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Tower of SaviorsNew Limited Black-gold “Halo Warfare – Nesoi” Debut!|New Transmigration “The Beauty of Refinement”!|Ultimate Lord “Trinity Flames – Leafy, Flora, Windie” Arrives!

Tower of Saviors
New Limited Black-gold “Halo Warfare – Nesoi” Debut!
New Transmigration “The Beauty of Refinement”!
Ultimate Lord “Trinity Flames – Leafy, Flora, Windie” Arrives!

“Halo Warfare – Nesoi” will descend on the realms on 30 Aug (Mon) at 13:00. In the meantime, “Ferocious Seamstress  – Siannodel” will bring a new Transmigration of “The Beauty of Refinement” and “Trinity Flames – Leafy, Flora, Windie” will appear as an Ultimate Lord.

● “Halo Warfare – Nesoi” ── Debut on 30 Aug!

“Empyrean Radiance” event period: 30 Aug (Mon) 13:00 to 8 Sep (Wed)

“Halo Warfare – Nesoi” will reveal herself in the realms on 30 Aug (Mon) 13:00 with the empyrean radiance of the Holy Gods. “Halo Warfare – Nesoi” is an extremely rare 7* character, which can be obtained in the Empyrean Radiance Diamond Seal event. During the event period, Summoners will be rewarded with “Empyrean Radiance” Dragonware (selectable) x1 upon getting their first “Halo Warfare – Nesoi”.

●“Halo Warfare – Nesoi” Leader Skill ── The Holy Intimidation

●“Halo Warfare – Nesoi” Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
Both the Leader and Ally are “Halo Warfare – Nesoi”.I.Damage received from Boss Skill “Burning” will be converted to HP Recovery.
II.Skill CD of “Halo Warfare – Nesoi” -6 after entering a Stage.
III. Damage received from an enemy with Boss Skill “Runestone Number Shield (First Batch)” -50%.
IV. Water, Fire, Light and Dark Runestones also possess the effect of each other.
V. Light and Dark Runestones also possess 50% effect of Heart Runestones.
VI. With a number of additional effect(s) in play:
▋≥1:Team Attack x 1.5.
▋≥2:Combo count +5.
▋≥3:God & Elf Damage will be dealt regardless of Fixed Combo Shield.
▋≥4:God & Elf Damage will be dealt regardless of Trio Elemental Shield and Quintet Elemental Shield.
▋≥5:Ex. Combo count +8.

● Active Skill ── Spear of Holy Spirits

● “The Lost Saga” rare characters available in “Ancient Coin” Seal

During the event period, the “Ancient Coin” Seal drawing machine will be open as well. “The Lost Saga” rare characters, “Apex of Fortitude – Huaxi”, “Harmonic of Purification – Feiyin” and “Soaring Aspiration – Jichen”, will be added to the “Ancient Coin” Seal this time.

●“Halo Warfare – Nesoi” Voice Gift Pack coming soon

●Descent of “Halo Warfare – Nesoi”  10 Empyrean Free Draws

Summoners can get 10 free draws upon their first log-in during the “Empyrean Radiance” event period. Lucky Summoners may even get “Halo Warfare – Nesoi”!

●“Spear of Empyrean”── Light-exclusive Dragonware

A new Light-exclusive Dragonware, “Spear of Empyrean” will follow the descent of “Halo Warfare – Nesoi” and unveil itself in the realms. Summoners can get a “Spear of Empyrean” Dragonware (selectable) x1 upon getting their first “Halo Warfare – Nesoi”; Summoners may also forge the “Spear of Empyrean” Dragonware by using Components and “Halo Warfare – Nesoi”.

Spear of Empyrean
Applicable toLight characters
Dragonware Skill IExtend Runestone moving time regardlessly by 1 second.
Dragonware Skill IIBy dissolving a group of 3 or more Light Runestones, the Character’s Attack x 1.2 additionally.
Dragonware Skill IIIWhen the Character is a God, the Character’s Attack x 1.2.
Craft Skill ITeam Attack and Recovery ↑ 30%.
Craft Skill IISkill CDs of the Leader and Ally -3.
Craft Skill IIIDamage will be dealt to enemies regardless of “Puzzle Shield”.
* Craft Skills will be triggered by reaching specific scores in Dragonic Compulsion.

● New Transmigration  ── “The Beauty of Refinement”

As the 4th Keeper of Transmigration, “Ferocious Seamstress  – Siannodel” will set up a 20-floor Transmigration of “The Beauty of Refinement” on 30 Aug (Mon)! Moreover, “Round restriction” and “step restriction” will be added to the new Transmigration! With the new “step restriction”, Summoners can only make 40 steps each Round. Runestone movement will be stopped immediately after the 40th step is made.

Summoners can get considerable rewards by completing a specific number of floors for the first time. “Ferocious Seamstress  – Siannodel” x1 will be dropped upon each stage clearance of the 20th floor.

●“Ferocious Seamstress  – Siannodel” Active Skill I ── Excision Spell

●“Ferocious Seamstress  – Siannodel” Active Skill II ── Dispirited Storm

● Ultimate Stage ── The Food is All Mine

Summoners can unlock the Bonding Skill of “Vivacious Dragona – Javanor” by owning DUAL MAX “Trinity Flames – Leafy, Flora, Windie”: By dissolving the Character’s Character Runestones in the first batch, the Character launches an extra attack as much as 50% of its Attack.

“Trinity Flames – Leafy, Flora, Windie”, which is composed by the heroic Leafy, the cutie Flora and the valiant Windie, will set up an Ultimate stage of “The Food is All Mine” on 3 Sep (Fri) 22:00.

● Trinity Flames – Leafy, Flora, Windie ── Triple Alteration

● Monthly Challenge ── September Challenge

On 1 Sep (Wed), a new Monthly Challenge of September will be open for Summoners to challenge themselves and hone their battling skills. There will be 10 stages which will be all available starting from the first day of the event. Summoners can choose stages from Lv1 – Lv10 according to their own competence. 

Summoners, are you confident to take on the Lv10 challenge? There will be fruitful rewards for the first completion of specific Lv. stages. By clearing the Lv9 stage and Lv10 stage for the first time, Summoners can even get “Water Orb” x40, “Protagonists the Saviors” DUAL MAX redemption coupon x1, and “Core of Doom” x1!

● “Lionheart Martial Arts Hall” Bi-weekly series character ── Hunting Teeth – Mumu

Summoners can unlock the Bonding Skill of “Rumbling Lionheart – Queness” by owning DUAL MAX “Hunting Teeth – Mumu”: By dissolving the Character’s Character Runestones, Combo count +1.

“Hunting Teeth – Mumu”, the 3rd character of the “Lionheart Martial Arts Hall” Bi-weekly series, will make her debut next Monday. Being the third top student of the martial arts hall, Mumu will set up a Bi-weekly stage of “Lurking in the Breath” and compare notes with Summoners.

● Hunting Teeth – Mumu ── The Breakaway Spell