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Ultimate Trial of “Yuri Briar” | “Ability to See into the Future” Event Mission of “Bond Forger”

Tower of Saviors

Ultimate Trial of “Yuri Briar”!

“Ability to See into the Future” Event Mission of “Bond Forger”!

● Ultimate Stage —— Secret Police of Ostania

“Yuri Briar”, Yor’s younger brother who is extremely earnest and passionate about his job, will set up a new Ultimate stage of “Secret Police of Ostania” on 7 Nov (Mon). Ostensibly working as a diplomat, “Yuri Briar”, who is actually a lieutenant of the State Security Service of Ostania, will give Summoners various tests to show his determination to protect his sister.

● Yuri Briar —— Sibling Protective Attachment

● Event Mission ── Ability to See into the Future

As the Forger Family’s guard dog, “Bond Forger”, who was a former test subject of a military lab that can see the future, will bring Summoners an Event Mission of “Ability to See into the Future” on 7 Nov (Mon). Summoners can get “Bond Forger” x1 upon each clearance of the stage.

Summoners will be rewarded with “Stella Point” and Item “Peanuts” upon stage clearances of the mentioned stages. A “Stella Star” will be given when Summoners collect a certain number of “Stella Points”! The more “Stella Points” Summoners collect, the more advanced missions to be unlocked along with more “Peanuts” and rewards! Summoners will be rewarded with the “Starlight Anya” title upon getting their first “Stella Star”! Those who collect 8 “Stella Stars” will be crowned with the highest honorary title “Imperial Scholar”!

By collecting a certain number of “Peanuts”, Summoners may go to the time-limited Shop to exchange the Items for valuable rewards, for example, the “SPY×FAMILY” Diamond Seal series character-exclusive Dragonwares, “Anya” stickers and new characters (i.e. “Loid Forger”, “Yor Forger” and “Anya Forger”)!

Note: For each “SPY×FAMILY” crossover Diamond Seal series “Spy x Telepath x Assassin” character used in challenging the crossover stages, the number of “Peanuts” to be given upon stage clearance will increase by 50%, at most 300% for 6 characters! For each “Loid Forger”, “Yor Forger” and “Anya Forger” used in clearing specific crossover stages, the number of “Peanuts” to be given will increase by 20%, at most 120% for 6 of them!

● Bond Forger ── Extrasensory Perception


**All relevant events & rewards of “SPY×FAMILY” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.

== The following event is not relevant to the crossover event with “SPY×FAMILY” ==

● TOS Battle Pass Mission —— A Journey to Reunion

“A Journey to Reunion”, the next TOS Battle Pass event will be revealed on 7 Nov (Mon) at 12:00. The event will last for 4 weeks until 4 Dec (Sun), in which Summoners can earn EXP to increase their “TOS Battle Pass” levels and get valuable rewards by completing the missions.

● Merry Amble – Komainu ── Active Skill

● Unlock TOS Battle Pass Premium and Get More Rewards

Besides completing the “Battle Pass” missions to get the free rewards, Summoners may also purchase the “TOS Battle Pass” gift pack to unlock the premium rewards. Summoners can get different rare rewards─ “Merry Amble – Komainu” (DUAL MAX) x1, new icon frame, “Infectious Smile – Komainu” (exclusive outfit of “Merry Amble – Komainu”) and Fire Beast-exclusive Dragonware “Merry Conical Hat Pattern”─when their “TOS Battle Pass” levels reach Lv. 1, Lv.10, Lv.25 and Lv. 50 respectfully.

* The brand new character “Merry Amble – Komainu”, “Merry Amble” icon frame and the new Dragonware of “【7149】Merry Conical Hat Pattern” cannot be obtained through other events or methods in the year.

● Fire Beast-exclusive Dragonware —— Merry Conical Hat Pattern

【7149】Merry Conical Hat Pattern
PreconditionFire Beasts only
ChargeDissolving any Runestones in the first batch
Dragonware Skill IAfter entering a Stage, Active Skill CD of the Character -2.
Dragonware Skill IIUpon the Round of activation of the Character’s Active Skill, the Character’s Attack x 1.5 additionally.
Dragonware Skill IIIBy dissolving Beast Runestones, the Character’s Attack x 1.3 additionally.
Craft Skill IFor 1 Round, Team Attack increases by 25%.
Craft Skill IIFor 1 Round, Damage will be dealt regardless of Quintet Elemental Shield.
Craft Skill IIIFor 1 Round, fully recover HP.
* Craft Skills will be triggered by reaching specific scores in Dragonic Compulsion.