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Nightmare Stage “Against All Humans”!”Sigma” into the Realm!“Golden Time of 8 Years” 8th Anniversary Events!

Nightmare Stage “Against All Humans”!

“Sigma” into the Realm!

“Golden Time of 8 Years” 8th Anniversary Events!

The crossover of Tower of Saviors and ROCKMAN X DiVE will soon step into the 4th week. The finest reploid “Sigma” will be waiting for players in the nightmare stage! Besides, Tower of Saviors will soon welcome its big day of the 8th anniversary. From next week, we’ve prepared a series of celebration events for you.

● Nightmare Stage “Against All Humans”

“Sigma” will initiate his plan “Against All Humans” in the nightmare stage at 10pm, 26 Jan (Tue) to wipe out mankind. In the stage, Sigma’s virus will be implanted. For each “Virus” position you pass through, “Virus Concentration” will be accumulated and you’ll be defeated when it reaches 100%. So, beware of it!

● Sigma ── Enemy-tracking Device

Earth Machina “Sigma” can activate “Enemy-tracking Device”:

For 1 Round, Damage received -80%.

Damage of “Sigma” will be dealt regardless of Defense. 

Unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving.

Turn Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Runestones. 

When all Machinas in the Team have 100% Fuel upon Skill activation, the effect stays in play for 3 Rounds.

**All relevant events & rewards of “ROCKMAN X DiVE” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.

● “Golden Time of 8 Years” 8th Anniversary Events

【Login Rewards – Next Round】

【The rewards are 3-day limited except for “All Max of Your Choice”】

【”Guardian of Reverie – Ingrid” is in the card pool of All Max of Your Choice! 】

【From 25 Jan (Mon) – 31 Jan (Sun), login to get 1 free draw out of 7 demon characters!】

【8,888,888 EXP when level up】

【Accumulated Stamina consumption is calculated on weekly basis】

【After achieving the Bingo’s requirements, “Anniversary Cake Bubble” will be rewarded, which has the same effect of “Anniversary Cake Tune”】

【For those who haven’t got “Anniversary Cake Tune” last year, login during the event period above to get the Dragonware (those who obtained already will not receive the reward again)】

【Period: 27 Jan (Wed) – 7 Feb (Sun)】

*The events above are just a preview for players. Details will be announced on the official website later. Besides, more information about TOS Thanksgiving Live will be posted on facebook soon.