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“The Norns” Series Available for Virtual Rebirth | New Horror Mission of “Spiteful Titanium – Kay”

Tower of Saviors

“The Norns” Series Available for Virtual Rebirth!

New Horror Mission of “Spiteful Titanium – Kay”!

●  “The Norns” Return! Virtual Rebirth!

“The Norns” series characters will be available for Virtual Rebirth on 22 Aug (Mon) at 12:00. While “The Norns – Refinement” characters will gain augmentations, “The Norns – Divergence” characters will make their debut in their new form to aid Summoners in future battles! 

● Virtual Rebirth “The Norns” ─ Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
There are only Water Gods Members, with “Urd, Valkyrie of Past” or “Urd, Banisher of Gods” in the Team.◆ Water Gods:⇒ HP & Recovery basic value x 1.5.
There are only Fire Gods Members, with “Skuld, Valkyrie of Future” or “Skuld, Blood-stained Vower” in the Team.◆ Fire Gods:⇒ HP & Recovery basic value x 1.5.
There are only Earth Gods Members, with “Verthandi, Valkyrie of Present” or “Verthandi, Redoer of Fate” in the Team.◆ Earth Gods:⇒ HP & Recovery basic value x 1.5.
There are only Light Gods Members, with “Idun the Timeless Oracle” or “Idun the Unadulterated Renaissance” in the Team.◆ Light Gods:⇒ HP & Recovery basic value x 1.5.
There are only Dark Gods Members, with “Brynhildr the Scythe of Survival” or “Brynhildr the Vainglorious Defender” in the Team.◆ Dark Gods:⇒ HP & Recovery basic value x 1.5.

● “The Norns – Refinement” ── Leader Skill

* “The Norns – Refinement” (Water, Fire, Earth) characters all have the same leader skill─“Will of Wyrd”. 

●  “The Norns – Refinement” ── Active Skill

●  “The Norns – Divergence” ── Leader Skill

* “The Norns – Divergence” characters all have the same leader skill─“Fate Spinning”.

●  “The Norns – Divergence” ── Active Skill

* “The Norns – Divergence” characters all have the same active skill─“Dominion”.

● Challenge Stage ── A War Against Fate

Along with the new evolution of “The Norns”, there will be a new challenge stage of “A War Against Fate” on 22 Aug (Mon) at 12:00! There will be 5 floors in the stage with an Attribute restriction for each one (in this order: Earth, Water, Fire, Dark, Light). Summoners can get valuable rewards, such as Fluorescent Python and 1 random 5* “The Norns” character (DUAL MAX), by clearing specific floors for the first time!

● Horror Stage ── Electric sparks of Obliteration

“Spiteful Titanium – Kay”, who is mainly responsible for repairing the space pirates’ spaceship, will set up a Horror stage of “Electric sparks of Obliteration” on 22 Aug (Mon). The stage will have a grading system to test Summoners’ skills!

Summoners can get “Spiteful Titanium – Kay” (Skill Lv. 1) x1 by completing the “Electric sparks of Obliteration – Beginner” floor 1 time and “Spiteful Titanium – Kay” (Skill Lv. 7) x1 by completing the beginner floor 3 times! Those who complete the Horror floor and reach 65,000 scores for the first time will be rewarded with “Spiteful Titanium – Kay” (Skill Lv. 10) x1! 

Floor Clearance TimesReward
Beginner Floor – 1 time“Spiteful Titanium – Kay” (Skill Lv. 1) x 1
Beginner Floor – 3 times“Spiteful Titanium – Kay” (Skill Lv. 7) x 1
Horror Floor – 3 timesLassie Macha x 5
Horror Floor – 5 times“Galvanic Wrench Pattern” x1

● Spiteful Titanium – Kay ── Active Skill

● Earth Machina-exclusive Dragonware ── Galvanic Wrench Pattern

Summoners can get “Galvanic Wrench Pattern” x1 by clearing the “Electric sparks of Obliteration – Horror” floor 5 times!

【7138】Galvanic Wrench Pattern
PreconditionEarth Machinas only
ChargeDissolving Earth Runestones in the first batch
Dragonware Skill IBy dissolving 25 or more Runestones, the Character’s Attack x 1.2.
Dragonware Skill IIUpon the Round of activation of the Character’s Active Skill, the Character’s Attack x 1.5 additionally.
Craft Skill IDeal a non-Attributive Damage of 500,000 to all enemies, regardless of Defense.
Craft Skill IIFor 1 Round, Team Attack increases by 15%, while attacks will be launched regardless of Attribute Relation.
* Craft Skills will be triggered by reaching specific scores in Dragonic Compulsion.

● Get Diamonds and Other Rewards in “Comeback Summoner Mission Rewards”!

Following the second part of the TOS Fest, a new event, “Comeback Summoner Mission Rewards” will be held between 22 Aug (Mon) 12:00 to 16 Oct ( Mon) 23:59. Eligible Comeback Summoners can get up to 220 Diamonds simply by logging in on the event website and 30 extra Diamonds by completing specific missions. They can even get a free draw from a rare Black-gold card pool and other valuable rewards, such as Summon Coupons of specific Races and Materials, by entering referral codes.
On the other hand, other Summoners can also get a fruitful number of Diamonds and a possible chance of getting 1 new specific Black-gold character (DUAL MAX) by inviting more Comeback Summoners back to the game!

Further information will be announced on the official website later.