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New Item-collecting Mission “The Greatest Rescue” | A New Chapter in “Shroy’s Diary”

Tower of Saviors

New Item-collecting Mission “The Greatest Rescue”!

A New Chapter in “Shroy’s Diary”!

● Item-collecting Mission —— “The Greatest Rescue”

There have been several reports of fires in the realms! As one of the rescue team leaders, “Water Blast – Edgar” will launch a new Item-collecting mission of “The Greatest Rescue” from 14 Nov (Mon) to 27 Nov (Sun)! Summoners can get the Item “Emergency Kits” by clearing specific stamina-consuming stages and “The Greatest Rescue” stage. By collecting the event Items, Summoners may go to the time-limited shop to exchange the Items for valuable rewards, such as “Water Blast – Edgar”, Attributive Orbs, Chasmic Cubes and Core of Doom, etc.!

During the event, Summoners will be all given 10 Diamonds upon their first log-in as a token of encouragement for the rescue. By challenging the “The Greatest Rescue I” floor 15 times, Summoners can repair part of the realms and unlock the “The Greatest Rescue II” floor. “The Greatest Rescue III” floor will be unlocked after the 15th clearance of the “The Greatest Rescue II” floor. Those who restore peace to the realms by completing “The Greatest Rescue III” floor will be rewarded with 5 Diamonds as a token of gratitude!

In addition, all Summoners will receive 10 Diamonds if the “The Greatest Rescue III” floor is cleared for a certain number of times! Summoners can get up to 25 Diamonds throughout the whole rescue event by completing all the missions!

Note: For each “The Witches – Virtual Rebirth” series and “Norse Gods – Supreme Reckoning” series character used in challenging “The Greatest Rescue” stage, the number of “Emergency Kits” to be given upon stage clearance will increase by 50%, at most 300% for 6 of them! For each “Water Blast – Edgar” used in clearing the specified stage, the number of “Emergency Kits” to be given will increase by 20%!

● Water Blast – Edgar ── Water Hose

● A New Chapter in “Shroy’s Diary”!

A new chapter in “Shroy’s Diary” will be open on 14 Nov (Mon) at noon! Summoners who clear the new stage successfully will get more Talent Points for “Shroy”!