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“Grendel the Devourer of Noises” Ancient Wars!“Meaning of Sacrifice – Kasuga Sen” Ultimate Stage “Defend Our Homeland”!

Tower of Saviors

“Grendel the Devourer of Noises” Ancient Wars!

“Meaning of Sacrifice – Kasuga Sen” Ultimate Stage “Defend Our Homeland”!

Next week, Ancient Wars “Silence the Annoyance” will rage the realm, featuring the World Boss “Grendel the Devourer of Noises”. All Summoners, are you ready for the emergency?

● Ancient Wars ── Silence the Annoyance

“Grendel the Devourer of Noises” will set up the Ancient Wars “Silence the Annoyance” to eliminate all creatures who make a noise. Prepare your fight on 7 Jun (Mon).

● Prepare Actively for the War

The “Ancient Wars” can be divided into two phases, namely the Preparation Phase and the Battle Phase. The former allows summoners to get ready for the coming battles, such as enlisting, upgrading the settings and collecting spirits. The latter enables summoners to participate in “Defense” and “Attack” battles to win Merits for rewards redemption.

Preparation Phase06-07 12:00 ~ 06-09 11:59
Battle Phase06-09 12:00 ~ 06-13 23:59

●  Strengthen Upgrades

* From 00:00 to 05:59 during the Battle Phase, it’s rest time for all Summoners. In this period, “Grendel” will stop sending pawns to attack.

After the previous Ancient Wars, there is a new development on the upgrade. The Guild President can consume Golds to increase the number of pawns attacking each hour, thereby increasing the Merits. When you upgrade to Lv.4, the number of pawns x5 and the Merits earned x 1.8. Do consider your tactics and spend wisely.

● How to Get “Grendel the Devourer of Noises”

When the total HP of “Grendel the Devourer of Noises” becomes 0, each time you complete the “Attack” battle, you can get “Grendel the Devourer of Noises” x1 (No boss card will be dropped when its HP is ≥1). Also you can redeem the animated outfit of “Harmonic of Purification – Feiyin”, and rare material “Core of Doom” (for PR “Corrupted Sealed Lords”) with “Merits”.

When the Battle Phase ends, corresponding rewards will be given to all summoners according to the progress of the “Ancient Wars”. For those who can successfully protect their guilds, Black Key x 150 will be granted.

● Dual Skill Effects (Pick 1) of “Grendel the Devourer of Noises” ── Super Axe Strike

“Grendel the Devourer of Noises” can activate “Super Axe Strike” which has dual effects for you to pick. 

Effect 1:

Explode Light and Dark Runestones to generate non-Light and non-Dark Beast Runestones.

For 1 Round:

II. Combo count +8.

III. If 9 or more Runestones are exploded,

⇒ the Monster’s Skill CD -4.

Effect 2:

Explode Water, Fire and Earth Runestones to generate Light Beast, Dark Beast and Heart Beast Runestones.

II. CDs of all enemies will be delayed for 2 Rounds.

III. If 14 or more Runestones are exploded,

⇒ the Monster’s Skill CD -2.

It’s your call to decide exploding and generating what kinds of Runestones, increasing Combos or delaying enemy’s CD.

● Ultimate Stage ── Defend Our Homeland

As the “Queen of Yamatai – Himiko” will be coming to the realm at 4pm next mon, her mother “Meaning of Sacrifice – Kasuga Sen” will also set up the ultimate stage “Defend Our Homeland” at 10pm next fri. 

● Meaning of Sacrifice – Kasuga Sen ── Will of Heart

“Meaning of Sacrifice – Kasuga Sen” can activate “Will of Heart” upon CD 7:

For 1 Round:

I. Attack of the Leader and Ally x 2.5.

II. Turn the first 6 Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Heart Runestones.

III. If ≥8 Heart Runestones are dissolved in the first batch,

⇒ the Skill keeps staying in play.

● Yamatai Kingdom ── Imperial Fealty – Isuzu

“Imperial Fealty – Isuzu”, the 2nd bi-weekly character of “Yamatai Kingdom”, will be coming next mon. Dark-Human “Imperial Fealty – Isuzu” can activate “Devouring Weakness” upon CD 8:

For 2 Rounds: 

I. Weaken the Attack of all enemies by 70%.

II. Nullify all Damage-reducing Skills.

III. If the Leader is a Human, Dragon or Beast,

⇒ Boss Skill “Burning” (excluding “Hellfire”) will be nullified.