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Dawn of “Enmu” the Lower One of Twelve Kizuki!“Yahaba & Susamaru” Horror Stage Mission!

Tower of Saviors

Dawn of “Enmu” the Lower One of Twelve Kizuki!

“Yahaba & Susamaru” Horror Stage Mission!

During the crossover with “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” in v19.8, Yahaba & Susamaru will deliver Summoners the Horror Stage mission. “Enmu” the Lower One of Twelve Kizuki will also come to bring a sweet dream to all of you.

● Horror Stage ── “Wish for Becoming the Twelve Kizuki”

“Yahaba & Susamaru” will set up the Horror Stage “Wish for Becoming the Twelve Kizuki” on 12 Apr (Mon) to prove their strength by defeating Summoners who stand in their way. The stage has a grading system to test your skills. If you complete “Arrow & Temari – Beginner” 5 times, “Yahaba & Susamaru” (Skill Lv.5) x1 will be rewarded. If you complete “Arrow & Temari – Horror” 5 times, “Silver Madhead” x1 will be rewarded. By completing the Horror difficulty for the 1st time, “Nezuko Kamado” animated outfit will be rewarded.

By reaching specific scores in Horror StageRewards
15,000 Scores“Gladiator Alpaca” x1
25,000 Scores“Golden Prawn” x1
35,000 ScoresComponent “Silver Seal” x1
45,000 ScoresPower Release Material (random) x1
55,000 ScoresGolden Mothdrake x3
65,000 ScoresYahaba & Susamaru (Skill Lv.10)

●  Enemy Skill Info

Turn 4 random positions into arrow areas. The direction of the arrows will be shown when any Member has an additional effect in play. If Summoner does not move the Runestone in the direction of the arrows when passing the arrow areas, the Runestone movement will be stopped immediately.

●  “Yahaba & Susamaru” ── Dual-Effect Skill (Pick 1) “Koketsu Arrow – Mariasobi” 

Fire-Attribute Demon “Yahaba & Susamaru” can activate “Mariasobi” or “Koketsu Arrow” depending on situations. “Mariasobi”: For 1 Round, Fire Runestones can be dissolved singly or in groups of 2 or more; For every group of Fire Runestones dissolved in the first batch, the Character launches an extra attack as much as 50% of its own Attack, to the max 8 extra attacks. “Koketsu Arrow”: For 1 Round, unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving in 12 seconds. Turn all Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Demon Runestones.

●  Enmu “Lower One’s Dreams” ── 3-Team Challenge

“Enmu” the Lower One of Twelve Kizuki will set up the challenge “Lower One’s Dreams” on 12 Apr (Mon) to bring Summoners a deadly dream. “Enmu” is powerful with the Lower One ranking. The challenge mission has Lv1 & Lv2 stages. Lv1 is set with the default team while Lv2 requires players to 3 teams to battle.

Stage1st time clearanceEach clearanceComplete the stage 3 times
“Lower One’s Dreams”  Lv1Shadow Essence Soulstone x1Enmu x1Enmu x1 (Skill Lv.8)
“Lower One’s Dreams”  Lv2Fluorescent Python x1Enmu x2

● Skill of “Enmu” ── “Eyes of Forced Unconscious Sleep”

Dark-Attribute Demon “Enmu” can activate “Eyes of Forced Unconscious Sleep” to hypnotize all enemies. Affected enemies will be inactivated for 2 Rounds. If the enemy is Human, the effect stays in play for 5 Rounds. When Heart Runestones are dissolved in the first batch, enemies will be woken up. Damage of the Team dealt to hypnotized enemies x 1.5 additionally.

** All relevant events & rewards of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.