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Joint Operation Mission of “Crow Master – Halpas” Coming Soon!Ultimate Lord “Nine-headed Beast – Kaiming Shou” Descends!

Joint Operation Mission of “Crow Master – Halpas” Coming Soon!

Ultimate Lord “Nine-headed Beast – Kaiming Shou” Descends!

● Joint Operation ── Let’s Play A Game of Tower Defense

“Crow Master – Halpas”, a capricious collector of dry bones, will start a Joint Operation mission of “Let’s Play A Game of Tower Defense” on 21 Feb (Mon), in which he will turn every challenger into a bony skeleton!

* Summoner can get Super Skill character “Luscious Purity – Letitia” x1 upon clearing the mission every 2 times, up to “Luscious Purity – Letitia” x10 for 20 clearances!

● Crow Master – Halpas ── Ghastly Carcass

● Light Demon-exclusive Dragonware ── Raven Chess Pattern

Get Dragonware “Raven Chess Pattern” x1 and “Harpy” x1 by challenging the “Let’s Play A Game of Tower Defense” Joint Operation 15 times!

● Ultimate Stage ── Conquer the Human-faced Beast

The ferocious beast that once rampaged the realm of Xian years ago yet was then subdued by Milton─“Nine-headed Beast – Kaiming Shou” will set up an Ultimate stage of “Conquer the Human-faced Beast” on 23 Feb (Wed) at 22:00. By then, “Nine-headed Beast – Kaiming Shou” will unleash its savagery and go on a rampage!

During the event period of “Stamina Big Discounts”, only 9 pt stamina is required for challenging the “Conquer the Human-faced Beast” stage!

● Nine-headed Beast – Kaiming Shou ── Spattering Malice