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“Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray” Power Release!Joint Operation “Pazuzu”!

“Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray” Power Release!

Joint Operation “Pazuzu”!

Next week, “Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray” will be available for Power Release! It’s time to experience the stronger 8* monsters of “Immortal Heroic Spirits”! Also, “Havoc of Thunderstorm – Pazuzu” will set up the Joint Operation “Unforeseen Calamity”!

●  “Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray” Power Release

“Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray” Power Release will be available for power release at noon, 7 Dec (Mon) with enhanced power to help you fight different battles!

●  Immortal Heroes ── “Axe of Doom – Beowulf” & “Rising From Ashes – Achilles”

Upon power release, the skill CD of “Beowulf” and “Achilles” will be reduced dramatically from 12 to 8. We add an extra attack of the monster’s attribute for all members on top of the original skills.

● Immortal Heroes ──  “Thorns of Ambivalence – Diarmuid”

“Thorns of Ambivalence – Diarmuid” can activate “Earth Outburst” upon CD 5:

I. Turn Heart Runestones into Enchanted Earth Runestones.

II. Turn Weakened and Electrified Runestones into Enchanted Earth Demon Runestones.

● Immortal Heroes ──  “Sworded Samurai – Minamoto no Yoshitsune”

Upon power release, “Sworded Samurai – Minamoto no Yoshitsune” can activate “Triple Enchantment” upon 5 CD:

I. Turn Heart Runestones into Enchanted Light Runestones.

II. Turn Dark Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones.

III. Turn Earth Runestones into Enchanted Water Runestones.

● Immortal Heroes ──  “Battlefield Dominator – Lü Bu”

Upon power release, “Battlefield Dominator – Lü Bu” can activate “Death Blow” upon 8 CD without consuming self HP:

I. If enemy’s HP ≤15%,

⇒ instantly kill.

II. If enemy’s HP >15%,

⇒ deduct 40% of the enemy’s current HP.

● Minds of the Fray ──  “Indigo Feathers – Scrubia”, “Graceful Shield Dancer – Thetis” & “Lü Lingshuang the Horrid Chariot”

The active skills of “Indigo Feathers – Scrubia”, “Graceful Shield Dancer – Thetis” & “Lü Lingshuang the Horrid Chariot” will be upgraded to “Wrath of Demons”:

I. Turn 2 random columns into Demon Runestones of the Monster’s attribute.

For 1 Round,

II. The Attack of Leader and Ally x 3.

● Minds of the Fray ── “Spiky Aroma – Amor & Celos”

“Spiky Aroma – Amor & Celos” can activate “Rosa Double-hit – EX” upon CD 6:

For 3 Rounds, 

I. Turn the column below the Monster into Enchanted Runestones.

II. The Monster launches an extra Earth attack.

● Minds of the Fray ── “Masterful Blades – Imanotsurugi & Usumidori”

Upon power release, “Masterful Blades – Imanotsurugi & Usumidori” can activate “Last Trick – EX” upon 8 CD:

For 2 Rounds,

I. Turn the first Runestone in each column into Race Runestones of the Monster in that column.

II. Deduct 15% of total HP each Round.

III. Inactivate all enemies.

The effect will be cancelled when HP becomes 15% or lower.

●   Team Skill of PR “Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray”

Upon power release, when using “Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray” (same attribute) as members, the first of them on the left will have CD reduction! For “Thorns of Ambivalence – Diarmuid” and “Spiky Aroma – Amor & Celos”, CD -3 after entering a stage while CD -5 for others.

●  Combination of “Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray”

When PR “Immortal Heroes” & PR “Minds of the Fray” of the same attribute are next to each other, they can be combined:

For 1 Round,

I. Attack of the Combined Monster x 1.5.

II. 5% of Damage dealt to enemies by the Combined Monster will be converted to HP Recovery (Damage dealt by Active Skills will not trigger the effect),

⇒ to the max 100% of total HP Recovery.

● Immortal Heroic Spirits

Upon combination, 8-star “Immortal Heroic Spirits” will be formed to bring the characteristics of “Immortal Heroes” & “Minds of the Fray” into full play on the skill level.

● Immortal Heroic Spirits ──  “Mighty Oceanic Axe – Beowulf”

●  Immortal Heroic Spirits ── “Impenetrable Armor – Achilles”

●  Immortal Heroic Spirits ── “Bloom amid the Thorns – Diarmuid”

*”Bloom amid the Thorns – Diarmuid” (Combined) will only turn the left column into Enchanted Demon Runestone

●  Immortal Heroic Spirits ── “Unified Blades – Minamoto no Yoshitsune”

*“Unified Blades – Minamoto no Yoshitsune” (Combined) will only turn the 1st runestone on the left column into Enchanted Demon Runestone

● Immortal Heroic Spirits ── “Steerer of the Wind – Lü Bu”

● Immortal Heroic Spirits ── Team Skill

When using 8* “Immortal Heroic Spirits” in the battle, the character will launch an extra attack as much as 30% of the own attack every Round. Also, “Immortal Heroic Spirits” can deal additional damage on different races of enemies.

Mighty Oceanic Axe – BeowulfThe Monster’s Damage dealt on Dragons and Machinas x 3 additionally
Impenetrable Armor – AchillesThe Monster’s Damage dealt on Gods and Machinas x 3 additionally
Bloom amid the Thorns – DiarmuidThe Monster’s Damage dealt on Beasts and Machinas x 3 additionally
Unified Blades – Minamoto no YoshitsuneThe Monster’s Damage dealt on Elves and Machinas x 3 additionally
Steerer of the Wind – Lü BuThe Monster’s Damage dealt on Humans and Machinas x 3 additionally

●  New Joint Operation ── Unforeseen Calamity

Complete 15 times or more to get “Dagda” animated outfit!

“Havoc of Thunderstorm – Pazuzu” will set up the Joint Operation “Unforeseen Calamity” on 7 Dec (Mon).

● “Havoc of Thunderstorm – Pazuzu” ── Demonic Tornado

Earth Demon “Pazuzu” can activate “Demonic Tornado” upon 8 CD:

I. Turn Earth and Heart Runestones into Enchanted Demon Runestones.

For 1 Round,

II. Boss Skill “Sticky Runestones” will be nullified.

III. Runestone movement will not be stopped when a tornado is touched.

IV. For every Demon Runestone dissolved in the first batch,

⇒ Combo count +1,

⇒ to the max +10.

11th Seal Story Continues ── Your Choices Determine the Plot

The 11th Seal will continue its story at noon next monday! New “options” feature will be added in the plot! Enoch would encounter the past heroes in the Enochian Tower and he’s required to make an important decision based on the options provided. Enoch’s choice will affect his AME abilities so you need to be prudent about what you choose.

*Options can be reset when a complete story of the 11th seal is released. By then you can make another choice for Enoch.

● Mythological Monsters ── Frenzied Tentacles – Kraken

“Frenzied Tentacles – Kraken” will be coming to TOS next mon! Fire Elf “Kraken” can activate “Tentacles Smash” upon 6 CD:

I. Turn Heart Runestones into Runestones of the Leader’s Attribute.

II. Turn Fire Runestones into Enchanted Elf Runestones.

For 1 Round,

III. Runestones of the Leader’s Attribute also possess 50% effect of other Runestones.

IV. For every extra Race in the Team,

⇒ the Skill stays in play for 1 more Round,

⇒ to the max 3 Rounds.