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“Beast Tamer – Vivia the Little Witch” Tournament of Duels Coming Soon! ission of “Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi”!

Beast Tamer – Vivia the Little Witch” Tournament of Duels Coming Soon!

New Horror Mission of “Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi”!

● The 6th Tournament of Duels: Beast Feast Under A Sweet Smile

The 6th Tournament of Duels will be held on 7 Feb (Mon)! Having a body of strapping muscles and strength that can smash a boulder into pieces with just one punch, “Vivia the Little Witch” will lead her team as a seed in the tournament! During the 7-day event, Summoners will battle with other teams starting from Round of 16! “Points” will be given based on the battle level and Summoners’ performance. Earn more “Points” to get more rewards!

● Advance to Obtain “Points”!

Summoners can participate in a battle by consuming Spirit! Defeat the enemy with the least rounds and battle time! “Points” will be given on a performance basis. Summoners who clear the “Quarter Final”, “Semi-Final” & “Final” successfully will be rewarded with extra “Points” as recognition!

● Redeem New Character “Beast Tamer – Vivia the Little Witch” with “Points”!

Summoners can redeem various valuables with their “Points”, including “Harpy”, “Silver Madhead” & the new character “Beast Tamer – Vivia the Little Witch”. In the meantime, “Primate Conqueror – Yuan Zhen”, “Sun Chaser – Kuafu”, “Lion-Dragon Hybrid – Ushumgallu” and “Fangs of Fury – Crimson Devil”  will return as well, with 11 redemption quotas for each of them! Besides, Summoners can get various rare rewards by completing the Tournament for certain times. 

Accumulated completion of “Final”Rewards
1 timeBlack Key x 30
2 timesBronze Madhead x 5
3 timesFluorescent Python x 1
4 timesBaby Harpy Knight – Madhead x 1
5 timesShadow Essence Soulstone x 1

● Beast Tamer – Vivia the Little Witch ── Cutie Punch

● Horror Mission ── “Consciousness of the Sixth Sense”

With a compassionate and philanthropic personality, “Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi” will set up a Horror mission of “Consciousness of the Sixth Sense” on 8 Feb (Tue) to enlighten all Summoners. The stage has a grading system to test Summoners’ skills!

Summoners can get “Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi” (Skill Lv. 1) x1 by completing the “Consciousness of the Sixth Sense – Beginner” floor 1 time and “Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi” (Skill Lv. 7) x1 by completing the beginner floor 3 times! Those who complete the Horror floor and reach 65,000 scores will be rewarded with “Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi” (Skill Lv. 10) x1! In addition, Summoners can get Dragonware “Fleeting Longevity Lotus Amulet” x 1 by clearing the Horror floor 5 times!

Floor Clearance TimesReward
Beginner Floor – 1 time“Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi” (Skill Lv. 1) x 1
Beginner Floor – 3 times“Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi” (Skill Lv. 7) x 1
Horror Floor – 3 timesSilver Madhead x 1
Horror Floor – 5 timesFleeting Longevity Lotus Amulet x 1

● Salayatana Enlightenment – Sun Wushi ── Uplifting Erudition

● Light Beast-exclusive Dragonware ── Fleeting Longevity Lotus Amulet

Get Dragonware “Fleeting Longevity Lotus Amulet” x 1 by clearing the “Consciousness of the Sixth Sense – Horror” 5 times!

● Transmigration Challenge ── Idols Never Fail

The runner-up team in the【TOS “Super Idol” Character Vote】will set up a Transmigration challenge on 10 Feb (Thu) to show their dazzling charm! Summoners can get plenty of rewards by clearing the Transmigration stage of “Idols Never Fail”.