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Tower of Savior“Spider Parade – Isabel” Setting Up Guild Mission of “A Wild Night in Silky Maze”!“Companions of Mystical Beasts” Available for Awakening Recall!

Tower of Savior
“Spider Parade – Isabel” Setting Up Guild Mission of “A Wild Night in Silky Maze”!
“Companions of Mystical Beasts” Available for Awakening Recall!

● Guild Mission ── A Wild Night in Silky Maze 

“Spider Parade – Isabel” will set up a Guild mission of “A Wild Night in Silky Maze” next week, in which she will celebrate Halloween with all her cute “Spiders” and Summoners. By collecting a certain amount of “Spiders”, Summoners can get “Spider Parade – Isabel” and other considerable rewards.

●“Halloween Spider Hunt” Guild Mission Stage ── 100% Drop of Raiding Monsters

Besides collecting all kinds of “Spiders”, Summoners may also encounter “Sweet Bloodlust – Noah” or “Tobey the Doll Mistress” in the Guild mission stage of “Halloween Spider Hunt”.  Go meet them and bring them into your inventory for the Halloween celebration.

● Spider Parade – Isabel ── Double Active Skills

● Collect “Spiders” and Get Event Scores

Participating in the “A Wild Night in Silky Maze” Guild mission, Summoners can get different “Spiders” in the stage. Each “Spiders” can be exchanged for certain guild scores. With the rare “Spider”, Summoners may even get 200 scores! Summoners will be granted wonderful rewards upon collecting specific “Spiders” for the first time and reaching certain personal and Guild scores! Summoners can even get a rare title of “Web Designer” by collecting all 10 “Spiders”!

●  Guild Mission Stage “Spiders” Distribution

●“Companions of Mystical Beasts” Awakening Recall Available Soon!

The characters of “Companions of Mystical Beasts” will be available for Awakening Recall on 25 Oct (Mon) at 13:00! Summoners can open the door of Awakening Recall by leveling up specific power-released characters of “Companions of Mystical Beasts” and clearing the Extra stages of the relevant Story Mode! The AR characters will have a stat increase and a new Passive Skill!

● The Grafters of Heptara Unies ── Veteran Vigilance – Gabino

“ Veteran Vigilance – Gabino”, the second character of “The Grafters of Heptara Unies” the bi-weekly series, will make his debut next Monday. With his hair that can be used as a weapon, “Veteran Vigilance – Gabin” will set up a bi-weekly stage of “Patrol To Beat Crime”  as the Security Team Head.

●“Veteran Vigilance – Gabino”── Vigilant Surveillance