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New Exclusive Black-gold Character “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” | Ultimate Trial of “Ensnaring Mastery – Marcus”

Tower of Saviors

New Exclusive Black-gold Character “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar”!

Ultimate Trial of “Ensnaring Mastery – Marcus”!

● Intrepid Liberator – Caesar ── Descending on 29 Aug (Mon)!

Known as one of the great Heroes of Rust who ended the universal catastrophe, the Rust Plague, “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” will make his debut in the realms on 29 Aug (Mon) at 12:00! “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” is an extremely rare 7* character that can be obtained by drawing Seals in the “Blood-stained Aspiration” Drawing Machine during the event period.

The side story of “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” will also be unveiled at the same time on 29 Aug (Mon) 12:00!

Event Period: 29 Aug (Mon) 12:00 to 7 Sep (Wed)

Golden Mothdrake x3 will be given for every 10-draws in the “Blood-stained Aspiration” Diamond Seal Drawing Machine.

Summoners will be rewarded with Dragonware “Admiral-blue Stiletto” (mode selectable) x1 upon getting their first “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” during the event period. In the meantime, the “Ancient Coin” Seal Drawing Machine will be open. From 29 Aug (Mon) to 7 Sep (Wed), there will be a special offer of “Purchase Bonus” in the Diamond Shop—Summoners can get an extra reward of 30 Diamonds after making a single purchase of 30 Diamonds or more for the first time during the event period.

● Intrepid Liberator – Caesar ── Leader Skill

● Intrepid Liberator – Caesar ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
The Leader is “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar”.  ◆ Skill CDs of all Members -6 after entering a Stage.
 ◆ Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 6 seconds.
 ◆ Modify the first 6 Runestones touched while moving to become Beast Runestones.
 ◆ For each Beast Runestone added,⇒ recover 6,000 HP,⇒ until Team HP is full.
 ◆ By dissolving Beast Runestones,⇒ Beast Attack x 6.
 ◆ When “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” activates its Active Skill,⇒ the Damage received in the Round will not lead to your defeat.
 ◆ When a Character Runestone is triggered,     the enemy will enter the corresponding state for 2 Rounds      according to the Attribute of that Member.
【Water】Frozen state【Fire】Ignited state【Earth】Petrified state【Light】Electrified state【Dark】Venomed state
 ◆ Damage of Beasts will be dealt regardless of:⓵ Fixed Combo Shield⓶ Anti-Runestone Shield (First Batch)
 ◆ For every group of Runestones of the Members’ Attributes dissolved in the first batch,⇒ Combo count +1,⇒ to the max Combo count +10.
There are only Beasts, with “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” in the Team.◆ Damage received from “Burning” will be lowered to 1.
 ◆ Damage received from “Scorching Areas” -50%.

● Intrepid Liberator – Caesar ── Active Skill

When there is a【Linking Magic Formula】in play:
⓵ Skills of 【Linking Magic Formula】 cannot be activated.
⓶ Another Skill can be activated:    
Extend the effect of the current 【Linking Magic Formula】 for 1 more Round. 
⇒ to the max for 6 Rounds.

● “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” Voice Gift Pack Coming Soon

● Grand Descent of “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” with 10 Free Draws Giveaway!

* After collecting the Summon Coupons, Summoners can go to “Inventory” > “Item” to use them.

During the event period of “Blood-stained Aspiration”, Summoners can get “Blood-stained Aspiration Summon Coupon” x10 upon their first login. Lucky Summoners may even get “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar”!

● Admiral-blue Stiletto ── New Water-exclusive Dragonware

Following the arrival of “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar”, there will be a new Water-exclusive Dragonware—“Admiral-blue Stiletto”. Upon getting their first “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar” during the event period, Summoners can get Dragonware “Admiral-blue Stiletto” (mode selectable) x1, which can be also forged in the Craft Furnace with Components and “Intrepid Liberator – Caesar”.

Admiral-blue Stiletto
PreconditionWater Members only
ChargeDissolving any Runestones in the first batch
Dragonware Skill IExtend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 1 second.
Dragonware Skill IIBy dissolving ≥15 Runestones, Beast Attack x 1.1 additionally.
Dragonware Skill IIIIf the Character is a Beast, the Character’s HP basic value x 1.1.
Craft Skill IFor 1 Round, Team Attack increases by 40%.
Craft Skill IIActive Skill CDs of the Leader and Ally -3. 
Craft Skill IIIFor 1 Round, Damage will be dealt regardless of Puzzle Shield.
* Craft Skills will be triggered by reaching specific scores in Dragonic Compulsion.

● Ultimate Stage ── Crime Lord of Gangland

As the current ruler of the second vampire family—Karnstein, “Ensnaring Mastery – Marcus” will bring Summoners a new Ultimate stage of “Crime Lord of Gangland” on 2 Sep (Fri) at 22:00, showing his egotistical dominance in the stage!

● Ensnaring Mastery – Marcus ── Active Skill

● Blitzing Cannonade – Randolph ── Under the Artillery Bombardment

Simple-minded and bellicose, another space pirate, “Blitzing Cannonade – Randolph”, will make his debut next Monday with a Bi-weekly stage of “Under the Artillery Bombardment”.

● Blitzing Cannonade – Randolph── Active Skill

● Bonding Skill

CharacterConditionBonding Skill
Prolonged Benignity – YuliaOwn Dual Max Blitzing Cannonade – RandolphWhen the Character’s Character Runestone is triggered,⇒ that Character Runestone will be modified to become a Runestone of the Character’s Race.
Star-crushing Strikes – UtuOwn Dual Max Blitzing Cannonade – RandolphWhen the Character’s Character Runestone is triggered,⇒ that Character Runestone will be modified to become a Runestone of the Character’s Race.

● Monthly Challenge 2022 ── September Challenge

A new “September Challenge” will be open on 1 Sep (Thu) for Summoners to keep challenging themselves and honing their battle skills. There will be 10 floors in the challenge, which will be all available starting from the first day of the event. Summoners can choose floors from Lv1 – Lv10 according to their own competence.

Summoners, are you confident to take on the Lv10 challenge? There will be fruitful rewards for the first completion of specific Lv. floors. By clearing the Lv9 floor and Lv10 floor for the first time, Summoners can even get Dark Orb x80, Rainbow Summon coupon x1, and Core of Doom x1!