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Year-end Dual Black-Golds!“Baal” & “Eve” to Bring You “The Lethal Game of Power”!“Holly in the Snow – Rudolph” Christmas Guild Mission!

Year-end Dual Black-Golds!

“Baal” & “Eve” to Bring You “The Lethal Game of Power”!

“Holly in the Snow – Rudolph” Christmas Guild Mission!

New year-end Black-Golds “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” and “Innocent Temptation – Eve” will be available next Mon! Besides, “Holly in the Snow – Rudolph” will set up the guild mission “Snowy Christmas Carol” for you.

● Year-end Demon Black-Golds —— “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” & “Innocent Temptation – Eve”

Period: 21 Dec (Mon) 16:00 – 30 Dec (Wed) 23:59

“Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” & “Innocent Temptation – Eve” will be coming into the realm at 4pm next Mon in the drawing machine “Crown of Dominance” and “Tiara of Demon” respectively. At the same time, another Demon Black-Gold “Demon of Omniscience – Laplace” will also return to the drawing machine “Golden Kiss”! When you draw “Baal”, “Eve” or “Laplace” for the 1st time, animated outfit will be given. Besides, “Golden Mothdrake” x3 will be granted for every 10-draw in “Crown of Dominance” or “Tiara of Demon”; a random Power Release material will be granted for every 10-draw in “Golden Kiss”.

 “10 Demonic Free Draws”

From 21 Dec (Mon) 4pm – 30 Dec (Wed), you can get 10 drawing chances upon login immediately. Try your luck with the 10-draw option for free to see if you can get “Baal” or “Eve”.

● “Ancient Coin Seal” Available

During the event period, “Ancient Coin Seal” will be available until 31 Jan (Sun). This time rare characters “General Meow – Hongling”, “Halos of Blessing – Yanxi” and “Chic Charisma – Yanxi” will be added.

● Leader Skill of “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal”

Dark Demon “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” has the leader skill “Crowned Power”:

I. Attack of the Monster’s Attribute x 6; HP & Recovery x 1.8.

II. For every Wave passed,

⇒ Team Attack increases additionally,

⇒ to the max x 3.

III. Every time a group of ≥4 Runestones is dissolved in a column,

⇒ Team Attack x 1.2 additionally,

⇒ to the max increasing Team Attack for 4 times.

●  Team Skill of “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal”

“Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” has powerful and versatile team skills, eg. attack increase, damage reduction, extending moving time regardlessly, attack basic value increase, protective shield, etc.

● Active Skill —— 666 the Demon

“Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” can activate “666 the Demon” upon CD 7:

I. Deal 66.66-million non-Attributive Damage to all enemies regardless of Defense, Enchanted Runestone Shield and Initial Shield.

For 1 Round,

II. Monster’s Attack increases to 6,666.

III. Damage of “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal” will be dealt regardless of Attributive Combo Nullifying and Combo Shield.

IV. If the Leader is “Absolute Authoritarian – Baal”,

⇒ refresh the protective shield.

● Leader Skill of “Innocent Temptation – Eve”  ——  “Deadly Temptation”

“Innocent Temptation – Eve” has the leader skill “Deadly Temptation”:

I. Demon & Elf Attack x 6.

II. All Attributive Runestones also possess 50% effect of Water Runestones.

III. Recover HP as much as the total Attack basic value of “Innocent Temptation – Eve” and “Origin of All Sins – Eve” in the Team each Round (dissolving Runestones is necessary).

● Team Skill of “Innocent Temptation – Eve”

Golden Fruit is exclusive in the team skill of “Innocent Temptation – Eve” to bring her power to the max.

● Active Skill —— Fruit of Poison

Water Demon “Innocent Temptation – Eve“ can activate “Fruit of Poison” upon CD 6:

I. Golden Fruit of All “Innocent Temptation – Eve” +1 each Round.

II. If the Leader & Ally are “Origin of All Sins – Eve”,

⇒ Forbidden Fruit of All “Origin of All Sins – Eve” +1 each Round.

III. Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 1.5 seconds.

IV. Damage of Demons can overpower Earth enemies.

V. If there are ≥2 Demons in the Team,

⇒ Attack bonus +40% for Ex.Combo or Combo made.

(the Skill stays in play until deactivation or defeated)

This Skill can be deactivated anytime. Upon deactivation of the Skill:

⓵ For every Golden Fruit the Monster has,

⇒ Combo count +3 this Round (max +12).

⓶ If the Monster has 4 Golden Fruits,

⇒ Damage of the Team will be dealt regardless of Initial Shield this Round.

●  “Baal” & “Laplace”/ “Innocent Temptation – Eve“ Combined Skill

“Baal” has different combined skills with “Laplace” and “Innocent Temptation – Eve“ respectively —— “Calamity of Demons”/”Pact of Demons”.

【Calamity of Demons】

【Pact of Demons】

●  Purchase Bonus

To celebrate the new Black-Golds, purchase bonus will be offered in Diamond Shop! When you purchase 30 or more Diamonds in a single transaction for the 1st time from 21 Dec (Mon) – 30 Dec (Wed), you can get 30 FREE Diamonds and Quintet Madheads x1!

● Guild Mission —— Snowy Christmas Carol

“Holly in the Snow – Rudolph” will bring Summoners a new guild mission “Snowy Christmas Carol” on 21 Dec (Mon). If you can collect enough “Woodman”, “Holly in the Snow – Rudolph” and other rewards will be granted!

● Fighting for the Wishing Star ── 100% Drop Raiding Monsters


In the Snowy Christmas Carol, Summoner will have a chance to encounter raiding monsters “Snowball Quarterback – Snow Cone”, “Floret the Christmas Miracle”, “The Red Noses” or “Mech Christmas Reindeer”. When you see them in the stage, it’ll be a guaranteed drop!

● “Holly in the Snow – Rudolph” —— X’mas Dazzles

Earth Elf “Holly in the Snow – Rudolph” can activate “X’mas Dazzles” upon CD 6:

I. Turn all Runestones into Enchanted Runestones.

For 1 Round,

II. Team Attack & Recovery x 1.5.

III. The first batch of Runestones to be dropped will be Enchanted Runestones.

IV. If the Team has Humans and Elves,

⇒ Skill CD -2 upon Skill activation.

● Collect “Woodman” to Get Scores

Each “Woodman” can be exchanged into a specific guild score. With rare “Woodman” you can even get 200 scores. Collect specific “Woodman”, reach certain personal and guild scores, and you’ll be granted with wonderful rewards! Summoners who collected a set of 10 “Woodman” will receive a rare title!

Team up with Guild Members to Gather Scores!

●  The 11th Seal Chapters Continue —— Enoch VS Sealed Lords

New chapters of the 11th Seal will be available at 12 noon next monday. In the journey, Enoch will be facing the corrupted Sealed Lords, much stronger than the original forms you’ve challenged before. Your path will decide which kind of Sealed Lords you will encounter. Be careful.

● Mythological Monsters —— Abyssal Dungeon – Tartarus

Next monday, new character “Abyssal Dungeon – Tartarus” will be added into “Mythological Monsters” series. Earth God “Tartarus” can activate “Dungeon of Torment” upon CD 6:

I. Turn Heart Runestones into Runestones of the Leader’s Attribute.

II. Turn Earth Runestones into Enchanted God Runestones.

For 1 Round,

III. The Leader’s and Monster’s Attack x 3.

IV. For every extra Race in the Team,

⇒ the Skill stays in play for 1 more Round,

⇒ to the max 3 Rounds.