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“Belian Wanted! Mission” Event Details

Time: 3 Aug (Tue) 22:00 to 8 Aug (Sun) 23:59

Summoners, team up and gather your powers to challenge the Ultimate stage of “The Magic of Divination”. Get fruitful rewards with all the other Summoners by completing the “Belian Wanted”!

Event Details:
1. If the total challenge times of the whole server reach certain points, delightful rewards will be given to Summoners as follows:
Total challenge times reach 500 thousand:Madhead x1
Total challenge times reach 1 million:Black Key x50
Total challenge times reach 2 million:Harpy Knight – Madhead
Total challenge times reach 3 million: “Era of Novelty” Seal Draw x1

2. When the accumulated challenge times reach 1 million, Summoners who clear the stage successfully will get an extra Stamina Potion x3.

3. The rewards for personal accumulated times of stage clearance are shown below:
2 times: “First Encounter”, “Summoner Candidates” series Feeder ── Lassie Sweety x10
4 times: “First Encounter”, “Summoner Candidates” series Feeder ── Lassie Sweety x10
6 times: “First Encouter”, “Summoner Candidates” series Feeder ── Lassie Sweety x10

*1st and 2nd rewards will be distributed at/after 12:00 on 10 Aug (Tue).
*3rd rewards can be claimed in “personal mission” which locates at the lower left corner of the main map → “Special Mission”.

Last Update Time: 2021-08-04 15:13