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Tower of SaviorNew Transmigration “Savage Prey” Unfolds!Ultimate Lord “Pharmacologic Whizz – Bessie” Descends!Challenge of “Harvest Moon Reunion -The Fate’s Trio” Debuts!

Tower of Savior
New Transmigration “Savage Prey” Unfolds!
Ultimate Lord “Pharmacologic Whizz – Bessie” Descends!
Challenge of “Harvest Moon Reunion -The Fate’s Trio” Debuts!

● Ultimate Stage ── Rewriting the Regrets in the Past 

“Pharmacologic Whizz – Bessie”, the great witch of Kleinka and the former owner of the witch’s physic garden, will set up an Ultimate stage of “Rewriting the Regrets in the Past” on 22 Oct (Fri) at 22:00. She will set up various barriers in the stage, showing her will to rewrite the regrets in the past.

● Pharmacologic Whizz – Bessie ── Overhaul

● New Transmigration ── Savage Prey

Following the “The Beauty of Refinement” of  “Ferocious Seamstress – Siannodel”, the 5th Keeper of Transmigration, “Vitriolic Savagery- Bunyip”, will set up a 20-floor Transmigration of “Savage Prey” on 18 Oct (Mon)! There will be “Round restriction” and “Battle Scene Property”-Defensive Areas in the new Transmigration.

Defensive Areas:

 4 random positions will be changed to Defensive Areas each Round. A random Member will be locked each Round. The locked Member’s Character Runestone must be placed in a Defensive Area at the end of Runestone movement. Otherwise, that Member will be disabled until your defeat.

● Vitriolic Savagery- Bunyip ── Doom Engulfment

● Challenge Stage── The Moment of Reunion

The lovable “Harvest Moon Reunion -The Fate’s Trio” will set up a Challenge stage of “The Moment of Reunion” next Monday. Summoners can get “Harvest Moon Reunion -The Fate’s Trio” x1 upon each stage clearance of “The Moment of Reunion Lv.1”.

● Harvest Moon Reunion -The Fate’s Trio ── Mingling of Elements

● “Trusty Buddies” Adding Bonding Skills

CharacterConditionsBonding Skills
Valiant Brilliance – OureaOwn Halo Warfare – NesoiBy dissolving the Character’s Character Runestones in the first batch,
⇒ the Character launches an extra attack as much as 100% of its Attack.
Genial Protodemon – IversonOwn Dual Max Waterdeep Kindness – GalanodelBy dissolving the Character’s Character Runestones in the first batch,
⇒ Combo count +1.