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TOS Fest Summer Feeeever|New Ultimate Stage “Dubious Mercy”

Tower of Saviors Entering “Era of Novelty”!
“Summoner Candidates” Series Debut!

Theogony Ruler – HeraSetting up An Ultimate Stage “Dubious Mercy” !

Upon the latest version to be released on 2 Aug (Mon), Tower of Saviors will bring Summoners to a new era. 10 characters of the “Summoner Candidates” series will be included in the “Era of Novelty” Seal, accompanying Summoners to their new journey. Before the version updates, “Theogony Ruler – Hera” will arrive at the realms as the ultimate overlord.

● Brand-new main map ── Entering the “Era of Novelty”

300 years ago, the seven races united and established the “Heptara Unies”, bringing peace to the war-torn Continent Tarones. As time went by, however, a storm has been brewing underwater. Once again, the world’s fate is put in the hands of summoners with great missions to stop it from falling apart. Serving as a bridge connecting the future and the past, summoners shall ride out the storm by summoning heroic spirits and guide all living creatures back to the right track.

In the latest version, there will be different changes in the environment and layouts. With every small detail, Summoners may experience new sensations, new thrills, and new excitements. So be prepared for the whole new main chapters after the updates on 2 Aug (Mon)! 

● “Era of Novelty” Seal ── Summoner Candidates

The new era will begin with 10 “Summoner Candidates” series characters and 2 “First Encounter” series rare characters appearing in the “Era of Novelty” Seal. The skills of the 10 “Summoner Candidates” characters are revealed below. Details of the rare characters, “Javanor” and “Queness”, will be announced next week.

● Summoner Candidates ── Team skill

ConditionTeam Skill
The Leader is of the “Summoner Candidates” series.I. Extend Runestone-moving time by 1.5 seconds
II.  Runestones of the Leader’s Attribute
⇒ possess 50% effect of Heart Runestones
III. Heart Runestones
⇒ possess 200% effect of Runestones of the Leader’s Attribute

● Sebelle the Cheerful Nature Lover

● Onidzuka Hane the Hovering Halberds

● Coco the Fanatic Foodie

● Kogol the Fiery Stripes 

● Water Lily the Flower Artist

● Cokira the Flaming Dragonhorn

● Lianxuan the Flute Fairy

● Lorraine the Crimson Sceptre

● Flore the Charging Laser

● Doleto the Innovative Machinist

● Clear the “Boss Skill Training” stages and get “Protagonists the Saviors”

In the latest version, a series of “Boss Skill Training” stages will be added to the “Train Up ” page in the “Lost Relic” to help Summoners lay concrete foundations of tackling different types of Boss Skills, including “Shrouded Disarray”, “Confinement”, “Weathered Runestones”, “Petrified Runestone” and “Runestone Number Shield (First Batch)” etc. Summoners who succeed in clearing all 9 “Boss Skill Training” stages will be rewarded with “Protagonists the Saviors” (DUAL MAX) redemption coupon x1!

● Protagonists the Saviors ── Breakthrough – Elements

● Ultimate Stage ── Dubious Mercy

“Theogony Ruler – Hera”, the wife of Zeus and the birth mother of Hephaestus will set up an Ultimate stage “Dubious Mercy” at 10:00 pm on 30 Jul (Fri). Disgusted with Hephaestus’s ugliness, Hera stood by while baby Hephaestus fell out of Heaven. Ugly Summoners will get banished from the Ultimate stage of “Hera”!

● Theogony Ruler – Hera ── Hex of Blood

● Feast of the Fest ── Charmie the Favored Preppy Debut

This year’s TOS Fest character, “Charmie the Favored Preppy”, will make her debut upon the latest version to be released on 2 Aug (Mon), bringing her challenge stage of “The Favored Preppy with Crowning Glory”. The stage will be presented with 3 floors, from Lv1 to Lv3. Upon each clearance of “The Favored Preppy with Crowning Glory Lv1”, “Charmie the Favored Preppy” x1 will be rewarded; For 1st completion of  Lv1、Lv2、Lv3 floor, “Harpy x1, “Aqua Essence Soulstone” x1 and “Water Orb” x20 will be rewarded respectively.

● Charmie the Favored Preppy── Waltz of Waves

● Feast of the Fest characters ── Team Skill

As the “Feast of the Fest” characters, “Charmie” and “Berkeley” will have their own team skill when they fight together.

ConditionTeam Skill
There are “Charmie the Favored Preppy” 
& “Swallow-tailed Butler – Berkeley” in the Team
The first『 “Charmie the Favored Preppy” &「 “Swallow-tailed Butler – Berkeley” from the left
⓵ HP & Attack x 1.3
⓶ Skill CD -3 after entering a stage

● Monthly Challenge August── August Challenge

Upon the latest version to be released on 2 Aug (Mon), a brand new “Monthly Challenge August” will be opened for Summoners to challenge themselves and hone their battling skills. There will be 10 stages which will be all available starting from the first day of the event. Summoners can choose stages from Lv1 – Lv10 according to their own competence. 

Are you confident to take on the Lv10 challenge? There will be various rewards for the first completion of specified Lv. stages. By clearing the Lv9 stage and Lv10 stage, Summoners can even get “Light Orb” x40, and rare materials “Fluorescent Python” x1 and “Core of Doom” x1!