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Descent of “The 7th Division’s Commander of Harusame” Ultimate Stage! Event Missions of “Tsukuyo” & “Tae Shimura!

Descent of “The 7th Division’s Commander of Harusame” Ultimate Stage!

Event Missions of “Tsukuyo” & “Tae Shimura!

● Ultimate Stage ── The 7th Division’s Commander of Harusame

As the 7th Division’s commander of Harusame—the Space Pirates—“Kamui” will set up an Ultimate stage of “The 7th Division’s Commander of Harusame” on 17 Mar (Thu) at 22:00. Despising for the weaklings, “Kamui” will challenge Summoners to a duel with a smiley face and all his power.

● Kamui ── Kill with A Smile

● Bonding Skill

CharacterConditionBonding Skill
KamuiOwn KaguraWhen the Character’s Character Runestone is triggered and no Character Runestone is dissolved in the first batch,
⇒ the Character’s Skill CD -1.

● Event Missions From “Unusual Women”

The “Unusual Women” series characters, including “Tsukuyo”, “Tae Shimura”, “Ayame Sarutobi” and “Kyubei Yagyu”, will each set up their own exclusive event mission stage by 2 phases, starting from 14 Mar (Mon). In the first week, “Tsukuyo” and “Tae Shimura” will bring Summoners the event missions of “Guardian of Sun” and “Queen of Kabukicho” respectively. Summoners can get the corresponding “Unusual Women” character x1 upon each stage clearance of “Guardian of Sun” or “Queen of Kabukicho”!

● Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
The Leader is anyone of the following Characters:-“Kagura”-“Tae Shimura”-“Kyubei Yagyu”-“Ayame Sarutobi”-“Tsukuyo”◆ “Kagura”, “Tae Shimura”, “Kyubei Yagyu”, “Ayame Sarutobi”, “Tsukuyo”:
⓵ Skill CDs of -7 after entering a Stage.
⓶ Every time after a Member activates its Skill,
⇒ current Skill CDs of “Kagura”, “Tae Shimura”, “Kyubei Yagyu”, “Ayame Sarutobi” and “Tsukuyo” (except that Member) -1.

● “Tsukuyo” & “Tae Shimura”── Leader Skill

● Tsukuyo ── Kunai-throwing

● Tae Shimura ── Charred Tamagoyaki

● Event Mission── Robot of the Terada House

“Tama” the robot will set up an event mission of “Robot of the Terada House” on 14 Mar (Mon). Summoners can get “Tama” x1 upon each clearance of the stage!

● Tama ── Flaring Broom

● Transmigration Mission ── Popularity Tournament

“Gintoki Sakata”, “Sougo Okita” and “Toushirou Hijikata” will gather around in a Transmigration stage of “Popularity Tournament” on 16 Mar (Wed), competing for the throne of Mr. Popularity! Summoners who defeat the characters successfully will be honored with the title of champion and fruitful rewards!

All relevant events & rewards of “Gintama” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.