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“Engulf the World” Celebration Event

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds
Time: 15 Feb (Mon) – 19 Feb (Fri)
1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!

★ 2nd Event: Challenge Mission “Taken by Waves”
Time: 15 Feb (Mon) – 21 Feb (Sun)

Two restricted stages available:
“Lay a Trap I”

  • There is a “gem status” restriction
    (When entering the stage, players will gain 4 gem status. During the battle, the enemy will only be attacked by the character with the specified color gem.)
  • Complete the stage for the 1st time to get “Golden Prawn” x1
  • Complete the stage 3 times to get “Tuo Long the Muddy Dragon” (Skill Lv.9) x1 “Lay a Trap II”
  • There is a “gem status” restriction
    (When entering the stage, players will gain 4 gem status. Each gem status has 1 effect, including: [Red] No burning damage, [Blue] Extend runestone moving time, [Green] Damage reduction, [Purple] HP recovery.)
  • Complete the stage for the 1st time to get “Golden Prawn” x1
  • Complete the stage 3 times to get “Tuo Long the Muddy Dragon” (Skill Lv.9) x1


  1. Summoners cannot revive with Diamonds.
  2. “Tuo Long the Muddy Dragon” (Skill Lv.1) x1 will be given by completing the above stages for each time.

★ 3rd Event: Returning Ultimate Stage “Bloodlust Under the Skin”
Time: 16 Feb (Tue) 22:00 – 19 Feb (Fri) 23:59

  • Challenge the 3-star achievement to get the rare Compulsion Reward
  • Complete the stage 3 times to get “Artistic Scalping – Xi Shi” (Skill Lv. 7) x1

★ 4th Event: New Ultimate Stage “Slave of Origin”
Time: 19 Feb (Fri) 22:00 – 22 Feb (Mon) 23:59
The monster trapped underground is lurking around!

  • Challenge the 3-star achievement to get the rare Compulsion Reward
  • Complete the stage 3 times to get “Dark Eater – King of Corrodents” (Skill Lv. 7) x1

★ 5th Event: Source of Victory
Time: 20 Feb (Sat) – 21 Feb (Sun)
Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x1! (The Stamina Refill must be used within the event period)

  • Important:
    Log in on 20 Feb (Sat) – 21 Feb (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Community” → “Rewards”
    The Stamina Refill must be used within 20 Feb (Sat) – 21 Feb (Sun)

★ 6th Event: New Chapters of “the 11th Seal”!
Time: From 16 Feb (Tue) 12:00
Summoners, pull yourself together albeit pain for a new challenge!
Bring “Enoch” in to unlock a new area!
The 3 side quests will be coming to an end. When you complete each path, a special CG will be given (placed in “CG Collection”)


  1. Summoners can choose different paths in these stages. Attention: Your choice cannot be reset until the whole story missions of the 11th Seal are completed. Please make your decision carefully!
  2. Most of the stages in the 11th Seal require “Enoch” in the team to battle.
  3. “Dawn of Enoch – Extra” in the story mode “Marks of Newborn” will be opened. Summoners will be rewarded with “Enoch” after clearing the stage.
  4. Upon completing the basic stages of the 11th Seal, challenge stages will be available. Characters other than “Enoch” can be used in the challenge stages.
  5. When you complete the challenge “The March of Demons”, Machina-exclusive Dragonware “Motor Cymbal Pattern” x1 will be rewarded. Summoners must complete “Challenge of Magic Agency” before entering this stage.

★ 7th Event: “Arena Trials” will be open to challenge again
Time: 15 Feb (Mon) 12:00 – 22 Feb (Mon) before maintenance
Arena Trials are available again! Test your skills now!
For more details, please visit:

  • Reaching “Brigadier” will be rewarded with “Machine of Future – Chris” x1
  • Starting from “Sergeant Major”, the required EXP for every upgrade would be 50,000 points
  • Evolving branch opens: Earth Attribute “Skycracking Brute – Chris”

★ 8th Event: Purchase Bonus “Google New Year Limited Gift Pack”
Time: 19 Feb (Fri) – 28 Feb (Sun)
This exclusive gift pack is for Google Play players!


  • HKD $38 / TWD $150 / USD $4.99


  • Diamond x6
  • Pyro Essence Soulstone x1
  • Inventory Slot x10
  • Craft Slot x10
  • Stamina Potion x6

*Each Summoner can purchase once only
*Purchasing the Gift Pack will trigger the “Purchase Bonus” coming next week upon version update. Summoners will receive free draw of the new series x1 (random) and other related rewards.

★ 9th Event: Returning Outfits in “Trade Fortress”
Time: 15 Feb (Mon) – 18 Apr (Sun)
These returning outfits are on the shelf now. Do bring them home!

[New Item] Animated Outfit of “Relics of Fantasy”

  • Chalice of Eternity – Aria

[Returning Items] Animated Outfits of “Unearthly Charms”

  • Origin of All Sins – Eve
  • Militant Heroine – Wu Zetian
  • Diva of Obsession – Cleo

[Returning Items] Mafia Outfits

  • Furious Biker – Sha Seng
  • Flameblade Hitmen – Golden Horned & Silver Horned
  • Rain of Bullets – Zhu Bajie
  • Queen of Crimes – Lady White Bones
  • Sinister Medication – Spider Demon

*Summoners can redeem a returning outfit above with “Madhead Slab” x5.
*Summoners can redeem a new outfit above with “Madhead Slab” x10.
*If you’ve already obtained the outfits, “Plump Precious Beast” x 1 (same attribute) will be given instead

★ 10th Event: Special Event “The Mystique of Ancient Dragon Power”
Time:17 Feb (Wed), 19 Feb (Fri), 21 Feb (Sun)
During the event, the drop rate of 3-star Craft in Crafting Day will be greatly increased!

*Together with next week, the same effect will appear for two consecutive weeks

Celebration Events “Golden Time of 8 Years”!
★ The Official Period has come!

【1st Hit:Login Rewards】
Accumulate login days to get the fabulous rewards below!
No skipping any day for these goodies!

2nd Round:25 Jan – 21 Feb
Accumulated 1 Day – Black Key x 80
Accumulated 3 Days – Golden Prawn x 5
Accumulated 5 Days – Harpy Knight – Madhead x 1
Accumulated 7 Days – Component x 1 set + Craft Box x 10
Accumulated 10 Days – Diamond x 10
Accumulated 14 Days – Power Release Materials x 1 set
Accumulated 18 Days – Stamina Potion x 5
Accumulated 21 Days – Essence Soulstones x 1 set

【2nd Hit:Stamina Discount】
In the coming weeks, huge stamina discount will be offered for you all!
The stamina required for all specific stages will be reduced to 8pts!
So catch up the progress to proceed further!

2nd Round of Stamina Discount:
15 Feb – 21 Feb: Story Mode (2nd: from Tales of the Nile)

  • Not including “Enoch’s Chronicle”

【7th Hit:All Max 7-Race Giveaway 2021】
Time: 4 Jan (Mon) – 21 Feb (Sun)
During the event period, a special card pool of monster’s race will be given as login rewards for 7 consecutive weeks.
Every week we will set up a card pool of the specific race. Each race has 7 fixed characters in the card pool!

Login during that week and you will be given the chance to draw 1 out of the 7 characters in the card pool of each race.

  • For each card pool, the character you draw will be All Max.

The order of 7-Race Giveaway:
“Machina”, “Human”, “Dragon”, “Demon”, “Elf”, “God”, “Beast”

Beast (Redemption: 15 Feb – 21 Feb):
Vicious Circle – Ra
Wits of Unicorn – Haza
Fallen Massacre – Behemoth
Untraceable Moves – Ghostie
Cat of Charisma – Mellow
Smite of Warhammer – Bull King
Blood of Obscurity – Veronica

【8th Hit:Anniversary Bingo Missions】
Time: 25 Jan (Mon) – 24 Feb (Wed)

During the event period, a new page of anniversary bingo will be released!
Complete the whole page of Bingo Missions to get the new Dragonware “Anniversary Cake Bubble” x1!

*Summoners can check the lower left corner of the main map to go to Event Bingo
*For those who haven’t got “Anniversary Cake Tune” last year, login during the event period above to get the Dragonware (those who obtained already will not receive the reward again)

【12th Hit:The 8th Anniversary Giveaway Boost】
Time: 27 Jan (Wed) 12:00 – 24 Feb (Wed) 23:59
A new feature of draw giveaway, and send your best friend the perfect draw giveaway gift.

Draw 5 random characters
Pick 1 for yourself
Pick 1 out of the remaining characters for your friend
Get the character code to send it to your friend
Send the code to your friend for redemption
(If your friend is a returning player, the sender will also receive the same character)


【14th Hit:Summoner’s Commemorative Reward】
Time: From 27 Jan (Wed)
As long as your login days reach 1 year, the commemorative reward “Collection of Iridescence – Madhead” x1 will be given!


  1. Summoner can claim the reward in “Target Reward”.
  2. Each Summoner will only be rewarded once.

Last Update Time: 2021-02-17 13:27