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“Tower of Saviors” x “PUI PUI MOLCAR” Crossover Soon!

“Tower of Saviors” x “PUI PUI MOLCAR” Crossover Soon!

Tower of Saviors will have a short crossover event with the famous stop-motion anime “PUI PUI MOLCAR”. The adorable guinea pigs will come to the realm on 26 Apr (Mon)!

● “PUI PUI MOLCAR” Series!

During the crossover period between 26 Apr (Mon) and 9 May (Sun), characters of “PUI PUI MOLCAR” will be drawn by the “Boost Carrot” in the stage “Temptation of Carrots”. If you want to bring these lovely “PUI PUI MOLCAR” characters into the inventory, you need to collect as many “Boost Carrot” as you can. Complete the stage for the 1st time, you’ll be rewarded with “Boost Carrot” x 24. When you reach the specific number of “Boost Carrot”, characters of “PUI PUI MOLCAR” can be redeemed in Trade Fortress (requirement: 24 “Boost Carrot” in exchange for each of the character).

When “Boost Carrot” is used as Skill Level-up Materials, the accumulated Skill Round of “PUI PUI MOLCAR” characters +600, other characters +50.

Let’s go! Team PUI PUI MOLCAR!

●  Exclusive Dragonware for “PUI PUI MOLCAR” ── “Vegetables Cup”

During the crossover period, you can use the specific amount of Souls to redeem the exclusive Dragonware for “PUI PUI MOLCAR” ── “Vegetables Cup Pattern” x2 in “Soul Exchange”. You can also challenge “Savage Shark in the Sky” to get “Vegetables Cup Pattern” x1.

Vegetables Cup
Dragonware Skill IExtend Runestone-moving time by 0.5 seconds
Dragonware Skill IIBy dissolving ≥15 Runestones, ⇒ the Character’s Attack x 1.15 additionally
Dragonware Skill IIIBy dissolving ≥4 Heart Runestones, recover HP as much as 1.5x the Team Recovery
Craft Skill IRecover 60% HP
Craft Skill IISkill CD of Leader & Ally -5
Craft Skill III50% of Damage will be dealt regardless of Puzzle Shield
*Craft Skills are triggered by reaching specific scores in Dragonic Compulsion

● Challenge Event ── “Savage Shark in the Sky”

The destructive Mecha Shark will set up the challenge “Savage Shark in the Sky” on 26 Apr (Mon). Each time you complete the stage “Savage Shark in the Sky”, “Mecha Shark” x1 and “Boost Carrot” x1 will be rewarded. When you complete the stage for the 1st time, “Boost Carrot” x5 will be rewarded. When you complete the stage 5 times, rare Dragonware “Vegetables Cup Pattern” will be yours!

● Mecha Shark ── Laser Shot!

Dark-Attribute Machina “Mecha Shark” can activate “Laser Shot!” in the battle to explode all Runestones to generate Enchanted Runestones; For 1 Round, all Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Attributive Runestones. Team Damage dealt on Beast enemies x 2 additionally.

** All relevant events & rewards of “PUI PUI MOLCAR” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.