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Ultimate Stage of “Domain of Redemption – Spirit de Carta”!Challenge Stage of “Tethys, Mistress of the Seas”!“Sister – Nora” Story Mode!

Tower of Saviors

Ultimate Stage of “Domain of Redemption – Spirit de Carta”!

Challenge Stage of “Tethys, Mistress of the Seas”!

“Sister – Nora” Story Mode!

“Domain of Redemption – Spirit de Carta” will set up the ultimate stage “Face the Truth of the World” next week while “Tethys, Mistress of the Seas” will bring you the new challenge mission. Besides, a new story mode “Journey of Sister” will be available for you to get “Sister – Nora” next week!

● Ultimate Stage:Face the Truth of the World

“Domain of Redemption – Spirit de Carta” will set up the ultimate stage “Face the Truth of the World” at 10pm, 19 Mar (Fri) to let you know the truth of the world.

● Skill of “Domain of Redemption – Spirit de Carta” ── Spring of Wisdom

Fire God “Domain of Redemption – Spirit de Carta” can activate “Spring of Wisdom” upon CD 6:

By tapping an Attributive Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements:

I. Explode the Runestones other than that Attribute to generate Heart Runestones.

For 1 Round:

II. Extend Runestone-moving time to 10 seconds.

III. Heart Runestones and Runestones of that Attribute also possess 50% effect of each other.

● Challenge Mission ── Mistress of the Seas

“Tethys, Mistress of the Seas” has followed the steps of “Oceanus, Master of the Seas” and “Metis” to come to the realm on 15 Mar (Mon) in the event “Mistress of the Seas”. The challenge mission has Lv1 and Lv2 stage. Each time you complete “The Love of a God Lv1” or “The Love of a God Lv2”, “Tethys, Mistress of the Seas” x1 will be rewarded. For the 1st-time completion of Lv1 and Lv2, “Angel of Doom Lucifer” Outfit will be given for the former and Harpy x1 & Aqua Essence Soulstone x1 will be given for the latter. Complete “The Love of a God Lv1” 3 times to get the Dragonware “Chronos Sandglass Seal” x1.

● Team Skill of “Tethys, Mistress of the Seas”

When there are “Oceanus, Master of the Seas”; and “Tethys, Mistress of the Seas” or “Metis” in the Team, HP of the first “Oceanus, Master of the Seas”,  “Tethys, Mistress of the Seas” and “Metis” from the left x 1.5.

● “Tethys, Mistress of the Seas”  ── Symphony of Gods

“Tethys, Mistress of the Seas” can activate “Symphony of Gods” upon CD 5:

I. Explode the columns below the Monster and neighboring Members

⇒ to generate Enchanted God Runestones.

II. If the neighboring Member(s) is a God or a Water Monster,

⇒ Enchanted God Runestones of that neighboring Member’s Attribute will be generated in the columns below the neighboring Member(s). 

● New Story Mode “Journey of Sister” ── “Sister – Nora”!

“Nora” the cutest sister in the universe will come to the story mode “Journey of Sister” at 12 noon, next mon! Click The Traveler’s Memories on the main map to enter the story mode and collect the items “Sister’s Doll”. Complete the Extra stage for the first time to get “Sister – Nora” (Lv. Max) x1.

● “Sister – Nora” ── Dark Elemental Power

Dark Human “Sister – Nora” can activate “Dark Elemental Power” upon CD 5:

I. Upon Skill activation and at the end of each Round (dissolving Runestones is necessary),

⇒ turn 1 type of Runestones that are the most in number into Enchanted Dark Runestones.

II. If Dark Runestones are the most in number,

⇒ the Monster’s Skill CD -3.

The Skill stays in play within the Wave.

III. Release the locked Skill of the Monster. (This Skill will not be locked)

● Mythological Monsters ──  “Brontes the Cyclops” Debut

“Brontes the Cyclops” from the “Mythological Monsters” series will be coming next mon.

Light Demon “Brontes the Cyclops” can activate “The One Eye” upon CD 6:

I. Turn Light Runestones into Enchanted Demon Runestones.

II. Turn Heart Runestones into Runestones of the Leader’s Attribute.

For 1 Round,

III. The Leader and the Monster launch 4 extra attacks as much as 50% of their own Attack.

IV. For every extra Race in the Team,

⇒ the Skill stays in play for 1 more Round,

⇒ to the max 3 Rounds.