nov (Thurs). When drawing in this limited drawing machine, fabulous rewards will be yours.

  10 Aqueous Free Draws ── 10 Free Draws!

During the event “The Embrace of Wisdom Fountain”, when you login for the 1st time, 10 free draws of “The Embrace of Wisdom Fountain” will be given instantly. You can immediately go for a 10-Seal Draw option to try your luck to get “Fountain of Wisdom – Atlantis”!

●  Leader Skill of “Tide of Wisdom – Atlantis” ── “Deep Notion of the Ocean – EX”

After Power Release, “Tide of Wisdom – Atlantis” has the leader skill “Deep Notion of the Ocean – EX”: 

When the Team has only Water Monsters:

I. Team Attack x 6.5 & HP x 1.5.

II. Recover 3% of total HP for each Water Runestone dissolved (affected by Combo bonus).

III. When Combos of odd numbers are made in the first batch,

⓵ Damage received -40%.

⓶ Damage of the Team will be dealt regardless of “Quintet Elemental Shield”.

IV. When Combos of even numbers are made in the first batch,

⇒ Team Attack x 2.5 additionally.

V. When ≥6 Combos are dissolved in the first batch,

⇒ Effects III & IV will be triggered.

Team Skill ── Attack Up; Regardless of Sticky Runestones; Immune to Electrified Runestones

*Fulfill the specific conditions to get the Team Skill above

● Dual Skills ── “Tide of Freedom” & “Stream of Wisdom”

“Tide of Wisdom – Atlantis” is equipped with dual skills “Tide of Freedom” & “Stream of Wisdom”.

For “Tide of Freedom”:

I. Unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving in 15 seconds.

For 1 Round,

II. Team Attack x 2.2.

III. If the Team has only Water Monsters,

⇒ Water Runestones can be dissolved singly or in groups of 2 or more.

⇒ The effect stays in play until 30 Water Runestones are dissolved.

For “Stream of Wisdom”:

Turn 5 to 8 Runestones into Enchanted Water Runestones (Heart Runestones rank first in priority).

● The 11th Seal ─ Encoh Swears to Protect

“The 11th Seal” requires “Enoch” as a team leader in order to enter the stages! After passing the stage “Dawn of Enoch – Extra” in story mode “Marks of Newborn”, “Enoch” will be rewarded.

“The 11th Seal” will be open at 12 noon, 9 Nov (Mon). In the story mode, Enoch has realized his own past and identity. He will do his best to protect everyone in the journey of the 11th Seal and tackle the difficulties ahead.

● Celebration of the 11th Seal

A series of celebration events will kick off alongside the 11th Seal so that every Summoner can share their joy into the new storyline.

●  Challenge Stage “Birth of Hurricane Giant”

“Giant of Hurricane – Typhon” will bring you a challenge mission “Birth of Hurricane Giant” on 11 Nov(Wed). When you complete “Banish to Abyss – Vol.1/2”, “Giant of Hurricane – Typhon” x 1 will be rewarded. After completing “Banish to Abyss – Vol.1/2” 5 times respectively, Giant of Hurricane – Typhon” (Skill Lv. 9) x1 and “Shedu” x1 will be rewarded. When you complete “Banish to Abyss – Vol.1/2” for the first time, a Craft material of your choice and a set of “Yummy Alpacas” will be granted.

● Active Skill of “Giant of Hurricane – Typhon” ── “Roar of Storm”

Earth Elf “Giant of Hurricane – Typhon” can activate “Roar of Storm” upon 7 CD:

For 2 Rounds,

I. Enemies’ Defense will be reduced to 0.

II. Damaged received -40%.

III. By dissolving all Earth Runestones in the first batch,

 God’s and Elf’s Damage will be dealt regardless of Puzzle Shield.

● Oh My Youkai Series ── Snowball Debuts

The 4th bi-weekly character of “Oh My Youkai” – “Fortune Beckoning – Snowball” will come out next mon. Light Beast “Fortune Beckoning – Snowball” can activate “Good Fortune” that for 3 Rounds, the more Races and Attributes in the Team,  the less the Damage received, to the max -88% for 5 Attributes and 6 Races in the Team.

When there are ≥2 “Oh My Youkai” in the Team, Active Skill CD of “Oh My Youkai” Monsters – 8 after entering a stage.

● One Day Limited ── Singles’ Day Gift Pack

Price: HKD $38 /TWD(Google) $150 / TWD(iOS) $170 / USD $4.99

On 11 Nov (Wed), “Singles’ Day Gift Pack” will be available on this particular day. Summoners can get the following materials with the best-value price!

Singles’ Day Gift Pack
Diamond x 11
Neon Crow x 1
Fluorescent Python x 1
Harpy x 1
The Demon Sword x 1
Light Essence Soulstone x 1
1,111 Souls
11,111 Friend Points
1,111,111 Coins