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Tower of Saviors × ROCKMAN X DiVE

Tower of Saviors × ROCKMAN X DiVE Crossover Soon!

Brand New “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Series Debut!

“Minerva” to Set up the Ultimate Stage “Crying under the Olive Tree”

New version 19.6, featuring “Tower of Saviors × ROCKMAN X DiVE”, will be released on 4 Jan (Mon). We’ll be collaborating with the mobile game “ROCKMAN X DiVE” to bring you a series of crossover events! Characters of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” will dive into the realm to boost your power!

●  Diamond Seal of “ROCKMAN X DiVE”

Upon version 19.6 update, characters of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” will jump into the realm with the grand debut of 8 leading characters of “ROCKMAN X DiVE”, including “X”, “Zero” and many more! This week we will introduce the 5 crucial characters of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” to you first.

● Alia ── “Melt Creeper”

Fire Machina “Alia” can activate “Melt Creeper” to explode the columns below Machinas to generate Runestones of Machina’s Attributes and Heart Runestones. Ignite all enemies to change their Attribute into Fire for 3 Rounds.

● Cinnamon ── “Angel Aura”

Light Machina “Cinnamon” is a blonde lovely sweetheart in a nurse costume. She can activate “Angel Aura” to fully recover HP and explode Heart Runestones. When exploding ≥1 Heart Runestone, Team Attack x 1.6 and Damage received -40% for 2 Rounds. When exploding ≥8 Runestones, the effect stays in play for 4 Rounds

● Pallette ── “Ion Gun”

Earth Machina “Pallette” can activate “Ion Gun” to electrify all enemies and inactivate the affected enemies for 1 Round. Also, the Attack of affected enemies -50% for 2 Rounds.

● Marino ── “Godspeed Flames”

Fire Machina “Marino” can activate “Godspeed Flames” to turn 3 Runestones into Enchanted Fire Runestones (Earth Runestones rank first in priority). Before the end of the Round, the Skill can be reactivated once; At the end of the Round, Skill CD will be reset. For 1 Round, the Character’s Attack x 2;  If there are ≥2 enemies present Skill activation, the Character’s Attack x 3 additionally.

● Axl ── “Strafing Barrage”

Light Machina “Axl” can activate “Strafing Barrage” to explode 10 random Runestones not adjacent to each other (including Frozen and Petrified Runestones) to generate Light Runestones.

For 1 Round, if the Character’s Fuel is 100% upon Skill activation,

 Light Runestones can be dissolved by aligning 2 or more of them.

● Skill Level-up Material for “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal Series

“Mettaur” can help level up the skills of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal Series. When using “Mettaur” as material, the accumulated skill rounds of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal Series +600 while characters of other series + 50. Summoners can purchase at most 60 “Mettaur” at Trade Fortress upon version update to speed up the skill level of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal Series.

●  “Summoner’s Bingo” Missions ── Take You into the Digital World

Upon version 19.6, during the event period, new time-limited missions “Take You into the Digital World” will be released! There are 3 pages of 3×3 mission slots. When you complete a row or a column of missions, you will be rewarded. Finishing all the 9 slots of the 1st page can obtain extra reward – Dragonware “Energy Tank Pattern” exclusive for characters of “ROCKMAN X DiVE”!

 Completing a total of 27 slots will get “Navigator RiCO” (Dual Max) x1!

Besides, when you collect all 8 6*characters of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal series, you can also get “Navigator RiCO” (Skill Lv 1) x1.

Energy Tank

Dragonware Skill 1Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 0.5s
Dragonware Skill 2Character’s Skill CD -2 after entering a stage
Dragonware Skill 3Character’s Attack x 1.3 in the Round that the Character activates the Skill
Craft Skill 1Fully Recover HP
Craft Skill 2Skill CD of Leader & Ally -3
Craft Skill 3Turn 3 random columns into Heart Runestones
* Craft Skills can be triggered by reaching specific scores in the Dragonic Compulsion

● Navigator RiCO ── “Beat the Mavericks”

Water Machina “Navigator RiCO” can activate “Beat the Mavericks” that will benefit the Machinas, especially the  “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal Series: Fuel of Machinas +20%; Explode the column(s) below Machina(s). For the column(s) of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal Characters and Navigator RiCO, generate Runestones of that Character’s Attribute.

● Team Skill of “Navigator RiCO”

The ability of “Navigator RiCO” is related to “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal Characters. For every “ROCKMAN X DiVE” Diamond Seal Character present in the Team 

(repeated Characters will not be counted), Skill CD of the 1st “Navigator RiCO” on the left -1 after entering a Stage, to the max -5.

** As some of the characters are pending for review, they’ll be shown as silhouettes temporarily.

**All relevant events & rewards of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.

●  Ultimate Stage “Crying under the Olive Tree”

“Tear Beneath the Tree – Minerva” will lead the ultimate stage “Crying under the Olive Tree” at 10pm, 1 Jan (Fri) for all Summoners.

● “Tear Beneath the Tree – Minerva” —— Dance in the Snow

Water Human “Tear Beneath the Tree – Minerva” can activate the skill “Dance in the Snow”:

Explode all Frozen Runestones and Fire Runestones to generate Water Human Runestones. 

For 2 Rounds,

Drop rate of Fire Runestones will be transferred to that of Water Runestones.

Boss Skill “Burning” (excluding “Hellfire”) will be nullified.

● Arena “Chris” Evolves into Light Attribute

Arena Trial is coming back again! When you reach a certain rank, “Machine of Future – Chris” (Skill Lv.10) will be granted! From 12 noon, 28 Dec (Mon), “Machine of Future – Chris” can be evolved into light-attribute “Skycracking Lance – Chris”.

● “Skycracking Lance – Chris” ── Fix Breaker

Light Elf “Skycracking Lance – Chris” can activate “Fix Breaker” upon 6 CD:

Turn 12 Runestones into Enchanted Elf Runestones (non-Race Runestones rank first in priority)

For 1 Round, the Monster’s Attack becomes 0. Attack of the Member on the left x 5. Damage of the Member on the left will be dealt regardless of Fixed Combo Shield.

●  Return of “Tower Voyager – Molin” with Exclusive Dragonware

As the new year is coming, “Tower Voyager – Molin” will return to the realm on 28 Dec and bring back the “Brand New Voyage”. This 10-floor stage will be your very first challenge in the brand new year.

●  “Molin” Exclusive Dragonware Available for Forge

At the same time, Molin’s exclusive Dragonware “Spear of Realm” will be available for forging in the Craft Forge!

Spear of Realm

Dragonware Skill 1By dissolving God Runestones, God Attack x 1.15
Dragonware Skill 2The Monster’s Skill CD -2
Craft Skill 1God Attack +20%
Craft Skill 2God(s) launches an extra Light attack as much as 50% of own Attack
* Craft Skills can be triggered by reaching specific scores in the Dragonic Compulsion