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Tower of Saviors Ultimate Stage “Maurice the Ringmaster”! Brand New Series “Charlouette the Magic Agency”! “Western Beasts” & “Mech Western Beasts” Exclusive Dragonwares!

Ultimate Stage “Maurice the Ringmaster”!

Brand New Series “Charlouette the Magic Agency”!

Western Beasts” & “Mech Western Beasts” Exclusive Dragonwares!

Next week, Tower of Saviors will bring you an important character of “Circus Wonder”: “Maurice the Ringmaster”! Also, “Western Beasts” & “Mech Western Beasts” Exclusive Dragonwares will be available for forging. “Mech Western Beasts” are going to create tough challenges to test your skill! And be ready for our brand new series “Charlouette the Magic Agency”!

● Ultimate Stage “Dismissed and Disciplined”

Maurice the Ringmaster will set up an ultimate stage “Dismissed and Disciplined” at 10pm, 20 Nov (Fri) to recruit talents who can pass this ultimate trial! Summoner, it’s time to prove your strength.

● Leader Skill “Circus Time”

Dark Demon “Maurice the Ringmaster” has the leader skill “Circus Time” that Demon & Elf Attack x 10 for 15 Rounds.

●  Team Skill of “Maurice the Ringmaster”

As a ringmaster of “Circus Wonder”, Maurice has a team skill that every time “Maurice the Ringmaster” activates the Skill, current Skill CD of “Circus Wonder” series -6.

● Active Skill “Bravo Show”

“Maurice the Ringmaster” can activate “Bravo Show” upon 7 CD:

For 1 Round,

I. Boss Skill “Burning” (excluding “Hellfire”) will be nullified.

II. Boss Skill “Sticky Runestones” will be nullified.

III. Leader, Ally, “Maurice the Ringmaster” & “Circus Wonder” series,

⇒ Attack x 3.5.

● Trade Fortress “Tunestone” —— New Character “Strings of Glamour – Violin”

New character “Strings of Glamour – Violin” from “Elemental Instruments” will be released on 16 Nov (Mon). Summoners can use specific Tunestone to redeem “Strings of Glamour – Violin”! When using Fire God “Strings of Glamour – Violin” as Leader or Member, 1 extra Tunestone will be given upon the completion of a 10th Seal Stage.

“Strings of Glamour – Violin” can activate “Ablaze Tune” in the battle:

I. Turn Fire and Heart Runestones into Enchanted God Runestones.

For 1 Round,

II. Fire & God Attack & Recovery x 1.8.

III. By dissolving ≥5 types of Runestones in the first batch,

⇒ the Monster’s Skill CD -5.

● Arena “Chris” Evolves into Dark Attribute

Arena Trial is coming back again! When you reach a certain rank, “Machine of Future – Chris” (Skill Lv.10) will be granted! From 12 noon, 16 Nov (Mon), “Machine of Future – Chris” can be evolved into dark-attribute “Skycracking Cross – Chris”.

●   “Skycracking Cross – Chris” ── Gloomy Pursuit

Dark Elf “Skycracking Cross – Chris” can activate “Gloomy Pursuit”:

I. Turn 12 Runestones into Enchanted Elf Runestones (non-Race Runestones rank first in priority).

For 1 Round,

II. The Monster’s Attack becomes 0.

III. The Member on the left launches 6 extra attacks.

●  “Western Beasts” & “Mech Western Beasts” Exclusive Dragonwares!

Exclusive Dragonwares for “Western Beasts” & “Mech Western Beasts” will be available for forging at 4pm, 16 Nov (Mon)! 6-star Monster of “Western Beasts” & “Mech Western Beasts” equipped with the exclusive dragonware can boost their HP and Attack, also with the attack multiplier effect.

●  “Exotic Armored Beasts” ── Beast-Limited Challenge

“Mech Western Beasts” will set up the challenge “Exotic Armored Beasts” on 16 Nov (Mon)! Only Beasts can enter the stage to take this fight! Let’s see if you can overcome the obstacles ahead.

●   New Series “Charlouette the Magic Agency”

In Early Iron Age, demons flocked to climb the Enochian Tower to extract its power. Brave heroes of humans, “Grand Sage Molly” and “Sean” the Swordsman stood forward to defend the tower and seal the power. Since then, the war has ceased and the world has become peaceful. Humans take this chance to assemble their forces. Tawil established a magic organization named Starmage to maintain the order of the realm. Magic agencies were there to solve quests of all sorts. Among the magic agencies, “Charlouette” consists of outstanding fellows of different races thanks to the leadership of Tawil. One day, Tawil however had gone missing, which made her son Enoch to succeed the position of the principal…

Version 19.5 “In the Name of Charlouette” will debut on 23 Nov (Mon). Members of “Charlouette” will be added into the realm. Summoners can bring these new characters into inventory by drawing in the “Formula of Elements”.

First, we will introduce “Blossoming Apothecary – Xilocient”, “Cerulean Illusion – Mephibo” and “Sobering Chimes – Qingxia. Rare characters will be revealed next week.

●   “Blossoming Apothecary – Xilocient” ── “Charm of Earth”

Earth Elf “Blossoming Apothecary – Xilocient” can activate “Charm of Earth”:

For 2 Rounds,

I. Earth Monsters & Elves

⇒ Attack & Recovery x 1.8.

II. When all Members have the same Recovery basic value,

⓵ Extend Runestone-moving time by 4 seconds.

⓶ Runestone movement will not be stopped when an Electrified Runestone is touched.

III. If an enemy is defeated,

⇒ the number of Rounds that the Skill staying in play will not reduce.

●  “Cerulean Illusion – Mephibo” ── “Bloodline of Demon & Human”

Water Demon “Cerulean Illusion – Mephibo” can activate “Bloodline of Demon & Human”:

I. Explode all Runestones to generate:

⓵ Demon Runestones in the columns below Demon Monsters;

⓶ Human Runestones in the columns below Human Monsters.

For 1 Round,

II. The Character’s Attack becomes 0.

III. Damage received will become 100 (applicable to Boss Skills deducting a specific % of Summoner’s HP such as “Bloody Scythe” and “Fatal Blow”).

●  “Sobering Chimes – Qingxia” ── “Divinity of Elements”

Light God “Sobering Chimes – Qingxia” can activate “Divinity of Elements”:

For 1 Round,

I. Unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving.

II. By dissolving Attributive Runestones, the Monster, “Enoch”, “Charlouette the Magic Agency” and “The Eight Xian” launch an extra attack of the corresponding Attribute as much as 50% of its own Attack.

● Team Skill of “Sobering Chimes – Qingxia”

“Sobering Chimes – Qingxia” is good at dealing with Elves and Demons. When using “Qingxia” as a member, damage dealt by “Qingxia” on Elves and Demons x2 additionally.