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Joint Operation of “McCarthy, Father of Mechs” Coming Soon!New “War Transmigration”!

Joint Operation of “McCarthy, Father of Mechs” Coming Soon!

New “War Transmigration”!

New character “McCarthy, Father of Mechs” will set up the Joint Operation mission next mon while “Selfless Swordswoman – Haoyue” will bring an extreme challenge “War Transmigration” to Summoners!

● McCarthy, Father of Mechs ── The World other than Science

“McCarthy, Father of Mechs” will set up the Joint Operation “The World other than Science” on 1 Mar (Mon). Complete the Joint Operation 15 times and you’ll be rewarded with a redemption coupon of “Chronos Sandglass”!

● McCarthy, Father of Mechs ── Sense of Creation

Fire Human “McCarthy, Father of Mechs” can activate “Sense of Creation” upon CD 6:

I. Explode Water, Earth and Light Runestones

⇒ to generate Enchanted Fire, Enchanted Dark and Enchanted Heart Runestones.

For 1 Round:

II. Unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving.

III. If all Runestones are dissolved in the first batch,

⇒ turn all Runestones into Human Runestones at the end of the Round.

● New Transmigration ── “War Transmigration”

After the challenge of “Haunted Dreamland – Hypnos”, “Selfless Swordswoman – Haoyue” will take up the role to bring you another 20-floor challenge “War Transmigration” on 1 Mar (Mon). When you complete the specific floor for the 1st time, wonderful rewards will be given as recognition. Every time you complete the 20-floor transmigration, you’re guaranteed to get “Selfless Swordswoman – Haoyue” x1. 

* The series name of “Haunted Dreamland – Hypnos” has been changed to “Keeper of Transmigration” upon v19.7.

5Golden Prawn x3 & Stamina Potion x1
10Harpy x1 & Baby Harpy x5
15Component (random) x2 & Neon Crow x1
20Fluorescent Python x1 & Terra Essence Soulstone x1

● Dual Skills of “Selfless Swordswoman – Haoyue” ── Fearless Mind & Bravery of Humans

Earth Human “Selfless Swordswoman – Haoyue” can activate dual skills. 

“Fearless Mind”:

For 1 Round:

I. Unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving.

II. For Heart Runestones that are Electrified, Frozen, Weakened, Lock-for-Recovery and Petrified, they will be restored to normal state and turned into Enchanted Human Runestones upon being touched.

III. By dissolving all Heart Runestones in the first batch,

⇒ the Monster’s Skill CD -2.

“Bravery of Humans”:

I. Turn all Runestones into Enchanted Human Runestones.

For 1 Round: 

II. By tapping an Attributive Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements:

⓵ The Monster’s Attack x 12 (no sharing).

⓶ Change the Monster’s Attack into that Attribute.

⓷ The Monster’s Damage will be dealt regardless of Defense, Initial Shield and Puzzle Shield.

● Monthly Challenge of March

“Monthly Challenge of March” will be available at 12noon, 1 Mar (Mon) for players to sharpen their skills. The challenge has 10 levels in total. You’re required to start with Lv 1 and complete it before proceeding to the next level. For Lv.10 challenge, a 3-team setup will be applied.

Do you have the confidence to break the Lv 10 challenge? Complete the specific Lv and you’ll be rewarded with the event rewards. When you complete Lv 9 and Lv 10 for the first time, “Servant of Dragons” draw chance x1 (VR, Dual Max) and Fluorescent Python x1 will be given respectively.

● Emissary of the Wild ── Ark the Snake Shaman

“Ark the Snake Shaman”, the 3rd character of “Emissary of the Wild”, will be released next mon! Earth Beast “Ark” can activate “Flames’ Reversion – Wind” upon CD 5:

I. If the Leader is a Beast, 

⇒ the Monster’s Skill CD -4.

II. Poison all enemies with 100x the Monster’s Attack every Round, 

regardless of Defense and Attribute until defeated.

For 1 Round, 

III. Fire and Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of Earth Runestones.