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New Exclusive Black-gold “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” | New Ultimate Trial of “Grizzly Bigotry – Lucius”

Tower of Saviors

New Exclusive Black-gold “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”!

New Ultimate Trial of “Grizzly Bigotry – Lucius”!

● “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” ── Grand Debut on 21 Nov (Mon)!

The descendant of Enoch the savior and Ingrid the great witch, “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”, who is also the current Chief of Heptara Unies Department of Security, will make his debut in the realms on 21 Nov (Mon) at 12:00! “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” is an extremely rare 7* character that can be obtained by drawing Seals in “The Savior’s Descendant” Drawing Machine during the event period.

The side story of “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” will be unveiled at the same time on 21 Nov (Mon) at 12:00!

In addition, starting from 21 Nov (Mon) 12:00, the limitation of the “Era of Novelty” Main Story stage (Vol.1 to Vol. 11) will be removed. All chapters (Normal mode) will be open for Summoners at the same time. Summoners can challenge any chapter as they want without proceeding one after another.

“The Savior’s Descendant” Diamond Seal Event Period: 21 Nov (Mon) 12:00 to 30 Nov (Wed)

Golden Mothdrake x3 will be given for every 10-draws in “The Savior’s Descendant” Diamond Seal Drawing Machine.

Summoners will be rewarded with Dragonware “Mystic Duality Staff” (mode selectable) x1 upon getting their first “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” during the event period. In the meantime, the “Ancient Coin” Seal Drawing Machine will be open. From 21 Nov (Mon) to 30 Nov (Wed), there will be a special offer of “Purchase Bonus” in the Diamond Shop—Summoners can get 30 extra Diamonds after making a single purchase of 30 Diamonds or more for the first time during the event period.

● Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic── Leader Skill

● Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
The Leader is “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”.◆  “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”:⇒ HP basic value x 2.
◆ “Burning” will be nullified.
 ◆ “Sticky” will be nullified.
 ◆ When the last Runestone movement ends in the column below “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” (dissolving Runestones is necessary),⇒ fully recover HP.
 ◆ After dissolving Runestones,⇒ the first batch of Runestones to be dropped in the columns below Humans will be Enchanted Runestones of the Member’s Attribute in each column.   
 ◆ By dissolving ≥3 types of Runestones, all Members:⓵ Attack x 3.⓶ Damage will be dealt regardless of    Fixed Combo Shield and Puzzle Shield.
 ◆ For each Protected Runestone dissolved in the first batch,⇒ “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” launches an extra attack,⇒ to the max 5 extra attacks.
 ◆ When “Enclosed Areas” are in play:⓵ “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”:▋  Attack x 5.▋  Damage will be dealt regardless of Defense.⓶ Combo count +15.
There is “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” in the Team.◆ If the Attribute of “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” is Earth after entering a Stage,    “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”: ⓵ Skill CD -1 upon the Round of defeating an enemy.⓶ Damage dealt to enemies under a Controlling Skill x 2 additionally.
There are only “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” and Earth Members in the Team.◆ Skills CDs of all Members -2 after entering a Stage.
There are only “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” and Dark Members in the Team.◆ Alter the Attribute of “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” into Dark.
 ◆ Skill CDs of all Members -2 after entering a Stage.
 ◆ Each time Summoner enters the next Wave,⇒ “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”:⓵ Enters/Stays in a hyper state for 1 Round.⓶ Skill CD -2.
 ◆ By dissolving ≥1 group of ≥5 Dark Runestones,⇒ Combo count +6.

● Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic ── Active Skill

● Bonding Skill

Summoners can unlock the Bonding Skill of “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” if they own his mount—“Velocious Rodeo – Moe”! Following its master’s descent, “Velocious Rodeo – Moe” will also return to the Arena, open for Prize Point redemption!

CharacterConditionBonding Skill
Prodigious Wizardry – CilovicOwn Dual Max Velocious Rodeo – MoeBy dissolving the Character’s Character Runestone in the first batch,⇒ Combo count +1.

● “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” Voice Gift Pack Coming Soon

● Grand Descent of “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” with 10 Free Draws Giveaway!

* After collecting the Summon Coupons, Summoners can go to “Inventory” > “Item” to use them.

During “The Savior’s Descendant” Diamond Seal event period, Summoners can get “The Savior’s Descendant Summon Coupon” x10 upon their first login. Lucky Summoners may even get “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”!

● Mystic Duality Staff ── New Earth-exclusive Dragonware

Following the arrival of “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic”, there will be a new Earth-exclusive Dragonware—“Mystic Duality Staff”. Upon getting their first “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” during the event period, Summoners will be given the exclusive Dragonware “Mystic Duality Staff” (mode selectable) x1, which can be forged in the Craft Furnace with Components and “Prodigious Wizardry – Cilovic” too.

Mystic Duality Staff
PreconditionEarth Members only
ChargeDissolving any Runestones in the first batch
Dragonware Skill IExtend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 1 second.
Dragonware Skill IIBy dissolving ≥3 types of Runestones, the Character’s Attack x 1.5 additionally.
Dragonware Skill IIIIf the Character is a Human, the Character’s HP basic value x 1.15.
Craft Skill IFor 1 Round, Team Attack increases by 40%.
Craft Skill IISkill CDs of 4 random Earth and Dark Members on Cooldown -3.
Craft Skill IIITurn the odd columns into Earth Runestones and turn the even columns into Dark Runestones.
* Craft Skills will be triggered by reaching specific scores in Dragonic Compulsion.

● Ultimate Stage ──  A Beast in Clothes

“Grizzly Bigotry – Lucius”, the former deputy representative of beasts, who often shows himself in his human form to conceal his bestiality, will bring Summoners a new Ultimate stage of “A Beast in Clothes” on 25 Nov (Fri) at 22:00. In the stage,  “Lucius” will unleash his malice and show Summoners his true colors!

● Grizzly Bigotry – Lucius ── Active Skill

● 2023 TOS All-Star Championship ── A Challenge from All-stars

To prepare for the 10th anniversary of TOS, a grand competition—2023 TOS All-Star Championship will be held in the middle of December, gathering all the top players in history. 13 top players of the past online competitions, including both the champions and the runners-up, have been invited to compete in the championship.

* Past online competitions include God Hand Competition 2019, Tower of Saviors Champion Cup 2020 Qualifiers Season 1 [Rematch] (TCC S1 Rematch) , Tower of Saviors Champion Cup 2020 Qualifiers Season 2 (TCC S2), Tower of Saviors Champion Cup 2020 Cup Match and TOS 2021 Champion Cup.

Before the grand competition, the contestants will bring Summoners a special stage of “A Challenge from All-stars” on 24 Nov (Thu). To better familiarize Summoners with the contestants, we have asked the contestants to form their signature teams for Summoners to challenge the special stage. The stage will include 6 returning Ultimate stages, making up to a total of 13 floors. Upon each floor clearance, Summoners will be rewarded with Spirit Orb x10 and Yummy Alpaca of the corresponding Attribute of the floor x1. Summoners, are you ready for the challenge?

● Jailbreakers —— Fundraising Sham – Popo

“Fundraising Sham – Popo”, who knows how to take advantage of other people’s vulnerability to defraud money, will make its debut in the realms next Monday with a new Bi-weekly stage of “The Not-so-cute Fraudster”!

● Fundraising Sham – Popo ── Flitting Breakout – Light