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【Let’s Play A Game of Tower Defense】Celebration EVENTS

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds 
Time: 21 Feb (Mon) to 25 Feb (Fri) 
1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!
★ 2nd Event: New Joint Operation “Let’s Play A Game of Tower Defense”
Time: 21 Feb (Mon) to 27 Feb (Sun)
The devilish Earl of crows will play a game of tower defense with all Guild members!

1. The rewards of Joint Operation will be optimized with the following settings:
 a.【Extra “Clearance Reward”】
  When Summoners clear a mission with ≥81% progress, an extra “Clearance Reward” x1 will be given.
 b.【Collect All Function】
  All rewards can be collected in one tap in “Rewards”.
 c.【Extra Record Reward】
  Extra Diamond reward for personal accumulated clearance record is added. Summoners will be rewarded upon clearing the stage for specific times.
2. Top 100 Guild leaderboard will NOT be available for this event.
3. There will be an additional reward for this event:
 a. New Light Demon-exclusive Dragonware “Raven Chess Pattern” x1.
 b. Get the above Dragonware reward by clearing the stage 15 times.
4. Get the new character “Crow Master – Halpas” x1 and “Harpy” x1 by mission stage for 30 times!
5. Get “Luscious Purity – Letitia”: Get “Luscious Purity – Letitia” x1 by clearing a floor of any difficulty 2 times, up to x10 for clearing the floor 20 times.
★ 3rd Event: New Ultimate Stage “Conquer the Human-faced Beast”
Time: 23 Feb (Wed) 22:00 to 27 Feb (Sun) 23:59
Capture the nine-headed mythological beast that can see the future! 

In this Ultimate event, there will be a stage of new difficulty, “Ultimate Rehearsal”. The overall structure or setting of the “Ultimate Rehearsal” stage will be the same as the Ultimate stage, but the stage will have a relatively lower difficulty with a lower drop chance of Boss Card character. Beginners are recommended to challenge this stage of the new difficulty.

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get “Earth Orb” x40. * Complete the stage 3 times to get “Nine-headed Beast – Kaiming Shou” (Skill Lv.7) x1.
* The “Ultimate Rehearsal” stage will open at the same time until 27 Feb.
★ 4th Event: Returning Ultimate Stage “Protect the Important Ones” 
Time: 25 Feb (Fri) 22:00 to 28 Feb (Mon) 23:59 
The persistence in protecting the important one! 

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get “Earth Orb” x40. 
* Complete the stage 3 times to get “Boge the Elven White Thrush” (Skill Lv.7) x1. 
★ 5th Event: Source of Victory 
Time: 26 Feb (Sat) to 27 Feb (Sun) 

Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x1! (The Stamina Refill must be used within the event period) 

*Log in on 26 Feb (Sat) or 27 Feb (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Rewards”. 
*The Stamina Refill must be used within 26 Feb (Sat) – 27 Feb (Sun). 
★ 6th Event: Diamond Seal Event “A Novel Surprise”
Time: 24 Feb (Thu) 13:00 to 26 Feb (Sat) 23:59
During the event period, the chance of getting rare characters in the “Era of Novelty” Seal will be greatly boosted!
★ 7th Event: Special Event “Blazing Souls of Battles” 
Time: 21 Feb (Mon) to 27 Feb (Sun) 
A great chance to harvest Soulstones! 

* The Stamina required for entering Earth and Light Soulstone stages will be reduced by HALF! 
★ 8th Event: Arena “Arena Trials” Reopens 
Time: 21 Feb (Mon) 12:00 to 28 Feb (Mon) before maintenance 
Arena Trials are available again! Test your skills now! 
For more details, please visit: 

* Starting from “Sergeant Major”, the required EXP for every upgrade would be 50,000 points. 
* The current highest rank is “Brigadier”.
★ 9th Event: “Bonus Spirit” 
1st period: 21 Feb (Mon) to 22 Feb (Tue) 
2nd period: 23 Feb (Wed) to 24 Feb (Thu) 

Spirit Refill x 1 will be given to Summoners who use Diamond to restore Spirit for the first time during the designated period. A total of 2 Spirit Refills can be obtained.
★ 10th Event: New Items in “Trade Fortress” 
Time: 21 Feb (Mon) to 28 Feb (Mon) 
New items will be available in the event period. Come and take a look! 

Available items includes: 
-“A Boss for a Boss” 
└ Scheming Usurper – Dong Zhuo 
└ Deep Blue Elasticity – Jelly 
└ Raging Fangs – Mushussu 
└ State of Purusha – Shatarupa 
└ World Expeditionist – Columbus 

– Story Mode Items 
└ Astropiece – Court of Aries / Astropiece – Court of Libra / Aquatic Luminous Pearl/ 
└ Core Fragment – Fire / Fragment of Scroll of Youkai – Water / Axe Fragment / Hunter Emblem – Water
★ Additional Event: “14th Bahamut ACG Award”
Time: 21 Feb (Mon) 12:00 to 6 Mar (Sun) 23:59
Don’t forget to submit your votes for the annual ACG Award!

*It is an one-off stage, in which Diamond will be given for stage clearance.
* Regular Materials will be dropped in the stage.
★★ TOS 9th Anniversary Celebration Events ★★ 
Join the 9th-anniversary celebration! 
The following official celebration events are held between 14 Feb to 27 Feb! Summoners, come and get all the goodies! 

★★ For more details on the anniversary celebration events, please go to: