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Ultimate Stage of “Rui” the Lower Five!”Sakonji Urokodaki” to Create a Challenge “Training of Former Water Hashira”!

Tower of Saviors

Ultimate Stage of “Rui” the Lower Five!

“Sakonji Urokodaki” to Create a Challenge “Training of Former Water Hashira”!

“Rui” will be lurking in the ultimate stage “A Forged Bond” next week. Besides, “Sakonji Urokodaki” will bring Summoners the challenge “Training of Former Water Hashira” to test your skills.

● Ultimate Stage “A Forged Bond”

“Rui”, the Lower Five of the Twelve Kizuki, will come into the realm at 10:00pm, next Friday by setting up the ultimate stage “A Forged Bond”. “Rui” who has a twisted obsession with family bonds will set up traps to encircle the trespassers one by one, and want to include them as a member of the family…

● Enemy Skill

Spider Web will appear in 8 random positions at the beginning of the first Round. 

After that, Spider Web will appear in 4 more positions when the enemy attacks each time. If any of those positions is touched, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately; no Damage can be dealt to the enemy that Round and Team Recovery becomes 0.

When a Dark Combo is made in the first batch and an attack is launched, the enemy reflects 100% of its attack and recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round.

Damage received by the enemy will be lowered to 10% unless it is ignited.

Boss Skill “Spider Web” will be nullified when the enemy is ignited.

● Rui ── “Cutting Thread Rotation”

Dark Demon “Rui” can activate “Cutting Thread Rotation” in the battle to lock the positions in 4 corners. When passing through the locked positions, the Character’s attack will increase; or when you stop moving Runestones in the locked positions, apart from the increase in the Character’s attack, the Character’s Damage will be dealt regardless of Fixed Combo Shield. The Skill stays in play until deactivation or defeated. Upon deactivation of the Skill: Explode 18 fixed positions of Runestones in a specific shape to generate Enchanted Runestones.

● Challenge Mission ── “Training of Former Water Hashira”

“Sakonji Urokodaki”, the former Water Hashira and also the trainer of Demon Slayer Corps, will create the challenge mission “Training of Former Water Hashira” on 5 Apr (Mon). The challenge has Lv 1 – Lv 3 total 3 stages. Every time you complete “Practice in Mount Sagiri Lv1/2/3”, “Sakonji Urokodaki” x1 will be given. When you complete “Practice in Mount Sagiri Lv1/2/3” for the 1st time, Stamina Potion x1, Harpy x1, Aqua Essence Soulstone x1 will be rewarded respectively.

● Sakonji Urokodaki ── Team Skill

As “Sakonji Urokodaki” is the trainer of “Giyu Tomioka” and “Tanjiro Kamado”, if you bring “Sakonji Urokodaki” with “Tanjiro Kamado”, “Sakonji Urokodaki” or “Sabito & Makomo” in the battle, their strength will be boosted: Upon the Round of activation of the Skill of “Tanjiro Kamado”, “Giyu Tomioka” or “Sabito & Makomo”, that Character’s Attack x 1.5.

● Active Skill ── Water Element Strike

“Sakonji Urokodaki” can activate “Water Element Strike” in the battle that for 1 Round, the first batch of Runestones to be dropped will be Water and Heart Runestones. Human launches an extra Water attack. If the Team has “Tanjiro Kamado”, “Giyu Tomioka” or “Sabito & Makomo”,

the Skill stays in play for 1 more Round.

● Human-hunting Demons ── “Kyogai” Debut

* A special Elite stage will be set up with the special scene

* The scene will have a rotation effect. Complete the stage for the 1st time to get 50-pt Stamina Potion x1

“Kyogai” will be the 2nd character of “Human-hunting Demons” series and will be coming next Monday! “Kyogai” will activate “Rapid Drumming” in the battle to turn all Runestones into Demon Runestones of Demon Members’ Attributes and Heart Demon Runestones. If the Team has only Demons, turn the Runestones once again at the end of the Round.

** All relevant events & rewards of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.