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“Recalcitrant Corrodent – House” Ultimate Trial | New Guild Mission “Goddess Memoirs”

Tower of Saviors

“Recalcitrant Corrodent – House” Ultimate Trial!

New Guild Mission “Goddess Memoirs”!

● Guild Mission ── Goddess Memoirs

“Biophilic Huntress – Xi” will make her debut in the realms on 4 Jul (Mon) with a new Guild mission of “Goddess Memoirs”, retracing the footsteps of the past.

●100% Guaranteed Drop of Raiding Characters 

“Shakuro”, “Hong Ai”, “Ice cream” and “Soy Pudding”

Following the goddess’ enchanting descent, “Shakuro”, “Hong Ai”, “Ice cream” and “Soy Pudding” will also join the Guild mission. If you happen to encounter them in the Guild mission stage, you can bring them to your Inventory with an increase in stage clearance scores up to 200.

● Biophilic Huntress – Xi ── Flowing Sparks

● Work with Your Guild and Get Fruitful Rewards

Summoners can get fruitful rewards by completing 5 event missions of “Goddess Memoirs” in each row, column or diagonal! Summoners can even get a gold title of “Goddess Conquest” by completing 12 rows of missions with their personal event score reaching 200 scores! 

Challenge the “Goddess Memoirs” mission and collect scores with your Guild members and get all the rewards!

● Ultimate Stage ── Tempestuous Billows

“Recalcitrant Corrodent – House”, who initiated Caesar into the art of combat, will set up an Ultimate stage of “Tempestuous Billows” on 7 Jul (Thu) at 22:00. Rebellious and unruly, “House” will show Summoners his power that surpasses many other warriors!

● Recalcitrant Corrodent – House ── Corrodent Insignia

● Earthshaking Thump – Candy Giant ── Earth-shattering Punches

With a body made of different kinds of candies and a pair of huge hands that holds earth-shaking power, “Earthshaking Thump – Candy Giant” will reveal itself in the realms with the “Earth-shattering Punches” Bi-weekly stage.

● Earthshaking Thump – Candy Giant ──  Unremitting Perseverance

● Bonding Skill

CharacterConditionBonding Skill
Contrivance Creator – OmegaOwn Dual Max Earthshaking Thump – Candy GiantWhen the Character’s Character Runestone is triggered,⇒ that Character Runestone will be modified to become a Runestone of the Character’s Race.
Bereaved Cornflower- EntelecOwn Dual Max Earthshaking Thump – Candy GiantBy dissolving the Character’s Character Runestone in the first batch,⇒ Combo count +2.