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“Chimeric Marquess – Naberius” Setting Up Joint Operation | Tower Founder “Terry” Available for Power Release

Tower of Saviors

“Chimeric Marquess – Naberius” Setting Up Joint Operation! 

Tower Founder “Terry” Available for Power Release!

● Joint Operation ── World-engulfing Wings

“Chimeric Marquess – Naberius”, who has multiple heads and a pair of blood-soaked wings, will set up a Joint Operation of “World-engulfing Wings” on 2 May (Mon) with a powerful blast of magic.

● Chimeric Marquess – Naberius ── Stormy Bloodshed

● Fire Demon-exclusive Dragonware ── Gory Claw Amulet

Challenge the Joint Operation stage of “World-engulfing Wings” 15 times to get Dragonware “Gory Claw Amulet” x1 and “Harpy” x1!

● “Terry” Power Release ── “Tower Keeper – Terry”

* “Tower Keeper – Terry” cannot be used in Arena.

“Terry” the Tower Founder will be available for Power Release on 3 May (Tue) at 12:00. Summoners may use “The Memory Traveler” to power release “Terry” into its new form as “Tower Keeper – Terry”!  In addition, Summoners who have cleared Vol. 1 “The Usual & Unusual” will receive “Terry” x 1 starting from 3 May at 12:00.

● Tower Keeper – Terry ── Leader Skill

● Tower Keeper – Terry ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
The Leader is “Tower Keeper – Terry”, and the Ally is “Tower Keeper – Terry” or “Terence”.◆ “Tower Keeper – Terry”, “Terry” and “Terence”: ⇒ Skill CDs become 0 after entering a Stage.

◆  Add the Attack basic value of other Members to the Leader’s Attack basic value.
◆  All Members except the Leader launch no attack.

◆ Single Attack becomes Full Attack.

● Tower Keeper – Terry ── Terrific Foresight – Lightning

● Monthly Challenge 2022 ── May Challenge

A new “May Challenge” will be open on 2 May (Mon) for Summoners to keep challenging themselves and honing their battle skills. There will be 10 floors in the challenge, which will be all available starting from the first day of the event. Summoners can choose floors from Lv1 – Lv10 according to their own competence.

Summoners, are you confident to take on the Lv10 challenge? There will be fruitful rewards for the first completion of specific Lv. floors. By clearing the Lv9 floor and Lv10 floor for the first time, Summoners can even get “Light Orb” x80, “Protagonists the Saviors” DUAL MAX redemption coupon x1, and “Core of Doom” x1!