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New “Christmas Party” Series!Cherufe’s Ultimate Stage “Demonic Massacre”!

New “Christmas Party” Series!

Cherufe’s Ultimate Stage “Demonic Massacre”!

Next week, Tower of Saviors will bring you festive-limited characters “Rosy Celebration – Li Lianying”, “Carol Giving – Virginia” and many more in the series “Christmas Party”. Besides, “Diabolic Magma – Cherufe” will set up the ultimate stage “Muddled Flame”. New horror stage will also be placed featuring “Effulgent Crown of Glory – Jegudiel”.

● Collector’s Deck —— “Fill Your Heart”

“Christmas Party” series will be available for AME upon release.

From 14 Dec (Mon) – 20 Dec (Sun), Collector’s Deck “Fill Your Heart” will be launched. “Carol Giving – Virginia”, “Party Spotlight – Honda”, “Perfect Telepathy – Cang Bi & Leonard”, “Annunciation of Delight – Elpis” and “Rosy Celebration – Li Lianying” will put on X’mas outfits in the Collector’s Deck. The Deck has 20 draws in total. Apart from the 5 characters of “Christmas Party”, “Harpy Knight – Madhead”, “Neon Crow”, “Essence Soulstones” and other very rare materials which make up 15 draws in total.

Collector’s Deck “Fill Your Heart”
Carol Giving – Virginiax1
Party Spotlight – Hondax1
Perfect Telepathy – Cang Bi & Leonardx1
Annunciation of Delight – Elpisx1
Rosy Celebration – Li Lianyingx1
Harpy Knight – Madheadx1
Aqua Essence Soulstonex1
Pyro Essence Soulstonex1
Terra Essence Soulstonex1
Light Essence Soulstonex1
Shadow Essence Soulstonex1
Neon Crowx1
Silver Madheadx2
Baby Harpy Knight – Madheadx3

Carol Giving – Virginia —— “Combo Covenant”

“Carol Giving – Virginia” can activate “Combo Covenant” upon CD 6:

I. Explode all Frozen and Weakened Runestones.

II. The Monster’s Attack becomes 1.

III. Attack bonus +40% for Ex.Combo or Combo made.

The Skill stays in play until Combo count <4.

Party Spotlight – Honda —— “Strong Defense”

“Party Spotlight – Honda” can activate “Strong Defense” upon CD 7:

I. Damage received -75% for 1 Round.

II. Dodge all Attacks of enemies next Round.

Perfect Telepathy – Cang Bi & Leonard —— “Blazing Power”

“Cang Bi & Leonard” can activate “Blazing Power” upon CD 8:

I. Explode non-Fire & non-Heart Runestones

⇒ to generate Enchanted Runestones of Members’ Attributes.

For 1 Round,

II. The Monster’s Attack x 10, regardless of Defense. No attacks could be launched by other Members.

III. If the Team has “Auspice of Protection – Cang Bi” or “Billows of Freedom – Cang Bi”,

⇒ the Damage received will not lead to your defeat.

IV. If the Team has “No. 8299 – Leonard”,

⇒ Fire and Heart Runestones also possess the effect of each other.

Annunciation of Delight – Elpis —— “Release of Lust” & “Extreme Battle”

“Annunciation of Delight – Elpis” has dual active skills.

For “Release of Lust”:

I. The Monster’s Attack x 4.

II. The Monster’s Damage can overpower the enemies.

The Skill stays in play until a group of ≥6 Light Runestones are dissolved in the first batch.

For “Extreme Battle”:

I. When there are ≥3 Light Human in the Team,

⇒ restore all Runestones to normal state.

For 2 Rounds, 

II. Deduct 25% of Team HP at the beginning of each Round.

III. Team Attack x 2.

IV. Extend Runestone-moving time to 20 seconds.

V. Active Skills of the Team will not be locked.

Rosy Celebration – Li Lianying —— “Overpressure”

“Rosy Celebration – Li Lianying” can activate “Overpressure” upon CD 9:

For 2 Rounds,

I. Inactivate all enemies.

II. When the effect is in play, deduct 10% of the enemy’s current HP at the end of each Round.

● Christmas Hot Item —— Reunion Gift Pack

To celebrate Christmas, “Reunion Gift Pack” will be released in the Shop during the event period. You can purchase this Gift Pack with HKD $308 / TWD(Google) $1170 / TWD(iOS) $1290 / USD $38.99, including all new characters of the Collector’s Deck and rare materials.

● Breaking News

Dual Black Golds coming soon!

●  Ultimate Stage “Demonic Massacre”

“Diabolic Magma – Cherufe” will come to the realm at 10pm, 18 Dec (Fri) in the ultimate stage “Demonic Massacre”. “Cherufe” will be there to bring you a tough fight.

Diabolic Magma – Cherufe —— “The Gehenna”

Fire Demon “Diabolic Magma – Cherufe” can activate “The Gehenna” upon CD 7:

I. Explode Earth Runestones to generate Enchanted Fire Runestones.

II. Demon Attack x 1.8.

III. When Demons activate their Active Skills for the 1st time each Round,

⇒ deal 6-million Fire Damage to all enemies regardless of Defense.

The Skill stays in play within the Wave.

●  Horror Stage —— Prayers of the Righteous Man

Horror Stage Character “Effulgent Crown of Glory – Jegudiel” will be available on 14 Dec (Mon). This stage has a grading system. You can challenge the highest grade in the Horror Stage “Coronation of the Archangel”. Complete the “Coronation of the Archangel” (Beginner) 5 times to get “Effulgent Crown of Glory – Jegudiel” (Skill Lv.5) x1. When you complete “Coronation of the Archangel” Horror Stage 5 times, “Silver Madhead” x1 will be granted.

Reach specific scores in Horror StageReward
10,000 scores“Gladiator Alpaca” x1
30,000 scoresPower Release Material (random) x1
40,000 scoresGolden Mothdrake x3
50,000 scoresComponent “Silver Amulet” x 1
60,000 scores
“Crimson Runedragon – Hong Ai” Animated Outfit
70,000 scores“Effulgent Crown of Glory – Jegudiel” (Skill Lv.10)

Effulgent Crown of Glory – Jegudiel —— “God Flames”

Fire God “Effulgent Crown of Glory – Jegudiel” can activate “God Flames” upon CD 6:

This Skill can be activated only when the Leader is God:

For 1 Round,

I. God Attack x 1.8.

II. God(s) launches an extra Fire and Light attack as much as 50% of own Attack.

III. By dissolving Fire God Runestones in the first batch,

⇒ current Skill CD -3.