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The main planet inhabited by humans.


Refers to the lands of the Earth. Divided into five parts when the origin was liberated, the five lands are located in the north, east, south, west, and the center of the planet respectively.


A country located in central Continent Tarones which upholds the values of democracy and freedom. One of the important hubs for trade and diplomacy among the seven races.


The capital of Rycaza in which stands the Enochian Tower.

Enochian Tower

Built by humans from all major countries in the old days, it was later discovered by the hero Enoch that the bottom of the tower had been connected to the sealed Mech City. A witness of battles large and small, it is a building with significant symbolic value. In the new era, it was rebuilt as the headquarters of Heptara Unies, and has become an important venue for interracial meetings.

Heptara Unies

An international association of the seven races established in year 148 of the New Calendar. With the important mission of maintaning peace in the universe, it is mainly responsible for managing and coordinating various affairs among the seven races and between nations.


A magic institute that has existed since the old days. After years of development, it has become very significant among the seven races. While it is mainly responsible for the management and cultivation of mages, it also acts as an intermediary agency that receives and assigns various commissions.

Lomond Manor

A scientific institute that has existed since the old days. The machinas which awakened at the beginning of the new era joined the organization, and after years of development it has become very significant among the seven races. It is mainly responsible for the research and management of different kinds of science and technology.


People who possess special power. They are able to summon dead heroic spirits to the present. Most of the summoners are under the management of the Security Department of Heptara Unies, and have the responsibility of performing various important tasks.

New Calendar

In commemoration of the hero Enoch, who liberated the power of the origin, people created the “New Calendar” on the same year to mark the beginning of a new era.

Primordial Dragons

The clan which created everything in the universe. Azathoth, who represented “destruction”, split into Daoloth, who represented “creation”; the latter gave birth to countless lives in the once barren universe.

Summoner Card Case

Exclusive magical instrument for each summoner. A medium for summoners to summon heroic spirits.

Heroic Spirit

The remnants of the longings of existences who once had powerful souls in the past. They can be re-summoned by summoners through the technology of Heptara Unies. These existences are called “heroic spirits”.

Magic Formula

A special technique that transforms charms into magic. The strength of the magic depends on the number of layers of the magic formula. The one-layer magic formula is the weakest, while the current strongest formula has seven layers.


The human being hailed as the “savior”. He was also the first summoner ever. Having dedicated his life to bringing peace to the seven races, he eventually passed away peacefully in the year following the establishment of Heptara Unies.